Breaking: Political Forecaster Larry Sabato: Zero Romney Votes “Worth Looking Into”


by Sharon Rondeau

Larry Sabato had predicted that Obama would win the election but is now questioning reports that Mitt Romney did not receive any votes in certain areas

(Nov. 12, 2012) — Glenn Beck’s The Blaze is reporting that Larry Sabato, a frequent Fox News political pundit, has stated that the fact that some Cleveland, OH areas which did not register a single vote for Mitt Romney is “worth looking into.”

Similarly, thirteen wards in Philadelphia reported that no votes for Romney were registered in last Tuesday’s election.  Pennsylvania Speaker of the House Sam Smith has questioned the results given that the results for Obama were “astronomical.”

Sabato’s personal website is here.  He runs the Center for Responsive Politics.

This is not the end.”

This is a developing story…

One Response to "Breaking: Political Forecaster Larry Sabato: Zero Romney Votes “Worth Looking Into”"

  1. Drew   Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    The only way Obama was going to win was cheating. Now its up to Congress, the Courts to correct it. The whole process should be held up.
    That’s why the Petraeus debacle is currently going on, to deflect and delay.

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