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by Sharon Rondeau

A school shooting occurred at approximately 9:40 a.m. EST on Friday at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, which is about 60 miles northeast of New York City

(Dec. 14, 2012) — A gunman opened fire on a kindergarten classroom in Newtown, CT, this morning, resulting in “multiple deaths” reported as of this writing.

Reports of a second shooter are unconfirmed by news crews reporting from Hartford and New York.  Fox News has reported that victims include children, and the mayor of Danbury, CT, a nearby city, confirmed that three people were taken to Danbury Hospital.  At least one other victim was transported to Bridgeport Hospital.

As of 12:28 p.m. EST, a press conference is expected at 1:00 p.m.  Gov. Dannel Malloy is said to be en route to Newtown, which is a quiet New England borough located in Fairfield County, nearest of all Connecticut counties to New York City.  It was established as a town in 1711.  Newtown is situated southwest of Southbury and northeast of Monroe.

Connecticut has a total of 169 towns and does not utilize county government.

Federal officials are reported to be assisting in the aftermath and investigation.  At 12:46 p.m., Jon Scott of the Fox News Channel reported that five children are dead.

Update, 1:04 p.m.:  The Fox News Channel reported that the U.S. Department of Justice has reported that 26 people have been killed, including 18 children.  The gunman has now been identified.

The Connecticut school killings have been placed on the Presidential Prayer Team website.


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  1. Amen Martha, I believe many of the recent “acts of violence” are the result of having Godless, trashy people in charge and at any level of “responsibility”. Unfortunately, we have allowed the left and “Government” to enforce laws on the teachers that ties their hands. I know a 3rd grade teacher in my state that has to deal with parents that take no responsibility for their children, don’t show up for PTA meetings, curse out the teachers, try to get them involved or use them as pawns between divorcing parents, children punching other children, children stealing from the teacher and other students, won’t take sick children to doctors, etc. Then you have the “foster” children and the horrors that they fall into, where many of the “people” that adopt them are just using the money to improve their lifestyle where many of the children do without and HRS has few if any inspectors to check up on the welfare of those children. Another government organization underfunded and outdated while children suffer, people pocket money at the expense of gaming the “system” and helpless children.

  2. Clearly, Evil has unleashed with a fury: “Obama” is going down, and his biggest supporter, The Prince Of Lies, is furious.

    So, thinks The Evil One, why not do something so huge, so heinous, it will distract Americans from Benghazi? To give Clinton, Rice + “Obama” cover?

    With this added bonus: destroy the joy of Christmas. And the sense of safety of school children everywhere.

    So, The Evil One works through someone’s tormented psyche – a young man aligned with the devil’s agenda – to carry out his wicked work.

    Yet the laugh is on The Prince Of Lies. His acts serve as evidence of his odious existence – which since the 1950’s, he’s been tricking Americans into believing isn’t real.

    America, two words must be re-injected immediately into mainstream conversation.

    The Devil.


    Marks are everywhere. Not only in the ‘news’, but nearly everywhere you look in the acts and wicked characters of our government ‘leaders’.

  3. This was a tragic scene, almost a daily/weekly occurrence in America today. The reason can be analyzed but given the Godlessness, lack of discipline, lack of accountability, underpaid and over worked teachers forced to take responsibility for too many parents that don’t or can’t control their children we are seeing the result after years of dumbing down/free pass curriculums/uncontrolled violence and allowing “anything goes” environments to reap their seeds. The Gen X scene seems to be hatred of parents/adults/anyone that doesn’t “agree” with them/authority of any kind and just plain “don’t care” attitudes has reaped a crop in a “Babylonian Social System” that is out of control. More disgusting to me than the entire scene of murder was Bari Shabazz’s apathetic/apologetic attempt at comparing himself, the “father” image, etc. and looking like a 3rd rate drama student trying to put on the “tears” act. As we recently have seen, there were no “tears” for two Navy Seals/our Ambassador and others in Benghazi that fought for 7 hours finally being murdered and all Bari could say was “It’s time to go to bed, I can do any more.” while sitting there with Hillary, Rice and others watching these people go to their deaths as if it were another “entertainment” program. No accountability, no answers, only more coverups and hush hush. Fast And Furious deaths have had no closure but more excuses and coverups. The “Chicago Machine” took immediate advantage of the publicity for this tragedy to serve as another decoy to their money laundering and union thug mentality. Pray for these innocent children/parents/teachers that were a result of more hatred. The present Communist/Socialist regime is reaping results on dividing, causing suffering and breaking America’s spirit. We have to pray for the removal of the usurper and prosecution of all criminal assistants involved in this faux POTUS and the greatest identity fraud in America’s history. More false tears from Bari won’t bring back these childran/adults that have been put to rest on this holiday but more of Bari Shabazz will certainly guarantee more of this type of culture of violence, theft, coverups, money laundering, racketeering and disenfranchisement of Americans, America and our Constitution. GARBAGE IN, GARBAGE OUT. TREASON, PERJURY, ELECTION FRAUD, MURDER.