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November 20, 2012

Reince Preibus has served his first term as RNC chairman and is seeking a second term. The RNC will apparently not challenge numerous reports of election fraud in the November 6, 2012 election.

Dear Chairman Preibus,

Today I made a telephone call to your office in regards to the horrendous voter fraud in the Nov 6th election and what the RNC was doing about it. I HAD been told by my (Oklahoma) State GOP HQ that the RNC/GOP had “lawyers at the ready” to counter any voter fraud.

I spoke to a “Catherine” in your office, ONLY she hadn’t a clue what I was referring to. Does THIS mean that the Republicans are NOT going to contest this election fraud? When I asked her if she was aware that Obama had YET to run an HONEST campaign for ANY election, I got the impression I had just asked her to explain Einstein’s Theory of Relativity as I got SILENCE! When she recovered, she said, “yeah, right” with a definite disparaging note which made me realize this poor woman had absolutely NO knowledge of U.S history and PARTICULARLY of American History and any knowledge of the Marxist Obama and HIS history!

For whatever reason, and I am at a total loss as you folks have steadfastly REFUSED to answer my inquiries for the past five years, the Republican party has chosen to IGNORE the FACT that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has been unwavering in his REFUSAL to provide ANY proof that he is who he CLAIMS to be! Mr. Obama/Soetoro HAS produced TWO “certificates of live births”, BOTH of which have proven to be computer-generated FRAUDS. His Selective Service Registration is fraudulent. He is using a Social Security Number that was issued to an individual in Connecticut born in 1890! Yet, for some reason, this does not seem to make ANY difference to the Republican Party!

Do you have NO reason to support the Constitution of the United States, or are you content to see Obama/Soetoro, the Marxist Usurper in the Oval Office continue to shred that document at will? You have thrown away ANOTHER attempt to hold a VALID election and instead seem to be quite content to subject our Country to another FRAUDULENT one. I DO wish you would tell me WHY you are so willing to aid and abet our enemies; but I guess you would rather support this coup than be honest with the American citizens.

Ronald Reagan, AND our Founders, MUST be WEEPING at your treasonous activities!


Richard H. Irish

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  1. Hey Richard,
    Forget it, you’re just wasting your time. There is no “Republican” party because it’s all one big party and we’re not invited, none of us are, not even the Obots.
    It comes down to those who rule vs. those who are ruled. The US Constitution was trashed Jan. 20, 2009, along with Civil Rights legislation and all other human rights. What we’re living today is the last stages of a democracy being systematically deconstructed.
    Don’t complain to your “elected” official, and don’t call the police, they’re not on your side. The only people left that you can count on are fellow Patriots who understand that the de facto Obama Clown is the World’s Worse Embarrassment, and the US is the laughingstock of the world.
    How come every other country knows that Obama/Soetoro/whatever his name is, or isn’t, isn’t eligible to be president, but many Americans STILL don’t have a clue what’s gone down, not a clue? The mainstream media is just part of the problem, and so is Affirmative Action and the overall making Americans stupider year by year, so now we end-up with “Reformers” and “Obots” who haven’t the slightest idea what the Constitution means to each and every American equally.

  2. I agree. The Republicans (most of them) are holding on to the promise of safety in underground silos for the end of the world. They don’t understand that God is in charge, not Satan, and they will spend eternity in darkness as God’s wrath descends. The much of the world does not understand the UN/Illuminati plan for genocide world wide… Those who are living in fear, attend a church and ask forgiveness of sins making Jesus the Lord of their lives. It is the only hope now.

  3. Per Mark Smith: “As both the Bush and Obama administrations made clear, our government does not allow public opinion to influence policy decisions. We are not a democracy or a republic. In the United States power is vested in the hands of the government, not in the hands of the people.”

  4. Good letter, but it will never be responded to except for some mindless pap about ‘thank you for contacting…’ We have to get rid of the idea that either the RNC or the DNC actually give a rip about what we think. There is no difference between the two parties. They’re both corrupt and un-American. Their agenda is the one world government, and that means the people will lose at their hand.

    You might find this article by Mark Smith interesting: