There’s Only One Lifeboat


by OPOVV, ©2012

The philosopher Plato used the metaphor of a “ship of state” in his epic work “Republic”

(Nov. 14, 2012) — Picture the Ship of State having been hijacked, the crew (government employees) and the officers of the deck (members of the Cabinet) all standing behind an unqualified captain, a person who has refused to show his papers because, no doubt, he doesn’t meet the basic requirements and is an ineligible captain, an unqualified captain.

The ship pulls into port to drop off a few trinkets: a Buick here, a few reels of Hollywood make-believe there, and takes on supplies, but there’s not enough money to pay for the necessities: no matter; rather than stay in port and save the money to purchase fuel and other supplies, the captain borrows the money and the ship sails away.

Another port, another repeat performance, including stowaways, people who didn’t buy a ticket, but these stowaways expect to be served three squares a day plus medical, even though they haven’t given one red cent to the cause nor scrapped and applied red-lead to any surface: they haven’t contributed to the welfare of the Ship of State.

And speaking of parasites, people who perpetually receive taxpayers’ money, there’s an overwhelming number of complainers and people who do nothing all day but whine, all day long, every day. They go on talk shows and whine. They’re on the radio every day, whine, whine, whine. And their teenage pregnancy rate out the window, has been, yet not a peep about Deadbeat Dads, Male Failures, He-man Sissies, afraid of work and responsibility, but ready to march on any imagined slight, anywhere, anytime, bus service provided free, yet no one asks who paid for the gas.

Every ship has a Master at Arms, some sort of control mechanism put in place to insure the safety of the passengers. Okay, then how do a few million Muslims aboard make us safer? Huh? And not only are they on every deck, but they are on the bridge as well.  They’ve infiltrated every aspect of the life on the Ship of State and the news you hear every night has been sanitized by the very people who high-jacked our ship, which is the only thing that makes any sense.

So the ship has been deliberately sailed into a whirlpool that can have only one possible ending: total destruction upon the rocks below. There was a time to change the course of history, to correct for navigation errors, to make amends, to set the course to be straight and true, but that chance passed us by and now, in order to save ourselves, we have to jump ship.

The trouble is, there’s only one lifeboat, and this lifeboat is taken by LEGAL PATRIOTIC CITIZENS, so there are just not enough room or resources for illegals and troublemakers, traitors and lazy bums, those who complain and whine, and those who think stealing the Civil Rights of others gives them a free pass from prison or being traded for a captive of any Muslim group; their choice.

Our lifeboat will be our new Ship of State, the Constitution our Charter, and our course easily understood by Friend and Foe alike. Pay as we go, treating other Ships of State as we would wish to be treated, and if they have a problem with that, we have options, including sending them to Davy Jones. The USS United States has weathered previous storms, just as we’ll weather this one.


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  1. meyerlm   Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    “Aye, Aye, Sir~The Orders to Man all Battle-Stations, Secure all Hatches, Right-Full-Rudder, all ahead Flank-Speed!!”, HAS been received, Loud’n Clear!!
    “DAMN the Torpedoes, FULL Speed, Ahead~”WE” have yet to Begin this Fight!”

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