Obama Has Not Failed, This is What He Wants!


by Col. Bob Pappas, USMC (Ret.), ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Oct. 25, 2012) — The United States is arguably at a watershed moment in its history.  It is evident that at this moment, more than any other moment during the lifetimes of those reading these words, Americans are confronted with a choice of enormous consequences. For the seven decade life of the Soviet Union, despite its best efforts, including the use of surrogates, to destroy the United States as a nation of free people, it was not successful.  However, the U.S. is arguably confronted with the possibility of succumbing to the same change that the Soviet Union was unable to impose, and to do it willingly through the election process.  Amazing and scary…and I’m fearless.

Despite his pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution to the best of his ability, the current President holds it in disdain even maligns it because it does not bestow vast powers on the Federal Government, i.e. Obama; and anti-theatrically, because it restricts the Federal Government’s power. Not to worry, however, because Obama regularly ignores the Constitution and bypasses the Congress with impunity. That may seem “gutsy” to his acolytes but it is an affront to the Constitution and the rule of law. Is that what they want? Is that want Americans really want?

Just one brief example of too many to spell out here. Obama directed the Department of Justice not to enforce the “Defense of Marriage Act” because in his opinion DOMA is unconstitutional. Rather than work with the Congress or take the matter to Federal Court, the Administration is simply not enforcing Federal Law that is on the books. That act of impunity, regardless of how one views marriage, is on its face unconstitutional.  Suppose every President decided not to enforce a particular law that in some way was inconsistent with his/her agenda, the nation would soon devolve into a dictatorship or worse, anarchy; and in the last four years has moved significantly in that direction.  At some date, if he is re-elected, his calls for partisans to “argue with your neighbors and get in their face” or his declaration of the other party as the “enemy” may become much more onerous. What position does that put active military members?

This Commander-in-Chief tells the American people that there is no need to bolster the Defense Budget despite his own Secretary of Defense’s warning that pending Defense cuts will be catastrophic.  His statement to the American people that military leaders have not asked for and do not want or need more equipment or personnel, causes one to question both his veracity, credulity and sanity.  If the “boss” tells his subordinates that they have all that they are going to get and not to bother asking for more, what are the subordinates to do? Resign? If they resign that has three undesirable effects. First, experienced senior military leaders would be gone…second, they would no longer influence the course of events and third, they would be replaced by someone who is more interested in promotion than keeping faith with the American people; and, “upholding and defending the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

Does anyone actually believe that the Chief of Naval Operations wants a Navy of less than 300 ships given the Navy’s  primary mission is to keep neutral, much less control the sea lanes of communication and choke points; or that the Chief of Staff of the Army wants nine combat brigades to fight two major wars in different parts of the globe? Does anyone who is awake actually believe that the world is a safer place today than it was four years ago? That America’s place in the world is strengthened? That the threat of Muslim terrorism is diminished?  If so, such an one lives in an alternate universe, because in the real world the Middle East is reaching critical mass; China is emerging as a major adversary;  Russia is sliding back into totalitarianism and is a threat to all its former satellites; and Europe is on the verge of collapse. Meanwhile the United States’ President received a “Peace Prize” for which he did nothing; led from behind, apologized to our enemies, eschewed our friends, lied about the facts of and trivialized Benghazi, behaved with a reckless lack of concern about national fiscal matters, and backed away from healthy international leadership. Aside from that he projects an image of a good husband and father. But is he?

And, when the President promises to veto any Defense Bill that does not contain new fees and increases to existing fees for military health care, he betrays military personnel and veterans while duplicitously voicing unremitting support for them.  Those who watched the debates should recognize that Obama is a master of duplicitous thought and speech.

Ask who said, “there are no red states, no blue states, but only a United States;” ask who said, “I will reduce the budget deficit in half in the next four years?” Consider 23 million Americans out of work, 43 million Americans on food stamps, real unemployment over 11 percent of the population, and an Administration that has increased the National Debt by 50% in less than four years…and some still call for “four more years.” In four more years of the present course there will be no more United States of America to defend. The “benefit” of that can arguably be to reduce the Pentagon to a staff of planners and a maintain a skeleton active force in uniform, and take those savings and spread them around; however, at some point someone is going to have to go to work.  Envision that United States of America! How secure does that make you feel? It could happen.


Choose, this day whom you will elect, as for me and my house we will vote for Romney/Ryan.

Sharon Rondeau has operated The Post & Email since April 2010, focusing on the Obama birth certificate investigation and other government corruption news.  She has reported prolifically on constitutional violations within Tennessee’s prison and judicial systems.

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