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by OPOVV, ©2012

Who do we have to call to clean up the federal government?

(Nov. 26, 2012) — The headlines read “Shoplift Suspect Dies.” After reviewing the videos from the store, it was determined that the items secreted upon his person, his leaving the store without paying for them and obtaining a valid receipt, and then finding those items in the very pockets where the camera showed they were hidden kind-of erases the “suspect” moniker. “Low-down thief” is what he was. And he died, and so we’re, what, supposed to feel sorry, supposed to have compassion, for someone who steals?

I don’t think so. Take, for instance, someone breaking into a house to steal stuff, and these days it doesn’t make any difference if anyone’s home or not. They call it “home invasion” rather than one or more punks attempting to profit from someone else’s labor.

A few years ago I lived in a town that got hit by a hurricane and a lot of people were evacuated. The National Guard was moved in to assist the evacuation and to be the first on the scene once the storm passed to prevent looting. The Guard’s orders were “Shoot to kill looters” and, trust me, the Guard was, shall I say, “diligent” in their duties, so much so that there was not one reported instance of any looting whatsoever. Not one. And this was in a big city over a large area.

So we read where homes were looted during Thanksgiving weekend in areas which were devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and you have to ask yourself what the cops are doing:  just accumulating overtime to pad their paychecks? Send a couple of volunteer Vietnam Vets to patrol and I guarantee you that we’d all by a lot safer than we are now.

The bigger the government is, the less efficient, the less effective, and the less accountable the employees are for their colossal mistakes. Nowadays whenever someone makes an error, he or she is promoted. Remember a few years ago in New Mexico when they had the worst drought on record? Well, some Park Service employee had this brilliant idea of having a “control burn” at the height of the dry season; I kid you not. After incalculable devastation, homes burned to the ground, the person who authorized the burn got promoted. Government employees and their union protect themselves and circle the wagons.

My personal inquisition regarding the 9-11 fiasco in Benghazi doesn’t include the days leading up to the attack, and I really don’t care about the sorry “dog and pony” show following the attack. My only focus is why the cavalry wasn’t sent to save those guys who found themselves in dire straits and who gave the order to “stand down.”

What low-life non-military, non-combat-experienced person gave the order not to save Ambassador Stevens and his men? Who? That’s my one and only question.

I’d like to lead a company of Vietnam Vets to patrol the corridors of Congress to look for looters and traitors.


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  1. The “Halls of Congress”~A “Target-Rich Environment” to say the least!
    535 “Peoples Representatives???”, TRAITORS to the Constitution and the Republic, and that for which SHE Stood??”
    I have NO use for the goings-on in Egypt, but I applaud the fortitude of those that openly and forcefully oppose the Dictator.
    Question: Pravda says “Shame on America for RE-Electing a “COMMUNIST!”
    “The Pot calls the Kettle BLACK??”
    “I hang my head in shame for that which my Countrymen have instilled upon my Country~
    VELCOMEN, Komrade, to “‘DA United SOCIALIST STATES ov OBAMA!”
    Sad, Very, Very Sad~