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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Has Obama’s goal been to Islamicize America all along?

(Nov. 5, 2012) — The word, and there can possibly be none other, is INSIDIOUS. Creeping, pervading, spreading into positions of authority, such as in the courts as law enforcement officers and judges, and in the military, promoted to positions of power that can obtain classified and secret information and command troops, planes, ships, and boats. It’s happening in every country in the world, inexorably affecting every aspect of lives in the host country, including ours. It is the first symptoms of a fatal disease that has no known cure, except that of total unequivocal extermination from human populations that wish to remain free from the total decimation of individual worth, from a lifetime of ignorance based on revenge, hate, envy, and being nothing more than a subservient follower of the exact opposite of The Golden Rule.

Deport those who are the followers of Mohammed. Send them back to where they can commit horrors upon their own kind; I don’t care. My patience has run out. After 1,400 years, I wash my hands of the atrocities they commit upon one another and everyone they can get their hands on. We’ve tried to reason, to set examples, to educate and, yes, even resort to offering bribes to make them see the light, to see reason, to see common sense for the common good for the human race.  After all, we all share this one planet and it would behoove us all to be able to live in peace with one another.

Not happening, not by a long shot. What is happening is the invasion by the age-old (1,400 years) enemy of Western Civilization: Islam. Islam is many things to many people, but one thing Islam is not is “peaceful” nor “benevolent.” And make no mistake about it:  Muslims’ immigration is a cold, calculated, planned invasion to conquer, to render all peoples under the rule of Sharia Law. [Note: Sharia Law demands that if anyone leaves Islam for any reason, he or she is to be killed. CAUTION: graphic link but it is EXACTLY what is in store for ALL unbelievers. It is what they do. It is a fact that is taking place wherever there are Muslims. Pay attention.] That is the aim, the goal, and the potential outcome of Western Civilization unless we act, all of us, in concert, to rid ourselves of the fatal infestation of a political philosophy that demands total submission or death. “All of us” means every country that embraces freedom of thought, of expression, of speech, of life. Western Civilization embraces Life; Islam worships Death.

Since Obama usurped the office of president, millions of Muslims have immigrated into the US, million of dollars have been lavished on them while billions have been given to other Muslims so they can purchase weapons of destruction that are being used to kill Americans, now, today, and in the future. Muslim armories (mosques) are being strategically placed around the country, while the displaced Afghan Terrorist Training Camps are now spread throughout America, teaching Muslim troops how to fight, how to kill you and me and our children, while our FBI, who have ALREADY been infiltrated by Muslims, do nothing, look the other way, don’t even mention them nor take an interest. Thanks a lot. Just another worthless American Department of Pure Waste, as they are all. As is our military: taking orders from an ineligible worthless piece of trash, and his name is Barry Soetoro, or Obama, or something that none of us have any idea of.

Even if Romney wins the election, will we have the brains, the power, and the will to save ourselves from the INSIDIOUS Muslim invasion? Think about it: Obama is a Muslim.



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  1. The “DEAF EARS and BLIND EYES Syndrome”, applies here!!
    FOUR long years, Millions of words of rhetoric, vitriol, questionable proof, disdain, dislike, and, and, and~
    AND-the chances are the the USURPER and his “Gang “O” Thieves” likely will have FOUR more years to COMPLETELY DESTROY the Republic, and that for which She STOOD, into exactly what you and I and Fitzpatrick and many others have lost sleep and had bloody fingers from banging on our keyboards, been imprisoned, named “SOVEREIGN CITIZENS”, ENEMIES of the STATE?? and suffered the “Slings and Arrows” from the OBOTS, the IDIOTS and the NON-Believers that frequent “The Trough of Freebies!”
    I have SCREAMED it before, and I SCREAM it again~
    You had only to ask, NOW, ‘YE Shall RRCEIVE!!