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by OPOVV, ©2012

Surface-to-air missiles are used to destroy enemy aircraft already in the air

(Dec. 11, 2012) — The first rule of warfare is that you kill your enemy before he kills you. That’s it; there’s nothing to add except certain understood accepted limits of behavior. Nevertheless, civilized people understand that war is the last resort, a condition where reason doesn’t exist, a world where all aspects of civilized behavior are thrown out the window. You can push the button in the voting booth or push the button to fire the missile, yank the lanyard or pull the trigger to fire the gun: the end result may be the same. Land mines are perhaps the most insidious weapon of them all, for they’ve the inherent ability to cause as much harm to your side as to your enemy, or to innocent people and wildlife years down the road.

Pushing the button in the voting booth certainly doesn’t absolve someone from shirking the responsibility of future atrocities. The German people in the 1930’s who voted for Hitler were just as hoodwinked as our Obots of today, and their sorry excuse after millions of deaths of “We didn’t know” didn’t cut the mustard then and won’t cut it now.

Rules of warfare apply only if everybody follows them, but when the other side is hell-bent on total destruction, you must forget the consequences, you must equal their determination, and then go beyond into the realm of true “shock and awe.”  The hydrogen bomb and a bomb of anthrax are cases in point.

Going from the philosophical to the nuts and bolts of what’s happening with our troops of today, fighting the way we are is nothing less than sending our very best to be slaughtered on the altar of ignorance. One has to wonder whose side our leaders are on. It was that way in Southeast Asia, where magically an “orphanage” would sprout up next to a railroad siding where freight cars would be parked, thereby making the weapon-filled storage containers “off limits.” It got so bad (for our side) that SAMs were transported on railroad flat cars uncovered because they knew we wouldn’t attack them, as trains transported civilians and food.

Well, in my world, seeing an environment-rich target, like twenty or so flatcars packed with SAMs sitting in a railroad yard in Hanoi, was just too much to pass by, rules or no rules. Or, recently in the case of missiles being shot from a school yard from Gaza into Israel, no hesitation needed, nor required, nor “permission to fire” asked for: let the airplane driver drop the 500-lb. bomb on top of the school and eliminate the target, eliminate the threat, and eliminate the enemy. One. Two. Three. One: identify the target. Two: destroy the target. Three: drink to the success of the mission.

Every penny spent on an illegal/anchor baby immigrant is a notch off the totem pole of our standard of living. Every Muslim allowed to be within our borders is just another American corpse lying in the street. SEE the future, imagine the growing debt and a sea of government lackeys toeing the party line, books censored, debate quashed, reason suspended, Freedom lost. They’re here, in the White House, Congress, everywhere. Tell me, if someone were sneaking into your house, or, better yet, someone just sneaked in and was going to, at the least, steal from you, and extremely likely kill you, what are you going to do about it? Write a letter to Washington? Or are you going to do whatever you have to do to protect your family, your neighbors, and your country?




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  1. There is only one answer/response for a Christian, and NO it’s not to turn the other cheek.

    Shoot to kill the invader. My reason is very simple, I am keeping the invader from adding another SIN to his account before God on Judgment Day.

    Should my response offend some people, please read the Bible….

    In Exodus 15:3 we see God as a warrior. But the context is the destruction of the Egyptian Army. As we all know, Egypt had enslaved the Israelite nation and God simply became their warrior and delivered them.

    “The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.”
    Exodus 15:3, KJV

    Joel 3:9-10 Proclaim ye this among the Gentiles; Prepare war, wake up the mighty men, let all the men of war draw near; let them come up;

    Beat your plowshares into swords, and your pruninghooks into spears; let the weak say I am strong.

    We see a prophetic statement as the book of Joel clearly is prophetic in nature. In other words, there will come a time when it is required to fight.

    There is no contradiction for God to be both the Lord who battles unrighteousness and also loves peace. This is just as true with people, who are really peaceful by nature, but will fight when the time requires it.

  2. Regardless of the “United SOCIALIST STATES ov OBAMA”~my 174ft.x134ft. Domain is “The SOVEREIGN STATE OF MEYER”
    HE, Who so ever “VIOLATES my DOMAIN” can be certain that HE will be facing “EXTREME JUSTICE”, meted by a S&W Model #29 .44 cal. Weapon~to whatever Degree might be deemed as “Necessary” in the “Protection of ME and MINE!”
    The “Founders” provided to us “ONE Nation, Under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!”
    At that point in our History “WE the People” were ALL “SOVERIGN CITIZENS”~Regardless of the TRAITOR 41st. Congress and the formation of the Illegal, DeFacto 1871 U.S. Corporation of the “District of Columbia”-(CRIMINALS)-I REMAIN a “SOVEREIGN CITIZEN” of “The United States OF AMERICA”, and as such will exercise my “Right to Protect my Possessions!!”