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  1. Again, we all have to ask where has Tennessee been for the last 75 years with the “Judicial System”? Sargent York was from Tennessee and was the most highly decorated Veteran in the American Military. So, I have known many fine people from Tennessee in my life and have to wonder what has been going on there to start producing so many bad people and what is driving them? How many are Democrats and how many are Republicans and how did they become so divided? How did so much hatred and competition begin to feed corruption to the point of madness? But, can I also ask how did America seem to arrive at the same point in time? How did all this greed, corruption, hatred, manipulation, corporate aggression, multi-layer hypocrisy, deception, job loss, jealously, moral decay and self protection reach this level? We are probably at a real 40% unemployment rate with a 55% college grad 0 job hiring level and making excuses at a record level and doing nothing about anything. We are digging ourselves into a hole that is getting deeper and the silence is deafening! So, can I assume we are on a run away train that is coming to a sharp bend? What can we do to stop the train when they have disabled the emergency stop mechanism which was the “judicial” system that was established to protect the people from tyranny and foreign and domestic enemies? The lights are on but no ones home.