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by Sharon Rondeau

(Dec. 3, 2012) — At 12:55 p.m. EST, an eyewitness to the trial of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III reported that a lunch break had ensued from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. after Assistant District Attorney Paul D. Rush presented arguments for the prosecution in the Monroe County, TN Criminal Court.  The trial began at 9:00 a.m.

Fitzpatrick is accused of “tampering with government records” on December 7, 2011.

The eyewitness reported that a video purportedly made of Fitzpatrick removing the documents from the courtroom is expected to be shown.  Although referred to by the prosecution previously, the video has not been aired publicly to date.  Screen shots purportedly from the video have been given to the jurors.

Martha M. Cook, the court clerk, stated at an October 3 hearing that the papers in question were “not public records.”

Atty. Van Irion has not presented his arguments for the defense as of press time.  The eyewitness sensed that the trial might go beyond one day.

Irion is founder of Liberty Legal Foundation, which advocates for re-establishing the U.S. Constitution as the basis of the American legal system.

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  1. We know Bari and Democrats are behind this sham. We are praying for Walt and we are witnessing how far Dems will go to keep Bari’s identity hidden. Treason is in full effect and we should expect The Dems to continue their protection of Bari. Why, is another question and what they are hiding and gaining from this is power and money. Whether this will continue for another term remains to be seen. We will wait to see how far they will allow this to go and what forensic voting fraud investigations reveal. The voter flipping and rigging is no different than this phony trial with Walt. Why isn’t Bari on trial for Treason, Perjury, Election Fraud, murder, identity theft using a false social security number, willful and wanton dereliction/usurpation of the office of POTUS and country. This smoke and mirror technique of “tampering” does not compare to a full blown synthetic identity criminal that is slowly bankrupting our country that millions of “followers” have ordered through another round of carefully crafted voter fraud/computer programmed wins that have started the process of shutting our country down to their benefit and gain. Hillary, Geitner, Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Michelle, Dodd, Biden, Bernanke, Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, Holder, Axelrod, dozens of Democrat/Socialist/Communist operatives that have been planning this out for years. It’s another “Oceans Eleven” Vegas/Chicago style haul and heist of taxpayers money. There will be a price to pay for all of this and we may have to wait a while to see any results, the Republican Party is too divided and fragmented to have any real results any time soon. Actually, they all get paid no matter what happens, D’s or R’s, so they really aren’t too worried at this time. The “Corporate Trust Law System” yields results for those that play the game and it is far from the original written laws that the founding fathers wrote. The judicial is also locked in to steady paychecks so sit back and enjoy the scenery while the bus we ride on zig zags all over the road while Constitutional Law is completely ignored/obfuscated and misprision of felony runs wild. More resources are being wasted on legal and bureaucratic run around that we may have to wait for some of the smoke to clear before we see any results. Political amnesia is not my forte, we have seen all this dirty business before, it’s never smelled this bad. They really pulled up the lowest garbage in the can and put it on top. You can spray paint it any color, the smell is the same. As the Bible states, “The LOVE of money is the root of all evil.” The money changers will have their day and so will we. God is on OUR side, let them laugh now, their time is getting closer and what goes around will come around, it’s the cycle.