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by Sharon Rondeau

Lakeside Center, part of the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago

(Nov. 6, 2012) — Obama was photographed “shedding a tear” while addressing his last rally of the 2012 campaign in Iowa on Monday.  Polls today show Obama either with a slight lead or with a “dead heat” between Romney and Obama.

Joe Biden says he “feels good” about the prospects of the Obama team being re-elected today, and other campaign staffers said they feel “very good.”

Obama’s “election night rally” will be held at McCormick Place in Chicago, which has been described as “very different” from Grant Park, where the Obama team and family celebrated his victory over Republican opponent Sen. John McCain in 2008.

Obama’s hair has since gone gray, and questions about his eligibility and identity have never been answered.

McCormick Place is described as “the largest convention center in North America.”  The Chicago Tribune, for which Obama adviser David Axelrod was once a journalist and which assisted Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign to pry open the divorce records of then-opponent Jack Ryan, has reported that “Given the indoor location, the event seems unlikely to match the electric atmosphere of Obama’s 2008 outdoor victory rally in Grant Park. That event drew an estimated 240,000 people downtown and created picturesque images of the city’s skyline that were seen worldwide.”

Romney will be spending election night at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, “the largest convention center in New England.”

A UK newspaper depicted Obama as having made a “tender” reference to his 2008 campaign in Iowa while describing Mitt Romney’s final campaign speech as “falling flat” in a clear opinion piece masquerading as news.

On Friday, Obama made a comment about getting “revenge,” presumably against people who do not support his agenda, by going out to vote.  Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, has also made a reference to “payback time” against those who did not support Obama.

Mitt Romney responded to Obama’s comment by advising people to vote “for love of country.”

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  1. Now with the election over, the tears have a new meaning.

    Obama, for all the rhetoric, would probably have rather LOST!

    It’s easier and still good money!

    Having won, he must take ownership for all that he blathered during the pre-election season. Gigclick is right, he KNOWS what is coming down the pike.

    Chris Strunk, for example, wants action in NYS to question the ELECTORAL votes from that State. Trump is not going to let up, neither will Orly.

    It will ALL COME to light, just as will BENGHAZI.

    Either he RESIGNS more quickly than any of us imagine, or he is removed,he stands trial or is deported to Kenya where he has diverted MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars (no coincidence)…

    It will not be the cushy, self indulged first four years again.

    What Obama has won is a Heap of Tribulation….for all those who prayed for Romney and for the Nation: God has surely heard those prayers. His way of answering them will, however, humble the mighty.

  2. Obama might be thinking about the sentence for Treason, Perjury and Election/Identity Fraud. They should feel even better when we send that 55 gallon drum of KY Jelly to them in the jail for TREASON, PERJURY, ELECTION/IDENTITY FRAUD. Ole’ Joe and Princess Pelosi should be real proud about falsifying those DNC vetting papers for Presidential Candidate Obama. Everyone just might be thinking where’s all those papers from Perkins Coie that we paid them $4 million of our taxpayers dollars to keep them away from the American public while keeping everyone in suspense for 4 years wondering who this Muslim Pimp really is! It also shows how bureaucracy and spin can pull the wool over most taxpayers and voters eyes since most Americans have become so ignorant, self centered, greedy and lazy, even when all the things that are still being done by these criminals is right before their eyes, they call it something else and cheer them on! Maybe we could ask David Axelrod (I wonder if that’s his REAL name) about how all these things work from the Socialist/Communist Party/anti-American/Black Muslim/Godless sense of a man of his stature. He is a master of political/corporate apologetics and phony smiles/lies as he strains to exhume his rhetoric to attempt to hide his Marxist ulterior motives. He is the guy you always wanted to meet in a dark alley like most of the puky freaks that make up their “party”. Cowards and thieves are like roaches, when the lights come, they scatter. We are about to turn the floodlights on and I’ve got my big shoes on and am ready to do some tap dancin’! It’s a good thing all these goons are surrounded by “security” people, even they would probably like to kiss them with a baseball bat but they work there, they can’t do that, at least not when someone’s lookin’! It always amazes me how any politician can steal, cheat, get kickbacks, lie, obfuscate, commit misprision of felony, have people killed, waste tax money with no accountability, screw up our military, insult people, suck off the taxpayer money, ruin others careers, run sex scandals, run gay prostitution services, belong to the American Communist Party and sabotage the system, lie to the press while the press lies to the people, etc., etc. I don’t see much difference between big government or big business, it operates almost the same way with the same corrupted manipulative personality types. I have worked for both and have seen the ugly side of both. Unless you are like those people, they will never accept you and you will always be on the outside of their “groups” and power schemes and mine, mine, mine. Unless you are like them, you can’t stand to be around them either and if you are like me, you don’t like liars and they usually make you sick to your stomach, why go there? Do you go back to restaurants that have served you bad food AND overcharged you for it? Why is it any different with all the above. We keep going back to the same restaurant and ordering the same thing and paying more. Is it because they are the ONLY restaurant in town or is it because we are not willing to really try to change it and not just talk about it? I wonder how all those people in New Jersey and New York are feeling with no homes, water, food, showers, toilets, gas? I wonder how the families feel of the people that were killed in Benghazi? I wonder how the families of the border agents that were killed feel? Is there something in common here? This administration has done NOTHING about ANY of it and they PRETEND to not hear the questions when they are asked. The wouldn’t really do that would they?

  3. For the record, Mr and Mrs Biden did NOT look like “happy campers” this morning before casting their votes.

    You’d think they’d be ebullient!