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by Sharon Rondeau

What kind of judge tells a defense attorney that he cannot put on a defense of his client?

(Dec. 3, 2012) — The Post & Email has learned that following a trial which lasted approximately seven hours, a jury in Monroe County, TN voted to convict Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III of “tampering with government records.”

However, Judge Walter C. Kurtz did not allow Fitzpatrick’s defense attorney, Van Irion, to present either of two defense strategies he had prepared.  An eyewitness informed The Post & Email that only the prosecution’s side was heard.

The prosecution presented its case and called witnesses, one of whom was Fitzpatrick’s former landlady, Helen Thurston.  At one time, Thurston had told The Post & Email that she could not have had a better tenant in Fitpatrick, but today she stated that Fitzpatrick had “bragged” to her about stealing the documents in question from the courtroom on December 7, 2011.

The proceedings concluded at about 5:00 p.m. An eyewitness said that the jury took 7-8 minutes to retire from the courtroom and vote to convict.  The sentence was pronounced by Kurtz to be 11 months, 29 days in jail but suspended to 20 days in the Monroe County jail with community service thereafter.

Fitzpatrick has uncovered widespread, institutionalized corruption within the Tennessee judiciary, particularly in the Tenth Judicial District, which was reported to be under investigation for alleged misconduct beginning in late August.

Earlier on Monday, an eyewitness had believed that the trial might be continued into Tuesday.  The Post & Email was reportedly a significant topic of discussion by Assistant District Attorney Paul D. Rush, who the observer said has returned from a leave of absence.  Rush has had several ethics complaints filed against him, one of them from this writer.

Kurtz has worked at the appellate and state levels, having officially retired in 2008.  Tennessee’s judicial branch has shown itself fraught with judges guilty of misconduct and bias.  The grand juries and juries who regularly issue indictments and convictions, respectively, are forbidden by law to allow members to serve consecutive terms, although Fitzpatrick has demonstrated that jurors often serve from one year to the next.

Grand jury foremen often serve for decades at the behest of a judge, which Kurtz has stated presents no challenge to the grand jury’s objectivity.  The grand jury foreman in Fitzpatrick’s most recent case stated under oath in October that she is working without an appointing order.

Public corruption in Tennessee affects all branches of government, as the legislature has refused to address the judicial corruption; the judges deny defendants their constitutional rights; rules are made and broken on a whim to benefit the government’s case; and defense attorneys are not permitted to defend their clients.  The number of people convicted under such conditions presently serving time in jails and prisons is unknown.  Governor Bill Haslam has refused to take action, despite numerous reports of wrongdoing on the part of sheriffs, judges, court clerks, jailers and deputies.

Fitzpatrick has stated that judges in Tennessee are “running their own government” outside of constitutional authority.  The U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights and Tennessee constitution were written to protect the rights of citizens from an overzealous government.  The Fifth Amendment states that a grand jury must issue a presentment or indictment before a person can be charged with a “capital” or “infamous” crime.

Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, a former Army flight surgeon, was denied the opportunity to mount a defense at his court-martial in December 2010, after which he spent five months at Ft. Leavenworth for having questioned Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president.  Fitzpatrick has filed numerous treason complaints against Obama since March 2009.  Other citizens have also accused Obama of treason against the United States of America.

Lakin was discharged from the Army in 2011 after forfeiting his pension, pay and other benefits to question Obama’s eligibility.  To date, no citizen has been allowed to obtain discovery into Obama’s background and documentation, despite a law enforcement investigation which stated that his long-form birth certificate and Selective Service registration card are forgeries.

Military tribunals could replace civilian trials in the U.S. if the government becomes too powerful and the Constitution is ignored, according to Fitzpatrick.

Last May, Fitzpatrick discovered laws passed in 1984 by the Tennessee legislature which had ordered the criminal courts to form districts comprising several counties in most cases, but the statute was never implemented by the judiciary.

It is our understanding that the sentence will not begin until after an appeal is filed next month.


“It is not only [the juror’s] right, but his duty…to find the verdict according to his own best understanding, judgment, and conscience, though in direct opposition to the direction of the court.” — John Adams, 1771

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  1. How soon will it be before the plaintiffs and attorneys, such as Orly Taitz, are sentenced to time if they continue to question the frauds eligibility? The attorneys for the fraud, known as Obama-Soetoro-Soebarack, threatened the plaintiffs in the case Dr. Taitz brought in Mississippi. Several succumbed to the pressure and removed their objection. They have the power of the military behind them. The same military that continues to defend the fraud in the WH.

    I find it very hard to respect active members of todays military. Cowards should not be respected.

    And to answer any questions that the reader may have, yes I have stood up for my principles many times. Most times affecting my personal financial wellbeing. But unlike the cowards in the military I know I did what is right.

  2. I am NOT Surprised, but angered by this!
    LAW #1~There are NO Laws!
    RULE #1~There are NO RULES!
    OPINION #1~HE with the most Gold, WINS!
    FACT #1~There is NO LONGER a “Constitution”, only the “O” MANIFESTO!
    What happened to “Adequate DEFENSE?”

  3. So, is anyone surprised to learn that the sociopaths who now control our government have no inclination whatsoever of giving up their control of the taxpayers revenue stream that they all live so well on? Tennessee is the single most corrupt state in the union.

    As Doug Casey points out so clearly in his article entitled ‘The Ascendence of Sociopaths in US Governance,’ the sociopaths are now running the government. Lawful government is gone. There is no hope for recovery. It must be torn down and rebuilt if the people, who have been grievously harmed by government for decades, still feel the need to have someone control their lives.

    Me? I prefer freedom over government every time.

    But, remind me again why we need government… I keep forgetting.

  4. Given a fully corrupted system in Tennessee, Judge Kurtz has been getting paid to be part of the Judiciary there for many years. Given the entire scenario, Walt’s case could have been dropped but was not. My view is that Kurtz may be under pressure from above to bury Walt and given the rediculous progression of all of this from beginning to now, Kurtz under Tennessee Mickey Mouse Kangaroo court mystery regulations COULD in their book of mumbo gumbo given him the stronger sentence. I feel that one minute in jail for a trumped up crime is too much but the lesser “charge” could be a blessing from Kurtz given the Medieval Crystal Ball system that is used there and back door “pressure” from Bari/Hillary that we can’t see. Van Irion may hard pressed to come up with a strategy that he can use knowing that rules are stacked against this and that they can write the rules as they go. Sounds just like Bari doesn’t it? We are praying for Walt and we will see what happens since they did carry on illegal trial operation as were pointed out with Lakin. He was herded into the courtroom, not allowed to present ANY proof of wrongdoing, accused, “sentenced”, thrown in jail, by by. If they force Walt into jail again, will they torture, beat, deny diabetic medication, allow dripping sewage to contaminate him, be offered “easier treatment if he just “stops talking to that terrible Post Email news paper”, try to do harm to him? Looks like prisoners at Gitmo get better treatment that are full blown criminals than Walt for picking up papers that were probably left around to bait him on camera to create another phony “trial”. How do we get Darren Huff on “national news outlets” to tell his story on what happened when he tried to help Walt? The fact that Judge Kurtz is a decorated veteran, there may be some blessing there that we have to look for given the scenario and choices that could unfold in such an environment and the fact that there may be a gun up to his head that is hard to see with Hillary and Bari staring down the barrel. To be continued.