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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dr. Laurie is a former 2012 presidential candidate and hosts a daily radio show on constitutional issues

(Nov. 20, 2012) — This week I thought I would lose my mind when hearing about California’s response to so many businesses and people fleeing the state.  Rather than address the glaring problem of decades of over-taxation and regulation on business, which have scared them away in record numbers, they go full-on ‘dictatorship’ in their approach.

Moldy Turkey -1

Commentator Sher Zieve brought this to my attention when I was interviewing her on my show. There is currently a bill being pushed in California, backed by their super-majority and Governor, to put a high tax and fine on anyone’s business, real estate and other assets who dare to leave and take their business out of the state.

Think of it, people.  It is not bad enough that the political leaders in California have bankrupted the state and have taxed and regulated people and business to death, but now, they want to literally make them working slaves, stuck where they are.  This is a ‘crime family’-type bill, completely dictatorial and reminds me of Nazi Germany when Hitler was taking over all business through regulations, taxation and his ‘greens’ agenda.

If I was an achieving business owner in California I would take this as my cue and final curtain call to leave quickly, before the bill is pushed through to steal practically everything I had.  Or, I would organize business owners together and have a mega-statewide strike that would take the controlling and progressive smile of their ‘super-majority’ faces.

Stop making movies.  Stop selling food.  Stop pumping gas.  Stop heating homes and stop making clothes and putting them on the shelves.  Stop everything of business if the legislature’s plans are to steal a business owner’s freedom, wealth and assets.  “I say either leave quickly or fight like you have never fought before to save your business and state.”

You just wanted Turkey and a nice Christmas this year – well, you are getting more, so wake up.

We are being forced to rise up and take stands everywhere or submit to being crushed and living in a total dictatorship….those of us who get to live.

Moldy Turkey – 2

There is currently a bill that has been quietly rewritten traveling through the Senate that will allow Feds to read our private emails without a warrant.  In the earlier stages of the bill, when more people knew about this, we were given more protections and the Feds had to get a warrant to read our email. Now it says they can read our private emails without a warrant.  Total fascism — as Obama and his thugs build traps and structures to control all our communication.  He now must have the Internet.  That is the new media, the only real media along with talk radio we have left.   Most other media are completely controlled, paid off or intimidated into silence.

If this bill is allowed, along with the already in place NDAA Bill and martial law executive orders,  Obama will aggressively go after the last bastion of media communication, freedom and real news — the Internet.

I predict, patriots, Tea Party types, talk radio hosts, those who run journals and anyone who dares to stand up to Obama will be called a national security risk, terrorist or simply someone who must be disposed of, arrested and/or re educated in one of the already set up FEMA camps.  You know…those amazing ‘for emergency purpose’ camps that weren’t used to help the desperate and displaced victims of hurricane Sandy?

Obama has other plans for those as he tightens the squeeze around our necks.  We have to be transformed you know.  So did Frankenstein.

We are quickly coming to a place as we saw in 1933 in Germany after the passage of Hitler’s Enabling Act.  This was legally voted in, based on lies and pretense.  Guns were quickly collected from the German people, businesses were completely taken over, the greens agenda was slammed into place and forced national health care started in.  Unwanted Germans started disappearing and dying by the thousands, those who were not perfect, too outspoken, too old, or imperfect at birth.

Is this such a far cry in the United States of America, when we have a President who now has the power, (legally voted into law) to call us terrorists and turn our military on us? We have a President with powers to arrest us without our Miranda Rights being observed and who can take us to an undisclosed location, indefinitely.  Are we so different than Germany when state leadership would dare to impose high fines and taxation targeting business assets, forcing them to stay?

Now another crooked bill going through the Senate to dare and read our private emails without a warrant.

Controlling traps are set for us everywhere.  They are aimed at our 1st amendment rights, business rights, now — right to privacy with communication and even threatening and manipulating us as to where we live.

The final icing on the cake that is being pushed and explored now — A THIRD TERM FOR OBAMA.  Democrat progressives are exploring and scheming how to get that through.  He intends to stay if we let him.

We had better decide before we have turkey or go shopping for Christmas, will we stand and fight or be destroyed.

At this stage what can we do?

Get behind the 35 legal actions by states against the forced and intrusive Health care bill unfolding as we speak.  This will destroy the best health care system on earth and kill young and old.

Decide if you are going to allow the federal Government to force RFID chips in you, per the Obama care law – to be implemented by March 2013.  Keep in mind, if you refuse this, you may be fined or have major healthcare yanked away.  Expect Obama to hit back hard.  I say, bring it on, Obama.  It will be a cold day in hell before someone forces a Government controlled chip in my body.  I will trust God for my health.

Demand aggressive leadership from the 30 conservative Governors, standing against Federal intrusion regarding guns, speech, business, health care and agenda 21.

Join a Tea Party group, meet regularly, connect with your local Sheriff and develop a plan to protect your rights and freedom.

Go buy a ton of guns and ammo and don’t even consider ever turning them in!!!

We are at a stage in our country where we must fight like we never imagined fighting to save our lives and country or we can go down in heaping, regulated and taxed flames.  What’s it going to be?

Join me daily on my national radio show from 7-10pm PAC at www.therothshow.com

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  1. Dear Laurie, Fellow Patriot,
    Once again you hit a home run when you tell people to buy guns and ammo, it’s been my advice since 2009.
    The country is starting its accelerated slide to oblivion, with the DOJ and Homeland Security paving the way for UN dictates to be enforced by our local goons, who will follow and enforce illegal orders, the hell with the Constitution and Fourteenth Amendment.
    However, there are still a few million Vets out there, and a few hundred thousand Vietnam Vets who are in the twilight years and won’t go down without a fight, and just because our government screwed us once I’ll be damned if I, or any of my Brothers in Arms, will let it happen to us again.
    I say the hell with the United Nations, Obama, the government, all illegal immigrants and all Muslims, and I’m just one of millions who think AND FEEL just as you do, and my wife is also onboard.
    They’ll come a time when citizens will have to make a choice between Freedom or Slavery, won’t be any fence sitters in this one.
    Keep Your Powder Dry,