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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth is a former presidential candidate who hosts a daily radio program on constitutional issues from 7:00 to 10:00 PST

(Dec. 13, 2012) — Hustle and Bustle is everywhere.  The mess, the joy, the stress of Christmas falls down upon us like a sea of snowflakes.   The story of Government corruption, national and personal sin is as old as the earth.  Sadly, we are watching history repeat itself with America as it implodes and good is exchanged for evil and tyranny under the attempted dictatorship of Barack Obama.  This is not a new story.  People have survived evil agendas surrounding Christmas time for thousands of years. With God’s help we will survive this one as well.

For many, surviving this Christmas will mean ‘pretending’ and ‘splitting from our political reality’ in your mind.  You will imagine that everything is fine in our country and focus only on decorating, cooking, buying presents for your family and maybe throwing in a church service to honor family tradition.   Obama doesn’t exist – The country isn’t falling apart – Taxes and health care aren’t really going to attack like rapid wolves in 2013.  The GOP and conservatives will somehow clog the system and stand up to Obama.  “Please shut up, Laurie, and give me more Cider; no,  something stronger.”

The truth however, this Christmas season is that our country is under siege under Obama and the progressive left.  The GOP is barely finding enough brainpower and courage to put their pants on and show up for work.  The theatre of fiscal ‘negotiations’ is proving to be nothing other than the bigger and louder dogs positioning their theft and redistributing pork to their pack.  The people, Constitution and right and wrong have nothing to do with these negotiations, only greed, power and control.

Real base line values reflecting the heart of our Constitution and priorities of most of Americans

1) Get our country out of the strangle hold of endless debt –  Real Americans want our leaders to manage big-picture priorities like Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Military, border needs, Transportation needs and the basics.  Now, instead, we have a ‘cult of personality’  and ‘Mirrored MALL’ the Politicians run around all day in demanding their favorites toys.  Everyone else be damned.  Give me more credit cards… give me, give me.    You can only go deeper in debt for so long as a family, business OR country before credit and loans don’t work anymore.  Tax increases were never the answer as Obama and the left claim.  It was ALWAYS cutting back unnecessary spending and slop so we could restore our credit rating, reputation and health of our economy.  There is no other way.

2) The American people want jobs and work freedom

Obama does nothing but lie about creating jobs, knowing that is what Americans want to here.  Unfortunately, he is doing just the opposite.  Obama has a real talent for doing the opposite of everything he says.  Instead, he is destroying jobs wherever they are — in energy, by denying help to the oil industry and not supporting the Canadian pipeline when it was easy to do.  He has been shutting down the entire Coal industry  and crushing the medical and Health care system – He is creating massive new regulations in all kinds of industry that translate yet again to – crushed and lost jobs.

Obama is most certainly a Religious man, all right.  He LOVES the Unholy trinity:  REGULATION – TAXATION AND LITIGATION.  “Now let us stand and sing praise to our lord and savior”  Barack Obama — Hark,  was that Jamie Foxx speaking for a moment trying to get all worshipful with himself again?

Our freedoms ARE being systematically dismantled and Communism and the New World Order are taking over.  Those destroying our country and crashing our Christmas party now have face lifted names so we won’t realize who they really are.  “We see you however and you are NOT invited to the party and we intend to expose you  —  and fight you until you are begging on ‘loser’ street in a community no one lives in.

My Christmas wish list is a restored America who has turned back to our Lord and who has rediscovered courage and patriotism.  My prayer is that God will raise up men and women of courage who will use their voice and talents to confront and crush evil all around us, not just talk about it.

The Anti-American Communist list that will get coal in their stocking

Agenda 21


Sharia Law and the Islamic Caliphate agenda

U.N. and International control over Sovereign nations – Treaties

Obama Care – Its forced health insurance, RFID chips in people, fines, lines and lessoning of health care options and choices

Attempt to crush U.S. citizens’ Constitutional rights, 1st amendment,  2nd amendment, 4th amendment, 10th amendment and more

Taxation and stealing of American income and wealth

Obama and the progressive left agenda against freedom, God of the Holy Bible and Constitution

Finally, as Christmas time unfolds itself  –Remember who America is and who you are!  Remember who Jesus Christ is and what he wants to do for you and our country!  Remember courage isn’t the absence of fear but walking forward and making a difference anyway — while trusting in God.

Join me in the battle of a lifetime on my national radio show. Listen 7-10pm PAC each night at www.therothshow.com   You can speak your mind, blog and rant at www.therothrevolution.com.





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