The Secret of Life


by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Galileo Galilei was placed under house arrest after being convicted of heresy for promoting the theory that the earth and planets in the solar system rotating around the sun

(Oct. 31, 2012) — I may be wrong, but then again, I may be right. Who’s to say?  After all, each of us has the innate ability to make a fool of himself, or to step out of the box and explain a Truth in a new and novel way, such as Einstein did in 1919 when he came up with the concept of the space-time continuum? Well, I’m no Einstein, but my lifelong hobby has been to read every book on physics and cosmology that I could get my hands on, and wasn’t I surprised that Sid Caesar had the same hobby. Michael Dunn is another who shared the passion of an evolving outlook on our perception of reality.

Of course, any belief system depends on the interpretation of stimulus, as in whether it is really the snake biting or the Devil. Does the world actually or metaphorically stand on the backs of turtles or elephants or gravity, all of which are invisible. Why can’t the earth stand on empty invisible wrappers of Twinkies, for all that goes?

Enter the concept of Faith, or taking something as Truth for want of a more convenient explanation, or “Let’s just go with the flow.” People who are born in a system of belief that they later on may disagree with are walking on eggshells. Let’s say that if you believe that the flooding of the Nile is dependent on the amount of rainfall a thousand miles away but everyone around you is convinced it’s the piety of the Pharaohs which determines whether the flood waters will be devastating or beneficial, you better keep your own counsel.

Or, just maybe, you’re born really unlucky and enter this world as female in a Muslim country. And let’s make your life even more miserable by introducing you to a philosophy of life that doesn’t include beatings, tortures, murders, and making blood flow to appease a belief system that would collapse if the word got out that there are other ways in which to view reality.

It happens all the time; just ask Galileo, who built a telescope and looked at the moon and saw craters.  Anybody could see craters on the moon even without the telescope, but the Church said “No, the moon is perfect and doesn’t have craters” and sanctioned poor Galileo for the rest of his life. The Church could have accepted the moon being perfect with the craters, when you think about it. Oh, well.

I didn’t say the “Meaning of Life;” I said “The Secret of Life,” which isn’t a secret after all. Just treat people the way you would wish to be treated. That doesn’t mean you turn the other cheek or forgive them: all it means is to live by the Golden Rule, or at least make the effort. And don’t go through life stupid, like allowing mosques to be built in America, or allowing Muslims in our military, or keeping our membership in the United Nations.

We have the ability to set wrongs right, and I would support a military coup d’etat that would restore our Constitution as the Law of the Land. That’s no secret.


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  1. phrowt   Thursday, November 1, 2012 at 11:12 AM

    Throughout history man has been given the ability to search out what Carl Gallup identifies as the TRUE truth in his “Magic Man in the Sky”. Finding or until something is found requires FAITH. Faith in our creator, a loving God not a murduring Prophet.

    There are many examples of what was understood as the truth, at the time, that became erased by the True truth which came about with a search through faith. May the truth of the last four years of “Hope & Change” join the one of the “Flat Earth” to be replaced with the TRUE truth that our FREEDOM comes from God not a government lead by a Muslim who has lied his way into leadership of one of only two governments ordained by God.

    Thanks OPOVV and Semper Fi (237 in a few days)

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