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by Sharon Rondeau

The New York State Board of Elections refused to remove Obama’s name from the ballot after registered voter Robert Laity filed an eligibility complaint in late 2011

(Nov. 29, 2012) — On December 2, 2011, Robert Laity, a resident of New York State, filed a ballot challenge with the New York State Board of Elections to the placement of Barack Hussein Obama’s name on the ballot for the upcoming 2012 election.

Before filing his Challenge Petition, Laity had communicated his concerns about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to his state senator and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Under Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution, the president must be a “natural born Citizen.”  When he filed the petition late last year, Laity told The Post & Email that he had been inspired to take action by Capt. Pamela Barnett’s Obama Ballot Challenge website, launched to inform the public about each state’s ballot objection period.

The Board of Elections refused to take up Laity’s challenge, after which he appealed to the New York Court of Claims, which is equivalent to the New York Supreme Court.  In his complaint to the Court of Claims, Laity cited voter disenfranchisement, violation of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), and the alleged ineligibility of both Barack Hussein Obama and John McCain in 2008.

Laity is a veteran and former employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In the complaint, Laity cited monetary damages incurred at $1 trillion.  Ultimately, the Court of Claims responded that it did not have jurisdiction to prohibit Obama from running for president in 2012.

On November 21, 2012, Laity appealed to the New York State Supreme Court’s Appellate Division in Albany seeking an injunction against the governor from certifying the names of New York State electors to cast their votes in the Electoral College on December 17, 2012.

Laity has additionally charged Obama with treason and “criminal activities.”

Laity v NY SCANY3

Laity v NY SCANY4-1

Laity v NY SCANY5

The Board of Elections website does not appear to have posted the final results of the 2012 elections.

Laity is founder of the Society for the Preservation of Democracy and Human Rights.  He has had articles published at Australia News, Rogers Media, and The Post & Email.

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  1. Over a year ago,a Pakistani legislator NOMINATED Obama to BE the Muslim “Caliph”. A Caliph under Islamic Law MUST be Islamic. Obama IS Muslim and he speaks Arabic. Obama has incorporated every theme,every system,Islam,Marxism,Socialialism that is anathema to freedom. Obama IS a Traitor. I have been sounding the alarm for four years now. Obama’s “paternal cousin” Raila Odinga,google him.Odinga associates were involved in the bombing of two U.S. Embassies in 1998. The Emabassy in Nairobi and the embassy in Tanzania. Obama violated the Logan Act,while a US Senator from Illinois.by campaigning IN KENYA for Odinga when Odinga ran for Kenyan President against Mwai Kabaki,a US ally. Odinga was involved in genocide against Christians who he had burned alive in their church. Although Kabaki won the Presidency Odinga DEMANDED to be appointed Prime Minister of Kenya and afterwards,with Obama’s aid and assistance introduced Sharia Law into Kenya.

  2. “We the People” have grievances that must be addressed. Andrew Cuomo must be enjoined from filing NY State’s “Certificate of Ascertainment” of it’s election results and electors. The fact that Obama has never been the bona-fides President is obvious in it’s face. There is NO doubt! We have many problems with our Government that must be resolved by free people. The evolution of a dictatorship is occurring as I write. It is becoming plainer everyday that passes. The people who voted for Obama have been duped. Obama is only the tip of the Iceberg. There are hundreds of Cabalists whose sole purpose is to control free people and to curtail freedom. Islam is geared for such control and it is anathema to freedom. Obama IS a Muslim supremacist. He IS making every effort to derail America. I also have concerns that our very system needs some shoring up and revision in order to strengthen freedom. The Constitution,which by the way,Obama abhors,needs strengthening. Obama called it “A flawed document”. His view,I believe,is that it allows for too much freedom. My view is that it’s freedoms have been eroded over the years. Although freedom is a hard thing to preserve,it must be preserved. All generations must do whatever they can to preserve it. Our ancesters preserved it the best they could,for us. We must now preserve it for our “Posterity”.

    1. Very insightful, Mr Laity. Pam Geller (Atlas Shrugs website), God bless her, has written many times about DHIMMITUDE.

      That is the Islamic act of subjugating a people gradually so that they become Islam-, albeit Sharia Compliant.

      At first, “dhimmis” may live their lives seemingly able to function, practicing other faiths (Belief in Christ, Judaism, etc), but then THESE must gradually give way to Islam. Along the way, however, their non Muslim culture will be BENEATH the triumphalist Islamic mindset.

      That is why Al Qaeda, after 9/11, promised it would “decapitate America from the top” and then added “in a way they will not understand until it’s too late.”

      Imploding the Constitution via nefarious actions, such as changing Constitutional language WITHOUT an amendment, is that kind of treason many would posit.

      It is like using SOCIALISM to get to COMMUNISM. When people like Roseann Barr chortle that they are “socialist” and were “raised socialist” they are telegraphing that the end goal is COMMUNISM.

      In the same way, DHIMMITUDE leads to the CALIPHATE.

      By the way, it is totally ACCEPTABLE for a SUPREMACIST to maintain that they are “Christian.” This allowance is called “TAQIYYA” or “sanctioned deceit.”

      (Hence, Obama could go many years to Rev Wright’s quirky “church/mosque/social center” and, excuse the expression, play “church lady” while NOT supporting the Viable Infant Protection Act.)

      The Holy Spirit would not allow one of Christ’s true flock to act like that. Remember the Scripture which says that in the end of times, many would cry, “Lord! Lord!” but that Christ would “know them now.” The Bible sure is prophetic! :)

      Mr Laity seems to be seeing past the smoke and mirrors into the deep reality of our times. We who love America salute your efforts, and those of us who believe in the Almighty pray for your success and His blessing upon you.

      Merry Christmas and a Blessed New (and Constitutionally Healthy) New Year!

  3. Today I sent a request to the U.S. Supreme Court,by certified mail to all (8) Associate Justices and Chief Justice Roberts, asking them to invoke their “Original Jurisdiction” in all cases involving “Public Ministers” and cases involving the Constitutionality of a law. I have apprised them of the dispute in NY State regarding New York’s illegal change of requirement to qualify to be President from “Natural-Born Citizen” to “Born a Citizen”. A Natural born American remains “One born on US Soil of Parents who are both Americans at the time of one’s birth”. A President must be a Natural-Born American. A person “born a citizen” is not tantamount to a Natural Born Citizen. I agree with Loggia.

    1. Clarification:

      All persons born on US Soil who have Parents who are Both Americans at the time of one’s birth are Natural-Born Americans. No other legal action is required. These persons are 100% Americans.

      Conversely,Person born on US Soil, may be referred to as having been “born a citizen” but they are not Natural born citizens unless they meet the definition above with regard to being born on US Soil IN ADDITION TO having Parents who are BOTH Americans at the time of one’s birth.


      1. A person born on US Soil whose Father or Mother are foreigners at the time of one’s birth is NOT a Natural Born American because he/she has not met the requirement that BOTH Parents be Americans at the time of one’s birth (Jus Sanquinis).

      2. A person born in a foreign land even though both his/her parents were American at the time of his/her birth is ,likewise,not a Natural born American since he/she does not meet the “Born on US Soil” (Jus Soli) requirement.

      Both cases are an example of persons who were “Born a citizen” by either being born on US Soil OR being born of Parents who are both Americans even if born abroad. One must meet only one of these requirements in order to be “born a citizen”.

      In order to ensure full allegiance and loyalty to the United States the founders purposely applied a higher standard than simply being “Born a Citizen” to being President of the United States and Vice-President of the United States. The Constitutional requirement is that for those persons to serve in those offices they MUST meet
      the higher standard of being Natural-born.,one who meets BOTH Jus Soli,being born on US Soil, AND Jus Sanquinis,having Parents who are BOTH Americans.

      A person “born a citizen” is one who meets either Jus Soli OR Jus Sanquinis. These persons cannot be President or Vice President of the USA since they do not meet the definition of NBC.

      A “Natural Born American”,as required to be President and Vice President, has met BOTH Jus Soli AND Jus Sanquinis.

    2. Thank you, Mr Laity. There MUST be a reason, OCCAM’s RAZOR employed, that NYS would willfully CHANGE Constitutional terminology on their OFFICIAL website.

      It such an open deception!

      It is the Empire State’s Imperial Theft of the Liberty of its Citizens.

      Perhaps it is as easy to explain as that the person who WANTED and DID change the language KNEW that he/she could HOODWINK the supervisors or the Co-Commissioners and Co-executive directors of the NYS BOARD OF ELECTIONS website.

      If the Commissioners et al were deficiently schooled in Constitutional terminology, a malicious Board of Elections employee with the design to collude with Obama and Democratic Bigwigs could try it with a reasonable expectation of getting away with it….AND THEY HAVE!

      Certain of NYS congresspeople in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY do know and are hoping “it will all just go away.”

      Would that some reasonable citizen would tell them that the NYS Board of Elections website is NOT meant to be a “cookie jar,” but rather a portal to understanding the NYS and US Constitutions!

      Sharon’s readers should call, write, contact CONGRESSPEOPLE of both parties, State Legislators and Senators, US Senators, and their County Boards of Election to file complaints and raise the Alarm.

      Tyrannnts fear an informed public!

      One might consider writing to the NYS Department of Education and the Board of Regents.

      Adult citizens, college students, and school children are being led astray.

      Such is the reality in Obamamerica…A Constitutional Crisis of which Alinsky, Lenin and Chavez would be proud…and NYS is helping.

  4. If one peruses the NYS Board of Elections website, they also have altered CONSTITUTIONAL LANGUAGE and reinterpreted it for the gullible, stating that a qualification for President is to be “BORN A CITIZEN.”

    Now, that is SO misleading and one wonders why Gov. Cuomo shows NO SHAME and NO LEADERSHIP in allowing it to hang out there on an official site.

    If one is born to American parents living in France, for example, is that American citizen child allowed to be president later on?

    If one of the babies at the Anchor Baby Hotel (recently reported on) near the border is born technically an “American citizen” then goes back to Mexico or Central America, comes back as an adult, he/she, according to the NYS Board of Election Website, can be president if they comply with all other requirements.

    So NYS is a good state to demand Justice and Compliance with the Constitution. Shame on Governor Cuomo, and Co-Executive Directors: Todd D. Valentine and Robert E. Brehm.

    Not only are they MISINFORMING the NYS citizenry, but they also leading countless school children and their teachers astray.

  5. I urge everyone to write their respective State Governor and Representatives. Obama is a Fraud,Traitor and Spy under U.S. Law. It is appalling that our Government safeguards which are supposed to stem such Criminal activity have failed or have remained uninvoked by many in Congress,the Judiciary and Law Enforcement agencies. Obama is a threat to our National Security and should have been arrested several years ago. Have you ever heard of the simmering frog? A frog if placed in a pot of water at room temperature can eventually be cooked without the frog realizing it.
    The frog,if subjected to gradual rises in the water’s temperature will not jump out of the pot and will die. Obama’s “Fundamental Change” is analogous to the effect of the simmering frog. JUMP OUT of the Pot but “DON’T give up the Ship”.