“Free Content” Will be Marked “pb” pb


by Sharon Rondeau

(Nov. 11, 2012) — The Post & Email is a subscription newspaper, but we offer some content to free registrants for the public good (pro bono).

Articles designated as open access were originally marked with (PB) at the end of the title, but the article was then unable to be launched on Twitter.  At the end of August, we made an announcement that state stories dealing specifically with judicial corruption would be offered pro bono. However, without constant reminders, it has understandably been difficult for readers to distinguish between free and paid content.

We tried variations of the “PB” designation which were also rejected by Twitter but have found one which works. For those articles, we will simply place the lower-case letters “pb” after the title so that they can be tweeted and therefore disseminated.

We will continue to make the Fitzpatrick, Peak, and Henderson stories pro bono, marking them with the new delineation.  Additional select articles will also fall into that category.

We appreciate it when readers tweet all of our articles.  The Post & Email feels its work is unique and hard-hitting, unlike mainstream newspapers.

Without big advertisers, our subscribers are our source of support.

Please consider sharing with your friends and neighbors the work we are doing on the voter fraud and Obama eligibility/identity issues.




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