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by Sharon Rondeau

Was Susan Rice lying, covering up, or stating exactly what she was told on September 16 in regard to the attack in Benghazi on September 11?

(Nov. 26, 2012) — In an article published on Sunday, ABC News referred to the fallout from inaccurate and misleading comments made by United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice following the attack in Benghazi, Libya which killed four Americans a “PR disaster” which could conclude with Rice’s appointment as Secretary of State.

Citing decreasing criticism of Rice’s statements made on five Sunday morning talk shows on September 16 regarding the Benghazi murders, the anonymously-authored piece contended that “The White House could finally have its chance to to close the books on its Benghazi public relations disaster.”

Is that what the deaths of four Americans are considered by the media?

Rice’s husband is a producer at ABC News.  She acted as a foreign policy adviser to Obama during his 2008 campaign as well as to Michael Dukakis during his 1988 presidential bid.

Also on Sunday, the AP reported that Republican “opposition” to Rice’s expected nomination is “beginning to crack” because Sens. Lindsey Graham and John McCain stated that Rice should have a chance to explain her erroneous comments made on September 16 about the Benghazi attack having been the result of protests over an anti-Islamic video.

The same ABC article was published by TIME Magazine, long known to be an Obama regime propaganda mouthpiece.  The AP report was carried by Fox News with the added phrase in the title, “McCain could be persuaded to back her.”  Nowhere in the article, however, is such a statement by McCain quoted.  Discussion of a “cover-up” regarding the Benghazi murders is called “speculation.”

While UPI reported that Woods and Doherty were both “security officers” and “CIA contractors” in the same piece, it quoted a Wall Street Journal report which stated that nearly all personnel at the Benghazi building were CIA employees working “under diplomatic cover.”  WorldNetDaily had reported on October 16 that the Benghazi compound was not a “consulate,” but rather, “a meeting place to coordinate aid for the rebel-led insurgencies in the Middle East.”

The White House admitted to changing a reference in the talking points from “consulate” to “diplomatic facility,” but if The Wall Street Journal is correct, the location did not serve the function of a consulate.

A report from National Journal reports that Graham and McCain have now focused their criticism on Obama but that Graham did not believe Rice’s statement that her responses on September 16 were the CIA’s best assessment of the situation at the time. On November 16, former CIA Director David Petraeus testified that references to Al Qaeda were removed from the memo he prepared containing his assessment of the cause of the violence, although he did not know who was responsible.

CBS News has reported that Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, removed references to terrorists from the talking points which Rice used during her television interviews that day.

On October 16, Rice defended herself by stating that she had repeated the information given to her by the intelligence community.

Neither McCain nor Graham has said that he will approve Rice’s nomination after she presumably testifies during nomination hearings.  Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, both had said that they would oppose it.

In an apparent effort to continue the cover-up perpetrated by the White House regarding the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012, the unidentified writer states that the two former Navy SEALS, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, were “contract security guards.”  It is now well-known that Woods and Doherty were CIA employees.  UPI reports that the CIA actually was the “real commanding authority” for the building where Amb. Christopher Stevens and Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith were murdered.

Woods and Doherty were working at the CIA annex about a mile from the Benghazi compound and rushed to assist once they learned that it was under siege.  They were killed by a mortar  several hours into the attack.

Headline appearing below Fox News video on October 16 coverage of Benghazi scandal

On September 16, Rice insisted on five Sunday talk shows that the violence in Cairo and Benghazi had been caused by “a heinous and offensive video,” referring to “Innocence of Muslims,” a low-budget internet video made by a convicted felon who has been sentenced to additional jail time for violating his probation to produce it.

The New York Times reported on Monday that the video had been “promoted by a shadowy assortment of right-wing Christians in the United States.” However, the video was produced by Muslims, not Christians.

The Times stated incorrectly that the four killed in Benghazi were the ambassador and “three staff members.”  The U.S. government had reportedly “warned” personnel at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo of “possible violence” before September 11 as a result of short segments of the video having been aired by some Middle Eastern media outlets, but American personnel stationed in Libya were reportedly not given the same warning.

On Saturday, Reuters stated that Rice’s chances of become Secretary of State are now “significantly damaged.”  The same report claims that other members of the United Nations Security Council have complained about Rice’s “aggressive negotiating tactics.”

As of “11 hours ago” at the time of this writing, McCain “stood firm on his position.”

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  1. Why haven’t obama’s identity papers been ordered by congress from dnc perkins coie law firm? Is this “rice” woman another muslim minority white devil hater token plant in bari’s criminal choir? Over the cliff? We’re already off the cliff and landing upside down. Why is bari’s adolescent communist team asking romney for advice? I thought romney only knew about bayonets and horses? Bari manchild needs to go to prison for treason,perjury,election fraud and murder.

  2. I thought obama-Soetoro-Burnell said that “no one wants to find out more about what happened than I do”.

    What a joke the voting public of this country is.

  3. Now we are hearing from AP: “Congressional Opposition To Rice Is Softening”.

    Is the more STATE-RUN PROPAGANDA, telling Americans we are mistaken in our assessment of her??

    Pure Evil – a.k.a. the “Obama Administration”.

  4. Rice is a slam dunk, especially with John McCain leading the way.
    McCain is either completely out of the loop (reality wise) or else he is working hand-in-hand with all the other Obots/traitors who support the trashing of the Constitution (remember McCain apologizing for an announcer using Obama’s middle name).
    No matter how you cut it, the American people are, once again, on the short end of the stick.
    Yes, Rice wallows in the same cesspool that Holder, Obama, Napolitano, Congress, the Judicial, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Joint Chiefs of Staff swim in, and lets not leave out the mainstream media, and those who voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012. Dumb people, each and everyone of them, who willingly trade hard won freedoms for the yoke of slavery.
    Sharia Law, closer and closer day by day, and Rice will be one of them to pave the way.
    The question about Benghazi is “Who was the one who pulled the plug on the cavalry saving Ambassador Stevens and the other three?”

      1. Say what, a jury of my peers? If you could guarantee it so, off I go, me and a few hundred thousand other Patriots.
        100% of the Judicial is backing Obama, as are the vast majority of all government employees, and that’s including the pansy military we seem to have these days. Don’t think so? Then why wasn’t a clip unloaded into the skull of the Ft. Hood Jihad Muslim murderer, and then a hot dog stuffed into his mouth, or what was left of it?
        I know going through the courts is a complete waste of time and resources. My cat has more integrity in her tail than any of our judges, at least up to the present time, but don’t hold your breath, nobody else is.
        Can I foretell the future? Yes and no.

  5. The man who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama” is the REAL pr disaster – in his own words, a ‘prop’ of a cabal of evil-doers, the likes of which the sickest of horror writers could not create.

    As for Ambassador Rice, have any of you paused to think about why “Obama” is so intent on having her step in to Hilary’s shoes?

    It’s simple: he needs someone he can be assured won’t blow the whistle on what he and Hilary have been up to. The consequences would be dire for him, and Hilary – CONVICTIONS FOR TREASON AND DEATH BY A FIRING SQUAD.

    Don’t be fooled by the staged deceit. “Obama” and Rice go way, way back –

  6. While Republicans would do right to oppose Rice’s confirmation, Obama will use it to show how opposed Republicans are to women, especially if they are non-white. It will be the race card.