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(Nov. 16, 2012) — Thanks to one of my brilliant show listeners John Meyer, (former Vet and man who worked for 15 years with classified programs) the real reason for all the cover up and endless disinformation about Benghazi is worse than anything being exposed so far.  Today I interviewed Meyer in depth on the phone and on my national radio show about his findings.  He tied what most of us wouldn’t even have tracked or been aware of.  He verified and sent me the actual copy of Executive Order 13491, which was signed by Obama on Jan 22, 2009. Sec. 4 states, ‘all such CIA operations were to cease operation under penalty of the E.O.  Yet, two years later it was still in operation, with the knowledge of the CIA director, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, Directory of the FBI, and all Military commanders sending prisoners to the facility in Benghazi.

Verbiage from EO

Sec. 4 Prohibition of Certain Detention Facilities and Red Cross Access to Detained Individuals.

(a) CIA Detention. The CIA shall close as expeditiously as possible any detention facilities that currently operates and shall not operate any such detention facility in the future.”

What do we know so far from the evidence and testimony  in the hearings?  We know that Al Kae Da attacked the embassy and in a 7-9 hour attack murdered our Ambassador and his aides.  Sources have tracked a potential cover up due to guns behind shipped to rebels in Syria from the ‘missing’ guns in Libya during the war phase.  Many have thought Obama was keeping things low profile because of the shipping of all the weapons.  Others thought that since it was Al Kae Da who attacked, Obama didn’t want the country to know they were still a huge danger and threat…oh yeah, and that he didn’t wipe them all out. Whalid Shoebat even revealed on my show that an Al Kae Da member had actually been hired to guard the embassy compound up until late 2012.  Yeah…that would definitely be something Obama wouldn’t want us to know.  The huge, glaring reason was and is — Executive Order 13491. This makes President Obama, the CIA director, Sec. Of State, The Sec. Of defense, Dr. of the FBI and all Military commanders sending prisoners to the facility in Benghazi, criminals.  According to Meyer, who worked in classified programs and under executive orders, disobeying and executive order is a serious federal offense.

Lt. Col. Paula Broadwell is implicated in the affair with General Petraus and spoke to her alma mater revealing knowledge of executive order 13491 I listed above.  That in itself was not a revelation of anything classified.  Then, what she revealed was the big question.  She said to the crowd that 3 prisoners held there at the CIA detention center by the embassy compound had been turned over to the Libyan Government.  How did she know that?  That was classified.  Meyer says that indeed the real reason for the attack was because Al Kae Da wanted to liberate the 3 prisoners who were being held at the CIA compound there indefinitely.  Meyer pointed out that during the early hours of the firefight, shooting was aimed high and mortars were not used.  That is because at first, they wanted to make sure they didn’t kill the prisoners they were trying to rescue but wanted to kill the guards and those on the roof. They later they found out they had been turned over to the Libyan Government already so they then fired mortars and sought to destroy the Ambassador and whole place.

Do you get it and understand the REAL magnitude of this cover-up.  According to Obama’s own executive order 13491, this was an illegal facility holding prisoners at the embassy compound.  It was ordered to be shut down back on January 22, 2009 and all listed above who knew about this have committed a major, federal offense.

If we still have law in this country they should all be apprehended and arrested.

Listen to my talk with my informant John Meyer first hour Nov 16th, 2012 on my archive  Or, live 7-8pm PAC at

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  1. The main issue has NOT changed. Go back two EO’s earlier. #13489 was barry soetero’s first EO less than 24 office- blocking records, and disclosure of his past for years after his usurping term.

    Just because 4 years have gone by with expertise in obfuscation by the liar-in-chief, the real facts remain. One computer generated image is all this Republic has presenting Barry Soetero’s past.

    To reiterate the usage of Barry Soetero (aka Obama)as his real name, the only other uncovered document is an Indonesian school registration as Barry Soetero and a return passport listing his adopted name. To date, no court or legal name change has surfaced registering Barack Obama. All other records are sealed, STILL.

    The game of Benghazi coverup is ludicrous in light of Americans killed by terrorist while an illegal putative prez. pretends to be CiC.

  2. We must report this to Eric Holder immediately, and he will … uh … uh…. never mind. (you are living in an EXPIRED world of laws.. you must adjust).