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by Sharon Rondeau

Carl Gallups is a senior Christian pastor, public speaker, radio host, and founder of the PPSimmons YouTube channel. He has spoken at numerous events about the Obama birth certificate/eligibility question.

(Dec. 11, 2012) — Carl Gallups is a pastor, a co-founder of a popular YouTube channel, a published author, narrator, radio host and former law enforcement official.  His new book, The Magic Man in the Sky, published by WND Books, catapulted to #1 in the Science and Religion category at Amazon after its release in May of this year.

Gallups can be heard on his radio show, “Freedom Friday,” on Friday afternoons from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. CT on WEBY 1330 a.m., which broadcasts to four Southeast states.  His book has been favorably reviewed by Jeffrey Kuhner, writer for The Washington Times and a radio show host in his own right, with Kuhner terming the book a “muscular defense of Christian faith.”

Mr. Gallups, who has been a Christian senior pastor in Milton, FL since 1987, stated that he “has been involved from the beginning” in the Obama eligibility issue and was willing to share his opinions with us on the investigation performed by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) and Cold Case Posse.  He has addressed Tea Party events “from Dallas to Daytona” on the topic by invitation.  He and Det. Mike Zullo, who served as the lead investigator for the Cold Case Posse probe into Obama’s long-form birth certificate, appeared together at an “Obama Fraud” event at The Villages in September at which Gallups reported that “the place was packed.”

Gallups is in high demand as a speaker and radio show guest, and The Post & Email was humbled by his agreement to provide us with an interview on short notice.

Gallups narrates for the PPSimmons YouTube channel which reports on current events and Christianity.  A recent video he narrated indicated that Zullo reported that the probe and “resulting legal actions” were “going full-steam ahead.”

Six investigators worked for more than a year to determine whether or not the image Obama presented to the public on April 27, 2011 was authentic.  A “highly-knowledgeable source” has told the PPSimmons Channel that “within the next week or so, there will be a huge push forward on the eligibility investigation.”

During the interview, Gallups told The Post & Email, “If the Arpaio investigation is correct, and if Obama is not even a U.S. citizen, then we have a foreigner, perhaps a foreign usurper, as commander-in-chief of the #1 superpower of the world and the #1 economy in the world.  That really jolts people into reality.  It’s not just a matter of a little technicality in the Constitution,” Gallups told us, referring to Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution which requires that the president be a “natural born Citizen.”

Gallups said that he believes the Maricopa County, AZ investigation is “100% accurate.”  He stated that two forensics laboratories examined the digital image proffered by Obama independently and determined, in addition to numerous experts, that it is a forgery.  “If there was any doubt to Arpaio’s investigation, the national media would have been all over exposing this sheriff as a fraud,” Gallups said.   “This is the story not only of the century; this could be the story of the history of the world.  Think about it:  the greatest superpower in the world was taken over by a foreign usurper, and the people let him?…And The New York Times won’t touch it; the media won’t touch it…CNN, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, even Fox News…If you and I owned the New York Times and knew that Arpaio had put out false statements, we would investigate him and expose him as a fraud.  But not a single media outlet will investigate Arpaio’s investigation.”

Gallups spent more than ten years in the combined areas of law enforcement and the Department of Corrections.  He served as a deputy sheriff in two Florida counties for 6+ of those years and has criminal investigation experience.  “I can tell you from years in law enforcement and dealing with media:  if they suspected that Arpaio’s investigation had chinks in it, they would have been all over it.  The only reason they are not all over it is that they’re terrified that his investigation is 100% accurate,” he said.

The Post & Email had noted that some mainstream media had reported on Arpaio’s March 1, 2012 and July 17, 2012 press conferences online but not on television.  On March 1, Arpaio’s office, in conjunction with the Cold Case Posse, had declared that there was “probable cause” to believe that the long-form birth certificate was a forgery.  On July 17, Zullo and Arpaio had stated that the image was “definitely fraudulent.”

Left-wing coverage of the questions over Obama’s birthplace, background and documentation have been masqueraded as news reports since 2008, when articles from various African news outlets surfaced stating that Obama had been born in Kenya, not Hawaii, as Obama now claims.  Those questioning the inconsistencies in Obama’s life story and his literary agent’s biography which claimed he was born in Kenya have been called “conspiracy theorists.”

Gallups told The Post & Email that it is possible that Obama “could be” a “legal citizen” or a “natural born Citizen.”  “The only dog I have in this fight is truth,” he said. He stated that if it is proven that Obama is legitimate, he will announce it on his radio show and his website.  “Right now, however, I have enough prima facie evidence, if it were my jurisdiction, to make arrests, because there is no evidence to the contrary.  We have 16 or 17 digital document experts who have independently verified this document as a fraud.  We have not one single legitimate digital document expert who has verified that it is not a fraud,” he said.

The Post & Email asked Gallups what a law enforcement officer could do about the claim that Obama’s long-form birth certificate is a forgery, and he responded, “In this case, the way it is right now, the only thing they can do as far as prosecuting or making an arrest would be to prove that a crime had occurred within Maricopa County.  However, they are not prohibited from pursuing other legal avenues of securing an arrest.   For example, Sheriff Arpaio, Lt. Zullo and the team are working feverishly with federal contacts who will take this forward and investigate the evidence… in other words, to investigate Arpaio’s investigation.”

Gallups stated that Zullo told him that the Cold Case Posse is still “aggressively pursuing” the federal contacts, connections and angles and “believe they might be making some headway” in that area.

WorldNetDaily has recently reported on open cases challenging Obama’s eligibility in Alabama and Florida.  The Post & Email has been pursuing the issue of election fraud with the Citizens Bureau of Investigation in the wake of multiple reports of vote-flipping and other types of election manipulation which could have been enough to swing the election in Obama’s favor.

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  1. what Republic are you all referring to? Did someone mention a constitution? The rumor once called the United States of America was exterminated in the 2008 Election. And, just for kicks, the extermination was endorsed for 4 years via 175 Court cases, whereby the congress and the judiciary did Nothing ……. The most oft repeated refrain to any challenge was ……YOU HAVE NO STANDING!! But the real nail in the coffin was when ALL of the Serfs watched as the Marxist invaders cheated and stole the SO CALLED 2012 Election. Like a steam locomotive rolling down the tracks, it’s gone, it’s gone, and nothings gonna bring it back ……It’s Gone !!

    So Very Sad.

    1. Mr. Gorman:

      The act of Election2012 may be ‘gone’. BUT the crime scene remains quite intact, and brimming with hard evidence of systemic, multiple-type-of-crime vote theft. When Truth emerges, we will see that in fact, “Obama” barely got 38% of the popular vote.

      It may take time, but the crime will be proven.

      The perpetrators will be prosecuted.

      Make no mistake: these evil-doers will be charged with treason.

  2. It’s my firm oppinion that when the Chicago gangster team went to SCOTUS secretly on January 14, 2009, one week before he illegal was installed in OUR White House by fraud,EVERYTHING became mute = threats of the Breitbarting taking place. It all tricled down to lower courts, CONgress, State, Municipalities, Military, Law Enforcement and mostly the LSM including FAUX News. Clint Eastwood nailed it by: “The biggest HOAX ever perpetrated on the American People”!!!

  3. Assuming things proceed just as they have–with our representatives in Congress refusing to honor their oaths of office and defend the Constitution–and the American people are denied their constitutional right to redress of grievence, and the usurpation of the presidency continues unchallenged, should not American patriots turn to the advice provided by the Founding Fathers of this experiment in ‘government of the People’ in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, even the Articles of Confederation, and pick up the arms we have the right to keep and bear for just a time as this.
    The criminal usurpation of the presidency by what has become apparent is an enemy agent of Islam practicing taqqiya is the most sinister crime in American history and the cover-up effort of presenting ‘We the People’ with blatant forgeries in order to attempt to authenticate Mr. Obama’s purported eligibility to be president after the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa had a surgeon in America’s finest, the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army, Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, court martialed, stripped of his rank and imprisoned at Ft. Leavenworth for the doctor simply requesting verification that his supposed Commader-in-Chief did in fact legally occupy said rank and legitimately wield the military authority of said rank, is of a criminally incomparible magnitude
    In view of the historic tactic within Islam of taqqiya wherein adherents of Islam advance Islam’s world domination agenda by inserting themselves within a society under siege by Islam and pretending to be one with those within the culture under siege in an effort to make any inroads into the society under siege unto the establishment of laws which facilitate the spread of Islam within the society under siege until such time as that society has been relegated to the status of dhimmi.
    Obama is a Muslim. He is only using liberal-socialism as a means of laying out a ‘red carpet’ for the advance of policies which facilitate the entrenchment of Islam within American society. Obama’s ultimate goal is the dhimmitudinization of America so that American military power may be usurped and used to destroy Israel.

    1. Dear unbontir,
      A lot of the tests in high school were graded on the Bell Curve, and that process worked fairly well unless, UNLESS, someone aced the test and sent everything helter skelter.
      unbontir, you just ACED it.
      I salute you.
      Well done.
      It was a pleasure reading your comment.
      A VERY well done.
      Signed “Sincerely” with pride and joy,

  4. May righteousness prevail. The time has come and exposure of a grand scale will open the eyes of our slumbering Republic. The evil of deceit will have the light of truth shine rays of penetrating brilliance. Thus, bringing the criminal cabal of barry soetero and ALL accomplices (incl. CONgress members) to justice and punishment for treason, fraud, and misprison of felony to many.