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by Sharon Rondeau

With touch-screen voting machines easily penetrable by hackers, do we ever know if the results are accurate? Should another system be used?

(Nov. 19, 2012) — The Republican National Lawyers Association has compiled an extensive list of occurrences of voter fraud in both early voting and on Election Day this year, including “posthumous voting,” “improper influence,” and “voter registration fraud.”  The RNLA’s mission is to “promote open, fair and honest elections at all levels of American society in a non-discriminatory manner and to provide access to the polls to all qualified and eligible voters.”

A list of attorneys who are members of the organization is here.  The RNLA had contended that the Obama regime “doesn’t care about military voting rights” after the Romney campaign  filed a federal lawsuit in Wisconsin to extend the time frame in which military ballots could be submitted, as some districts had failed to send them out on schedule.

In Florida on Sunday morning, a recount in St. Lucie County of the race between Allen West and Patrick Murphy resulted in a missed deadline of noon to certify all state votes, after which  Murphy proclaimed himself the winner by default.  An eyewitness reported that Murphy’s attorney had attempted to stop the recount but that the documents she carried into the elections office were “neither signed by a judge nor served.”  She also stated that 306 ballots were reportedly found in a “mystery box” by state auditors “in a high school gym somewhere.”

The American Phoenix Foundation has reported that funds had been sent from an organization called Fieldworks to defeat West during the campaign season.

Earlier today, West’s campaign manager stated that a Florida precinct in the district has seven registered voters but showed 900 votes during the recount, which is nearly half of the difference separating West and Murphy at the time.   West’s campaign had claimed that irregularities had occurred during the first three days of early voting, but Walker reportedly “chose instead to recount three different days” of the eight-day process.

In a television report just before the noon deadline, Fox News’s Eric Shawn interviewed a spokesman for the West campaign, who stated that the vote count between West and Murphy had narrowed from the 1,907 votes by which Murphy had been leading.  At 2:00 p.m., however, the St. Lucie County Canvassing Board reportedly said that more votes for Murphy had been identified during the recount, which was confirmed by The Washington Times..  The St. Lucie Times reported that the recount was completed on Sunday.  Walker’s assistant, who supervised the recount, said that results were handed in on time, but West’s campaign manager said that the deadline had been missed.  The final results do not appear to have been released.

The supervisor of elections, Gertrude Walker, has reportedly been “undergoing tests” in a hospital and hired an attorney since last Sunday’s partial recount of votes which narrowed the difference between Murphy and West.  On Tuesday of last week, Walker had stated that neither she nor her staff was “perfect” and admitted that mistakes in the original tallies had been made.

Tim Edson, campaign manager for West, has stated that the 2,100-vote lead indicated by the Canvassing Board is “highly suspect.”

West’s campaign called Walker “absolutely incapable of executing an accurate and fair election.”  The Blaze reports that Walker has “strenuously opposed every effort to clean up the voter rolls, even in light of considerable evidence that noncitizens or the dead are on them.”  In 2004, there were a reported 47,000 invalid voters on the rolls in St. Lucie County, where Walker has served as elections supervisor since 1980.  A West campaign volunteer analyzed the current election results of Walker and her opponent and concluded that they were “statistically improbable.”

The Cuyahoga, OH Board of Elections shows that in many precincts, Mitt Romney received no votes or just a few votes as opposed to hundreds for Obama, a phenomenon which was also noted in numerous wards in Philadelphia, PA.  Elections analyst Larry Sabato commented that such results were “worth looking into.”  Citizens with statistical analysis skills have anecdotally told The Post & Email that such results are “mathematically impossible.”

Political pundits and analysts are struggling to explain the reported results of the 2012 presidential election by contending that “three million Republicans stayed home” after Romney was expected to score “a decisive victory.” Dick Morris rationalized that he was “wrong” about his prediction that Romney would win “by a landslide” because of “high levels of minority and young voter participation.”  But was that really what happened?  Were those purported votes enough to swing the election in Obama’s direction despite a poor economic recovery, the Fast & Furious and Benghazi scandals, Obama’s whispered secrets to then-Russian president Medvedev, his unpopular health care bill, his wife’s numerous and costly trips, and numerous lawsuits questioning his Social Security number, identity, and allegedly fraudulent birth certificates?

Is it typical that with such dissatisfaction, House and Senate races would have been lost by Republicans?  Why are there now 30 Republican governors?

Was it really that Romney and Ryan were not “tough enough” or conduct enough “outreach to women” despite evidence to the contrary?  What about the high level of enthusiasm for Romney reported among young people before the election?

Obama has been compared to President Jimmy Carter and described as “failed” and “inept” by hard-core Democrats, yet he won re-election?

Some believe that Republicans attempted to suppress Democrat-leaning voters, but in spite of that and the other factors, Obama won?

Could all of the pundits be missing something?

With Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker not only surviving a recall effort last year but increasing the number of votes over his original election, did Wisconsin really re-elect Obama by a margin of 200,000 votes?  Does it make sense?

With record-breaking long lines during early voting, how is it that fewer people voted in 2012 than in 2008?  Typically, each presidential election sees more voters, not fewer, even with high levels of apathy.

Did something affect the federal-level elections but not the state -level elections this year?  Were state-level elections more reflective of the sentiment of the people?

During 2,000,000 people participating in early voting in Colorado, Romney was in the lead, yet he reportedly lost Colorado, one of the swing states.

Obama allegedly received a benefit from Hurricane Sandy, which killed more than 100 Americans and caused Obama to pay a friendly visit to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  But was that enough to reverse what had been a struggling campaign?

In 2008, Al Franken won the U.S. Senate seat previously held by Norm Coleman by 312 votes, after which it was discovered that 341 felons had voted in Minnesota that year. A box of uncounted votes mysteriously appeared during Franken and Coleman’s recount as well.  After discovering that felons had voted and could have made the difference in Franken’s victory, elections officials stated that while the 2008 election results could not be changed, “We are just trying to make sure the integrity of the next election isn’t compromised.”

It was reported at that time that Eric Holder might file suit against states voting in favor of photo identification for all voters, which his Department of Justice carried out earlier this year against South Carolina, Texas and Alabama.   A three-judge panel found that South Carolina’s law was constitutional.

Does the Department of Justice advocate that illegals vote?  Was it seeking such votes to boost Obama’s chances of winning?

Did white people fail to vote on November 6, or were their votes not counted?  It is reportedly very easy for a computer programmer to write a script which will alter a close election invisibly.  Why were votes for Romney visibly changed to votes for Obama in numerous states, with only one report of the opposite happening in one state?

It was already well-known that touch-screen voting machines are susceptible to tampering.

Have Obama’s people done whatever they needed to do to proclaim him the winner “by any means necessary?”

Did Mitt Romney actually win the election?  If so, are We the People going to allow Obama to stay in office?  If our votes have been stolen because of the ease of technology, what do we have left?

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