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by Sharon Rondeau

A General Election absentee ballot from 2008

(Nov. 11, 2012) — There is growing evidence of voter turnouts far exceeding the number of registered voters in wards, districts, counties and states across America because of invalid voters remaining on the rolls and other irregularities.

A report from September indicted that approximately 20% of Ohio’s “voters” were invalid. The New York Times reported in August that absentee votes are reportedly less likely to be counted and predicted of the primaries that “If the contests next month are close enough to be within what election lawyers call the margin of litigation, the grounds on which they will be fought will not be hanging chads but ballots cast away from the voting booth.”

Barack Hussein Obama allegedly won the national election by only 3,000,000 votes as reported on Twitter by Mark Knoller of CBS News, with votes from key swing states allegedly garnering him a majority of electoral votes.  Is it a coincidence that he “won” every swing state except North Carolina?

While Obama reportedly held a lead in early voting in Ohio, Romney had reportedly held a lead in Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, and Florida. Obama’s lead in early voting was reported to be lower than in 2008 when he ran against Sen. John McCain, and the University of Colorado, which has accurately predicted the winner of presidential elections since 1980, had stated that Romney would win.

In Ohio, provisional ballots are not counted until ten days after the election.

Prior to Hurricane Sandy, Romney had been surging in the polls with as much as a seven-point lead over Obama.  In the days following the hurricane just before the election, the polls reportedly began to shift in Obama’s favor in all of the swing states.  Coincidence or design?  Was it a failure of the Republican Party to communicate its message or something else which led to Obama having been declared the winner, accepted the resignation of his CIA director afterward to avoid “embarrassing” him before the election, and then fly off to Malaysia?

Did exit polling show that Obama was leading in swing states so that his eventual national “win” would be more credible?  How could 141% of registered voters have cast legitimate votes in one Florida county on Election Day?  And why was Obama pronounced the winner of the General Election so quickly on Tuesday?

It is reportedly very easy for a skilled computer programmer to “flip” a close election.  Obama and his supporters seem to have indicated that they will do what they need to win “by any means necessary.”  Obama appeared confident that he would win re-election last March when he commented to then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, “After my election I have more flexibility.”

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett seemed confident of a victory before the election despite Obama’s lagging approval ratings, the Benghazi scandal, high unemployment and reported low support from members of the military.

A result of the November 6 election was the election of Republican governors which brought the total to 30 across the country, the highest number for either major party in 12 years.  If statewide races elected Republican governors, was the national choice of the people Barack Obama?

So what happened?  Were all of the votes counted?  With every indication that turnout would be greater in 2012 than in 2008, why were there reportedly fewer votes cast for both candidates?

Many races were called for a candidate, usually a Democrat, with only a small fraction of precincts having reported on Tuesday evening.  Rep. Allen West of Florida has challenged the early announcement that his opponent, Patrick Murphy, won by a reported margin of about 2,400 votes.

Obama has eliminated every opponent by stealth, illegally opening sealed divorce records, lying, cheating, and by character assassination.  Since Romney had no scandals in his background, what did Obama use to win this time?

And what can We the People do about it?

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  1. I’m for doing the election over, no campaigning, take all uncounted military ballots, use them and move forward. Block all the moves from first election.
    Why can’t they identify all the dead,illegals and identify them against cast voters.

    1. Dear Drew,
      “Why can’t they identify all the dead, illegals and identify them against cast voters”?, was the question.
      The answer is that they CAN, and DO identify all the dead and “undocumented GUEST workers”, and while they count the VERY, VERY DEAD, along with the “would’ve and should’ve been deported lawbreaking illegal immigrants if only the people who were hired to perform the job in which they were hired to ACTUALLY do their job, guess what? There wouldn’t BE any illegals here in the FIRST PLACE”, they smile, laugh, and have a party, and their party is called The Communist Party.
      Meanwhile, as the “EXTRA” votes are DELIBERATELY counted, with nary, none, no thought of the democratic process and the lives lost to achieve the liberties that these CRIMINALS are erasing, they LAUGH AND MAKE JOKES: HA ha ha, We won, you lost!
      It be the same as urinating on the graves at Arlington National Cemetery. It IS the same, and I wouldn’t give a hoot if they’d ALL hang, because they’re taking us down with them. They’re destroying our country. SOLUTION: hang those who are convicted of voter fraud and hang those who fail to count each and every absentee vote, who fail to count EACH AND EVERT MILITARY VOTE.