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by JB Williams, ©2012

The U.S. Constitution was ratified in 1791 but is rarely consulted by today’s lawmakers and politicians

(Nov. 20, 2012) — Mitt Romney didn’t lose the 2012 election; America, freedom and liberty all over the world lost. Bozo the clown could have defeated Hussein in any honest election, which is why Hussein had to cheat.

We know that children are foolhardy, which is why they shouldn’t be allowed to vote until they prove that they can care for themselves off of mommy’s apron and daddy’s dime. We know that government dependents will always vote for more gifts from the public trough, which is why people who make poor decisions for themselves shouldn’t make decisions for anyone else.

But my worst nightmare came true in 2012. Back in October 2006, I warned about when 51-49 becomes 49-51, a time in which modern Marxists would outnumber Americans in America. The last few elections create the appearance that we have arrived at that moment in history, but it is only an illusion.

We still outnumber them in every respect, American vs. Marxist, whites vs. blacks, Christians vs. all other faiths, people of faith vs. atheists, and law-abiding citizens and taxpayers vs. lawless anarchists and public parasites. We still outnumber them. However…

Fifty percent of Americans don’t bother to vote at all and another X percent cast a fantasy vote (similar to playing fantasy football) for a variety of 3rd party dimwits with no chance of winning local dog catcher. Combined, this is what creates the illusion of a Marxist voting majority, or a seismic shift from pro-American values to an International Marxist agenda in the electorate. It’s just an illusion…

We knew that Obama was not constitutionally eligible to hold office in 2008, but we allowed him to hold office for four disastrous years anyway. We knew that once we allowed that to happen, it would be nearly impossible to stop him from stealing re-election in 2012. We knew that Obama would use a mountain of illegal foreign campaign contributions, massive voter fraud and a leftwing press (including Fox) to retain power at any price. We knew it all would happen and now it has… because we did nothing to stop it!

Obama would do anything to win. Had he lost, his Marxist minions would have burned cities all across the nation, creating murder and mayhem everywhere. There would have been riots in the streets of many towns and God only knows what else. That would have been better than where we are now.

But when Hussein successfully stole a second election, my worst nightmare came true.… when Hussein stole a second election through blatant fraud, my foolish and spineless fellow Americans did exactly that, nothing.

The Romney campaign challenged none of the blatant fraud. The RNC challenged none of the blatant FEC violations or massive voter fraud, even though small towns with only seven (7) registered voters certified over nine-hundred (900) votes for Hussein, while Romney received no votes in towns with thousands of voters.

Republican Governors and members of Congress challenged nothing and even as the world learned about Hussein arming known terrorists throughout the Middle East, resulting in the death of four Americans in Benghazi, the press and the American people did nothing!

This is my worst nightmare realized… Marxists would succeed in stealing America via massive election fraud and my foolish fellow Americans, following the lead of a complicit media, would do absolutely nothing about it.

If Romney had won a legitimate election, Hussein supporters would have rioted in the streets and they told everyone so. But when Hussein stole a second election through massive criminal fraud, the American people would do nothing, again.

Romney could have and should have crushed Hussein in the third debate, on Benghazi alone. The same GOP “leaders” blaming Romney for losing the election today also told Romney not to confront Hussein on Benghazi or massive election fraud.

Obama has the worst economic record in American history. It would have been a breeze for Romney to defeat Hussein in any legal election. Romney did not lose this race; America lost the ability to hold a legal election, and unless they do something about that right here and right now, they will never see another legal election in America.

Instead of dropping every personal agenda and uniting to fight against the most egregious horror story in U.S. history, Americans are more divided, disillusioned, confused and scattered than ever.

Idiot movements started immediately following the election. Millions have signed secession petitions sitting on the White House website, having NO force or effect on anything other than helping Hussein build a database of troublemakers across the country. What utter stupidity!

If I’m offending you by speaking clearly here, good! If the shoe fits, kick yourself with it! Maybe it will anger you enough to drop the nonsense and take a real stand for freedom!

Not a single state is seriously considering secession, nor should they, since seceding from the union means seceding from the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights that these same folks claim to revere. Desperate times do indeed demand desperate measures. But pure insanity and ignorance will only make matters worse.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans took precinct seats in 2010 and 2012. The main purpose in doing this was to stop election fraud at the precinct level. Where were all of those Tea Party precinct captains on November 6th and where are they now? Signing silly petitions on the White House website?

There are only three things that matter today, and every red-blooded American will have to take a stand for all three and refuse to back down, or the American people should simply shut up, sit down and learn how to live in a lawless 3rd world dictatorship. They have no other choices now.

1 – Stop the Fraudulent Election

Americans did not vote for any president on November 6th, they voted for presidential electors. The people have until December 17th to STOP those electors from casting their votes for a known criminal trying to steal the election through blatant campaign and voter fraud.

On December 17th, electors will cast their vote for the nation’s next president. The U.S. Congress then confirms that vote. The American people have to find a way to STOP Hussein by December 17th or the future of their nation is worse than bleak. Fail to stop the fraud here and now and you have seen the last American election. Hussein stole this election by two million votes and once he gives voting rights to twenty million illegal aliens, Marxists will win the next election by more than ten million votes, without voter fraud.

The second selection of Barack Hussein Obama must be stopped and the people involved in helping him steal the United States must be held criminally accountable for their actions.

Plans to right this situation are under way. To engage, please get engaged here.

2 – Secure Your State

The “union” is a compact among fifty sovereign states. That union created by the U.S. Constitution is based solely upon the conditions stated in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Federal Government is only a creature (a creation) of the fifty sovereign states and its existence is conditioned upon a strict adherence to the balance of powers established by our Charters of Freedom.

Each state has sovereign rights, endowed by our Creator, protected by text in the State Constitution, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. What we do not currently have is the will and the means to enforce those rights.

As a result, each state must quickly pass its version of model legislation known as The Balance of Powers Act. An introduction to the 2013 version of this model bill is available here and we are finishing updates to the model bill to be released in coming days. (Preview working model here.)

The U.S. Patriots Union has been working to pass this bill in every state since late 2009, nearly passing it in several states in the 2012 legislative sessions. We MUST pass it in as many states as possible at the opening of the 2013 state legislative sessions. YOU can help make that happen by engaging here.

3 – Secure Your Family

Until such time that America can rid itself of criminals in control of the Federal Government, that government entity represents the greatest national security threat to each state and the American people.

The first Obama term was an economic disaster. The second will make the first look like a day at Disneyland. Economic conditions have greatly worsened just since November 6th, as investors flee the U.S. market and a huge number of businesses begin massive layoffs or close their doors altogether. Millions more will hit the unemployment lines between now and January 1.

You must secure your families with independent power, fresh water, and storable foods — and yes, weapons and ammunition needed to protect your property during times of economic upheaval and civil unrest. Watching New Orleans, New York and New Jersey when people are without power, food and water for only a few days, you can anticipate the need for these things under long-term political or economic catastrophe.

You must protect your communities and neighbors in order to protect yourself. As a result, we are asking for ALL military, law enforcement, medical and intelligence veterans to come together here and lead the local effort to become fully prepared. DO NOT rely on FEMA or state agencies to come to your aid in times of disaster.

If Americans cannot or will not do these three things immediately, there is nothing else they can do to save America, freedom or liberty. It is THIS generation, who lost everything our Founders gave us, everything our soldiers died to protect and defend for 236 years.

At this moment, Americans have already lost their country. It will not be easy to regain control. DO NOT confuse saving the union, the United States of America and all she stands for with saving the runaway creature, the federal government.

At a minimum, the federal government needs a major house cleaning and to be cut way down to constitutional size. It may in fact need to collapse and be rebuilt under constitutional conditions with new representatives who revere the principles and values of a Constitutional Representative Republic.

But saving this nation is not about saving the creature, the federal government. It is about saving the American people, the American Dream of freedom and liberty, the states and individual God-given rights.

This must be done house to house, town to town, county to county and state to state.

If you are not part of the solution, you will be part of the problem. The three steps to regaining your country are just the starting point. These things must be accomplished or the people and the states will be in no position to fight.


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  1. Every person knows that the last day of the Republic of the U.S. officially ended January 20, 2009, and if they didn’t know then, surely they know now.
    ACORN, NOW, and every “community” organization has been, is, and will continue to act as fronts for the Socialists/Communists/those who are committed to Jihad and Totalitarianism/Dictatorship with the full support of our “elected” officials and the courts, all officers of the courts, selling their country, our country, right down the river to total enslavement by the eliminating of the Constitution and all Civil Rights.
    The End.
    The ONLY saving grace we have is the First and Second Amendment, and without the Second there is no First.
    I’ve been advocating everyone purchase weapons, practice weapon safety, and shoot, because the more you shoot, the more you practice, the more accurate you’ll be. And remember, ALWAYS, AQLWAYS aim for between the eyes: it makes life just that much easier. It’s called “Being a friend to the undertaker”, hitting the target between the eyes, because it makes for a closed casket.
    End of story.