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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Are Obama and his cabinet members proud of the numerous lies they have told to the American people over the last four years?

(Oct. 30, 2012) — Nobody ever accused today’s politicians of being a cut above the rest of us; no one ever said that they’re smarter than any other endeavor, like loan sharking, for instance, or more honest, or having additional integrity, or having any additional admirable attributes such as the ability to actually tell the truth without growing their nose as long as Pinocchio’s, or sweating profusely, or stuttering uncontrollably. Picture this: a politician, caught by the cameras and somehow forced to tell the truth. Can you picture it? Can you? Well, good for you, because I can’t.

But let’s say that I can imagine a politician, or a government employee, or a member of Obama’s Cabinet telling the Truth, what would I see? I’d see someone groveling on the ground, whimpering, saliva dripping down his chin, hair awry, a discombobulated manifestation that resembles Gollum, someone so warped by avarice that the Truth has lost all meaning so the only thing left in his miserable life is to make everyone around him just as miserable as he is: “Welcome, Comrade!” Just compare past and present photos of Pelosi, Napolitano, Soetoro (aka Obama), Holder, Hillary, and all the rest of the circus and see if you can tell if their noses are longer, or different, ravaged by being a card-carrying member of the “White House Spin,” a dance group that gives academy performances on “How to Tell a Lie with a Straight Face” which mainstream media touts as if we’re hearing Sermons from the Mount .

The latest performance has been a month-long engagement of the “Yes, We Almost Told a Lie but We Didn’t Mean It” sorry fiasco about an Ambassador of the United States being left out to be tortured and murdered, in real time, while the “White House Spin” was feverishly concocting new and exciting excuses for inexcusable failures. If it weren’t for a second-rate spoof on Mohammed, something else would have been dug up to blame, such as Mohammed cartoons or when Israel rocketed a Muslim riding a donkey, or when the Spanish drove the Muslims out of Seville in 1248.

Obama and his Gang of Thieves have taken America to the cleaners, but they’ve left us one thing we can all take to the bank: for every dollar borrowed, for every dollar owed on interest, and then on compound interest, is just the number of lies they’ve given us.  We can take it all to the bank and make a deposit and all we get is a bankrupt country, a failed economy, and a decimated military rendered incapacitated, incompetent, and in confusion.

A vote for Obama is a vote against the Constitution, something that just about all our politicians are aware of but are afraid to speak the Truth.  Maybe they are unable to speak the Truth, prevented from speaking the Truth because of short-circuited synapses caused by accepting one too many bribes. Don’t forgive them because they know exactly what they do.





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  1. Well, Atty. Larry Klaman and the “Florida Citizen’s Grand Jury”, have INDICTED “O” and his “Gang “O” Thieves”~problem is that I was involved with Bob Campbell’s “American Grand Jury” until it was shuttered, and many of us Studied and made many “Presentments” to many officials that went totally ignored and went “No Place”, so I suspect the “End Results” will also be Fruitless for Klaman and Florida.
    LAW#1~There are NO Laws
    RULE#1~There are NO Rules
    OPINION#1~He with the Most Gold Wins!!
    “WE the People” cannot survive “The Enemy, Within!!”