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by Sharon Rondeau

Atty. Orly Taitz will appear in federal court in Jackson, MS to argue a case for why Barack Hussein Obama cannot serve as president

(Nov. 12, 2012) — A hearing will take place on Friday, November 16, in Jackson, MS in a case filed by Atty. Orly Taitz as a challenge to Obama’s eligibility to serve as president and which contends that the documentation he has provided to the public is fraudulent.

Taitz represents several Mississippi plaintiffs and has sued the Democratic Party of Mississippi, Obama, Obama for America, Nancy Pelosi, and other defendants.  The last hearing on the case was on September 24.  On Friday, November 9, she filed several documents in the case which as of earlier today she reported had not been docketed.  On Monday, courts and federal offices were closed because of the Veterans’ Day holiday.

On October 29, the defendants filed an answer to Taitz’s complaint, which will be discussed on Friday.  The defendants are represented by Attys. Scott J. Tepper and Samuel Begley.  “I’m bringing all of the evidence, which shows that the birth certificate was forged, but the attorneys for Obama and the Democratic Party wanted the judge to issue a judicial notice of the birth certificate, that he was born in Hawaii, and everything was fine.  I filed a bar complaint against them after they said that Obama’s birth certificate was verified,” Taitz told us.

Later, Obama’s attorneys denied that they had asked the judge to take judicial notice of the birth certificate.

Taitz received an affidavit from Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose Cold Case Posse had investigated the birth certificate and found it to be “definitely fraudulent.”  The lead investigator, Michael Zullo, also submitted an affidavit.

“At the time they filed, they claimed that they had no reason to believe that there was a challenge over his birth certificate, which was ridiculous,” Taitz said.  One of the attorneys, Scott Tepper, wrote to Loretta Fuddy, Director of the Hawaii Health Department, and asked for a verification letter, which is permitted under Hawaii law.  Taitz continued:

He attached a copy of the birth certificate and claimed that it was a copy of the birth certificate that was posted on whitehouse.gov.  He wanted Onaka to send a verification.  It was worded in such a way that left a lot of holes.  Hawaii allows late birth certificates, so Obama could have applied in 2007 and gotten one.  There is no evidence as to how it was obtained.  Also, the file that Tepper sent to Onaka for verification which was attached to his letter was different from the one posted on whitehouse.gov.  First of all, the layers were flattened.  One of the main signs of forgery is that there are different layers, and the signature of Onaka resided on a different layer than the other document.  In the file sent by Tepper, a) all the layers were flattened, and b) they changed the color palette, and it was very clear:  they made it lighter.  They used more green color instead of black.  It looked lighter, and the halo effect was visible.  So the second problem was that the initial forgery was replaced by a new forgery.

On October 22, 2012, two expert witnesses testified at a hearing in Indiana in another of Taitz’s cases that Obama’s long-form birth certificate could not be authentic because of various fonts used and haloing around the words.  Taitz reported that the “Defense did not have any evidence in rebuttal.”

Taitz reported that Tepper demanded by email that she “apologize to the defendants and their attorneys.” Taitz told The Post & Email, “If I were to cave in and apologize, it would have meant that all the evidence I submitted was a lie.”

She continued, “Here you see a sitting U.S. president who is acting like a mob boss, using his power to intimidate.  The lawyer wants me to commit fraud on the court, lie to the judge, apologize and say that the sworn affidavits are somehow fraudulent.  That includes a sworn affidavit from a sitting sheriff who has 50 years in law enforcement and from a deportation officer.  This is real evidence.  Obama cannot pass E-Verify.  They are intimidating and harassing whistleblowers, pressuring them to lie…if I were to actually cave in and apologize, I would become complicit to forgery and to fraud.  They are trying to intimidate me and the co-plaintiffs.  We had a phone conference with the judge on Monday.  The co-plaintiffs are not rich people.  In their letter, the attorneys asked for $25,000 saying, ‘If you don’t cave in, we’re going to get that from you; he is president of the United States…'”

Taitz said that one plaintiff has withdrawn because of poor health.

Expenses which Taitz has incurred to fly to Mississippi are more than $1,000, including airfare and hotel.  She said that the expenses are difficult for her plaintiffs to meet in order to appear in person in court on Friday.

The hearing will mainly concern the Motion to Dismiss filed by Begley and Tepper, to which Taitz responded by filing an Opposition to Motion to Dismiss.


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  1. These obama creeps are going to keep running the same counter offense to obama’s papers and eligibility. They have been running orly around with. This phony routine for too long. When will his papers be released to the public from the socialist dnc firm of perkins coie? We have paid over 4 million to them to keep them hidden to keep playing games while they destroy america! Will it take a social revolt to get their ignorance to be stopped and face trial for treason,perjury and election fraud? Where has coverage been of walt fitzpatrick and others they have tried to ruin for standing up for truth and constitution?

  2. SMOKE, MIRRORS & POLI-TIX!! open intimidation and threatening of an Attorney and Plaintiffs~and the case WILL be dismissed without Merit, they “Have NO Standing!?”
    SAME-O, SAME-O!!
    Statement #1~There is NO Judiciary!
    LAW #1~There are NO Laws!
    RULE #1~There are NO Rules!
    OPINION #1~HE with the MOST Gold, Wins!