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by Sharon Rondeau

Search results for an article available in the recent past about Obama having won districts with more than 100% voter registration turnout in Ohio has been removed from the web

(Nov. 14, 2012) — The Associated Press has quoted former vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan as having stated that Obama won the 2012 election “fair and square.”

Does Ryan know about the election fraud being reported by Fox News, WorldNetDaily, DefendtheVote.com, the Citizens Bureau of Investigation (CBI), The Post & Email, and many other news services, or was he misquoted?  Is the mainstream media attempting to provide cover for the highly suspicious election results?  On the day after the election, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly also asserted that Obama won the election “fair and square.”

Results from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida have come under scrutiny for their very high percentages of people reportedly voting for Obama.  Problems with Florida’s absentee voter counting process were anticipated at least six weeks before the election, and early voting in Ohio yielded “possible fraudulent voter registrations.”

A story about more votes than registered voters in Ohio favoring Obama has been removed from its original source.  The same article is still available here.  An eyewitness reported that Ohio residents of Somali origin were bussed to a polling location and instructed to vote for Democrats, beginning with U.S. Senate candidate Sherrod Brown, “all the way down” the ballot.

It is believed that the results of certain congressional races as well as the presidency were purposely manipulated to achieve the desired outcome of a Democrat-majority U.S. Senate and the White House.  Reputable elections analysts had predicted a solid Romney win and have stated that the results reported are “mathematically impossible.”

Atty. Orly Taitz has a pending case enjoining the certification of the election results in California due to an investigator having identified 1,500,000 invalid voters on the state’s voter rolls.

Elections expert Larry Sabato has stated that results showing few or no votes for Romney are “worth looking into,” and the phenomenon noted in many Philadelphia wards has also been seen in several other states as confirmed by an investigator to The Post & Email.

There is evidence of an “astronomical” percentage of voters, even in heavily-Democrat areas, casting votes for Obama resulting in no Romney votes whatsoever.  A Pennsylvania Democrat and member of the state legislature countered the specter of election fraud from the Republican Speaker of the House with, “If they [Republicans] believe there was a corruption of the process, then go to court and challenge it. Show the people of Pennsylvania. Beyond that, shut up.”

The same news source states that five towns in Delaware showed votes for Obama and Biden of over 90%.  The Post & Email contacted the authors of the article to ask if they were aware of any evidence of voter fraud but received no response.

This morning The Post & Email called the office of Rep. Paul Ryan in Washington, DC, but phones are not answered until 9:00 a.m. EST.  The option to leave a message was negated by the voice mailbox having been full.  We called again after 9:00 a.m. and received a message that they were receiving “a high volume of calls” but were able to leave a voice message.

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  1. For the public to make their selection to vote in democratic leaders, if they are not voting for free stuff, or a guy who looks like me, they vote on the information they have been given by the sources they see and hear in the media. Too many are unsuspecting dupes with no idea that they are being fooled every day, on a constant basis.
    Us patriots must turn our efforts against the Bilderberg Crime Syndicate’s Propaganda machine if we are to ever correct this attack on our country. And we are running out of time. Tim

  2. I would expect NO LESS from a classic exmple of a “RINO”~WE have 535 TRAITORS in “The District of Criminals!”
    The proof is in the four years of complete, utter silence by ALL of them and NOW “WE the People” are seeing just the VERY Beginning of the “Fundamental Transformation of the United States of America” into what will become a third-rate Socialist, Communist GULAG, complete with a “Third-Rate Tin-Horn Usurper Dictator named “O”!!
    You can attempt to find or create an excuse for The TRAITORS, the Judiciary, the “Chain “O” Command, the Law Enforcement community and our “Elected Officials”, BUT there is NONE to be found-PERIOD!!
    They ALL Swore and Attested to “The Constitutional Oath” and the words of consent are very PRECISE~the problem is that they ALL have Acute DEMENTIA in remembering what they stood before our Flag and PROMISED!!
    BooHoo Boehner, Ryan and all the rest of the RINO’s can accept the full responsibility for this Dire, Terminal situation that is developing in our Republic, AND “WHAT YOU SEE, IS WHAT YOU GET!!”