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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, blogging at Citizens Bureau of Investigation

(Nov. 13, 2012) — Every American who cast a vote for Mitt Romney is entitled to demand proof that the vote s/he cast was properly counted and reported.

Probable cause of massive voter fraud – and the highly fraudulent reports of votes cast – is already established: dramatically higher [statistically impossible] turnout than there are registered voters in precincts across America, all of which went for Obama; dramatic reported drop in Republican turnout; 5+ million ‘missing’ Republican votes; zero votes reported for Romney in precincts in multiple states; screens visibly flipping Romney votes to Obama; dramatic unpredicted ‘swing to Obama’ of Independents; dramatic drop of white votes reported [15 million];  80-100% Obama results in many precincts; highly suspicious activity by elections personnel on Election Day; reported ‘loss’ of states predicted to go Romney; dramatic reduction in crowds at Obama events, from the Democratic National Convention, onward; need for Obama Campaign to flow ‘un-traceable’ overseas funds into campaign coffers as summer progressed into autumn; general consensus that Romney won the Debates; huge enthusiasm for Romney; refutation of historically reliable Presidential Election Outcome models; results that flew in the face of innumerable political experts; and more.

So. I ask you, Romney/Ryan voters: what happened to the vote that you, in good faith, fully protected by The United States Constitution, cast for the candidates of your choice?

Was it one of millions quietly, sneakily, ‘invisibly’ trashed in the digital system, callously coded to take your vote, and diabolically twist it into a vote for Obama?

Did the vote you cast wind up being illegally counted to ‘elect’ the very man you voted to defeat?

Only a Forensic Investigation of the voting machines, accompanied by a certified CPA Audit of voters / votes cast, will tell you what fate befell your vote.

Demand it.

Fake elections are the hallmark of petty dictators. They take away our right to have the government we choose, as guaranteed by The United States Constitution.

It’s not supposed to be this way in America.

It shouldn’t be this way in America.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Your life depends on insisting upon independent investigation of the 2012 Elections. For, if they did this, and get away with it, what will they do next?

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