“If You Understood Us, You Would Know How to Beat Us”


by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, Citizens Bureau of Investigation

(Nov. 10, 2012) — Not long after the press reported that Obama had beaten Romney, I issued this tweet:

“We will not surrender to evil-doing.”

Within moments, and a few exchanges, I received a telling response:

“If you understood us, you would know how to beat us.”

Having worked for over 19 months investigating the personal history of the man who presents as “Barack Hussein Obama II”, I recognize that voice.

I also recognize the admission.

And its investigative implications.

The 2012 Election was stolen by means We The People haven’t ever imagined possible. That’s why it ‘worked’.

Now, we will fight back forensically to prove that Governor Romney, Paul Ryan, and many other Republican candidates did in fact win their elections.

Because the fact is, we now do understand them. We finally get their game.

The quote cited above was followed by this, even more telling message:

“But you didn’t beat us.”

Which, of course, is braggadocio. We did beat them. And now, Truth and Light, facilitated by Forensic Investigation and certified CPA Audits, will prove we did.

We’ll beat them, resoundingly, once and for all, at their Election Theft game.


Editor’s Note:  For more information on citizen action on election fraud, go here.


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