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by Sharon Rondeau

Iowa is known for its many acres of cornfields and agriculture in general

(Nov. 22, 2012) — The Associated Press is reporting that Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz has announced that three foreign nationals have been charged with “election fraud” after they registered and voted in the November 6 general election.

Schulz is reviewing “more than 1,200 people” suspected of having voted illegally in Iowa, which reportedly cast a majority of votes for Obama.  It has not yet been explained how the three were able to register, as Iowa requires proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote.  Schultz is seeking a stricter law in the state, having claimed at a panel discussion of the issue in September that “People all over have been cheating.”

An editorial published in July from an Iowan and member of the League of Women Voters who claimed that voter identification laws disenfranchise millions of voters also stated that “The supporters of restrictive voting laws claim ‘voter fraud,’ but this has not been shown to exist.  The League was a sponsor of the panel discussion afer which Schultz said that “he was ‘the only one for (his) side of the issue.'”

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  1. The illegal squatting in the White House would not be there if it weren’t for the “In The Tank” media who have covered his arse from the beginning.
    I say it is time for indictments of CBS, ABC,NBC, CNBC, CNN, and even FOX for conspiracy to commit fraud against the American People. Lets start with Bill O’Reilly & Hannity and work our way up to the CEO’s of all of these networks.

  2. “It has not yet been explained how the three were able to register, as Iowa requires proof of U.S. citizenship”

    Gee, I can’t imagine how this could happen in a country that allows a non-ciitizen to sit in the White House. Maybe one day the real citizens of this country will get smart and demand the answer.