Raising Taxes


by Gunnery Sergeant John McClain, USMC, Retired, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Dec. 13, 2012) — As we face this “fiscal cliff,” the sole mantra of the left is “raise taxes, the rich aren’t paying their share, the poor are being abused.”  This is a clear, blatant lie.  In truth, to be “righteous” by the law of God, “fair” means everyone pays a tithe of their income as taxes.  This whole idea of graduated income taxes, is based on the idea that those making more, do so because they are lucky, or gifted, they have a special reason for making more, and it is right and proper for government to level the capabilities of earning, by stealing the greater portion from larger earnings, and taking only a small portion from lower earners.  To close this fiasco, they give some of the revenue out to those who simply don’t work at all.

I don’t care what others may think; our forefathers established our Nation based on God’s laws, the principles which have guided people to this western Judeo-Christian world view, and which have brought about the best, most egalitarian form of culture in history.  The most powerful aspect of our founding was the idea of each and all of us born equal, and none having rights or authority above any other.  Our founders established free and equal citizens for the first time since God did so with his own Nations.

This fiscal cliff we face exists solely because persistent clamor on the left for a government which will act a nanny state from cradle to grave.  Absent this pressure, we have no reason to operate in deficit, and every reason to as a certainty operates exactly according to constitutional constraint.  Obama has bemoaned the fact “the constitution is a constricting document, not and expensive one for government.”  If it had been such, the second president would have pushed us to the edge of the fiscal cliff, and the third would have presided over our going over.

I have noted since I began working full time at 11, those who have found a place in life to work which they love, prosper; those who grudgingly work because the bill collectors are mean, tend to find work which they can tolerate, and at the same time, hate.  I went to work precisely because one can’t be a mechanic without a tool box, and tools for such a box are expensive.  I knew from before I was two, I was going to be working all my life, I loved learning and doing too much to choose otherwise.

There was a very specific reason the constitution ignores “welfare,” “social security” and all the other leftist plots to take from the working, and give to the lazy.  The founders knew the way of man, and this truth has been known to every generation which has existed in the world since writing was invented, it is written in every culture’s history.

The sole issue of merit today is a matter of principle.  We can follow what has proven to work, and provide the best, most aggressive productive society in history, but which demands we earn our way, and be a free and independent people, or we can allow the left to take what was built on principle, and turn it into utter failure for pure wanton laziness.  This Nation has never failed to care for its widows, orphans, and others in real need.  If we can’t live within our means, how can we possibly ever teach our children to do so?

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