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by Sharon Rondeau

Does Mohamed Morsi believe in freedom for all, or is he a dictator? Do Morsi and Obama share anything in common?

(Dec. 11, 2012) — Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who ascended to power with the support of The Muslim Brotherhood, is moving forward with a vote on a proposed constitution written by Islamic members of Parliament despite opposing groups’ vow to boycott the referendum.

Although banned under former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak, The Muslim Brotherhood is now a major political party which uses the name “Freedom and Justice Party.”

The Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States and desires to make Sharia law the basis of all nations’ governments. Obama has met with members of the group and affiliates at the White House, paid for by the American taxpayer.

A Middle East analyst has opined that Morsi, backed by The Brotherhood, is “worse” than Mubarak was.

The National Salvation Front, a major group opposed to the new constitution, had demanded that Morsi reverse his November 22 decree which protected him and Islamic members of Parliament from judicial scrutiny.  Although Morsi has publicly rescinded the declaration of new powers, secular groups are unsatisfied and fearful that the new constitution will not protect go far enough to protect freedoms in a nation which is struggling economically, politically and with internal religious persecution of non-Muslims.  Christians, who make up approximately 13% of Egypt’s population, are reportedly often victims of persecution under Morsi’s regime.  Many Coptic Christians have fled the country, with the number of those arriving in the United States doubling since the Arab Spring removed Mubarak from power.

Last April, a 17-year-old was ordered jailed for three years for distributing cartoons perceived as offensive to Islam.  Twenty-four young Christian girls have recently been reported missing, with some reportedly forced to marry Muslims and convert to Islam.  Coptic Christians were reportedly marginalized and intimidated during Mubarak’s regime as well.

Led by the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed El Baradei, The National Salvation Front has asked that the vote scheduled for December 15 be postponed.

Morsi has now granted the Egyptian military the authority to arrest civilians involved in demonstrations against his regime.

Following the Arab Spring uprisings, it was predicted that hard-line Islamists would gain control in Egypt as Christian persecution increased.  An Islamic government has been instituted in Tunisia; Syria has been plunged into civil war and threatens to use sarin gas on its people as protests continue against dictator Bashir Assad, whom Obama wishes to depose; and Libya has taken a turn toward domination by Islamic extremists rather than liberation.

The Arab Spring did not bring “democracy” to the Middle East, and the Obama regime continues to involve itself in the deteriorating political situation by supplying the Egyptian military with tanks and money and arming the Syrian rebels, some of whom have been found to be members of terrorist organizations.

The Obama regime has been arming Libyan rebels to oust the late Col. Muommar Gaddafi, some of whom were Islamic terrorists.  It has been reported that the U.S. ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, had been involved in arms transfers to Turkey and other nations acting as conduits for weapons to be placed into the hands of the Syrian rebels.  Stevens and three other Americans were killed on September 11, 2012, and an order issued to unknown parties to “stand down” kept the U.S. military and possibly members of the CIA from assisting as an attack from armed Islamic militants destroyed a U.S. outpost there.

Obama and regime representatives Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice had insisted that the attack was a spontaneous result of an anti-Islamic video when in fact it was known that terrorists had planned and coordinated it.  Obama has been accused of treason for failing to save the four Americans who perished in Benghazi, Libya on September 11.

An Egyptian man believes that Obama is “supporting a terrorist” in Morsi.

Obama often speaks of “democracy,” but he believes in redistribution of wealth and expanded entitlements dictated by a large central government.  The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights written by the Founding Fathers formed a republic, not a democracy.

While Obama has hailed other countries’ alleged actions to make information more available to their people, he continues to keep hidden his college applications, passport applications and records, and to rely on reported forgeries as his birth documentation.  The American people do not know if he is even a United States citizen, but no law enforcement entity will take action to investigate his background.  Businessman Donald Trump has reported that Obama has spent $4,000,000 to keep his records hidden.

What do Morsi and Obama have in common?

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  1. The FBI uncovered a document called the Memorandum during the Holy Land Foundation trials. The letter is the “manifesto” of the Muslim Brotherhood and annotates how they intend to convert North America to islam. This makes them self declared enemies of the United States. 18 USC 115, which flows down from the Constitution, defines those who cooperate with enemies of the United States as traitors, i.e. committing acts of treason.

    This information, with Obama’s attachment to the MB, has been presented to the north Georgia congressmen in numerous letters and to the FBI from Atlanta to Washington, with no response. Obama has clearly committed treason for the aid and comfort he has given the MB. He has now reached the point of endangering national security.

    So this begs the questions . . . are congress and the FBI complicit in the act of treason for condoning these acts by the POTUS? They must agree with what the president is doing because they make no effort to stop or control it. And if the president is acting on his own, outside the bounds of congress, and congress condones that as well, by their obvious lack of interest in stopping it, are we not then being governed without law and living in tyranny?

    And if anarchy follows tyranny, as it always does in history, where are the veterans and other defenders of the Constitution who will pick up the pieces after this eventual plunge?