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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, blogging at The Jaghunter

(Oct. 22, 2012) There is a difference between being “anti-government” and standing against crime in government.

All of what’s reported here began with bringing and attempting to advance a charge against resident OBAMA for Treason in March 2009.

In response Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Mueller set out to first blur and then erase the difference between people genuinely and sincerely fighting outlawry in government and those who are vicious criminals.

The power point presentation is made available here of the first time in it’s entirety on the Internet.

This presentation is part of a training course being used in one variation or another to train local, state and federal law enforcement officials around the country.

The mission of the “Sovereign Citizen,” or “Domestic Terrorist” campaign is to put down people who seek peaceful redress from an oppressive, overreaching and tyrannical government.

Obama’s training program equates ordinary, peaceful and law abiding citizens with the likes of Timothy McVeigh, or Terry Nichols or the young 16-year old Jerry Kane who shot two policemen dead in May 2010.

Obama and his team are doing all they can to destroy any one who stands up to defend the U.S. Constitution or who stands against Obama’s Treason and lesser included offenses.

The power point presentation and talking points .pdf record come from a CD that holds twenty-three files for use in the training curriculum.

The CD was leaked to the public by an individual extremely concerned about how and what law enforcement is up to behind our backs.

Notes in black underneath the slides are the same as those embedded in the power point package. Notes in red are mine.

Programs Hitler used against Germans in the late ’1930s and early ’194os are the same programs Obama is using today against Americans.  Different names, same goal.

To condemn and quash legitimate public reaction to tyrannical dictatorship.

You are warned…AGAIN!

Read the rest and see the slides here.

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  1. “occupied by really stupid people” … the results of Government Indoctrination Centers. Our youth are trained, if it doesn’t come from the pages of a book, DON’T BELIEVE YOUR LYING EYES/EARS! It is called Book Learning vs. Street Smarts or Common Sense.

    Semper Fi

  2. Walt, unfortunately “WE the People” continue to suffer severely from “BLIND EYES and DEAF EARS SYNDROME!”
    Because it is difficult to read and understand “Old English” as used in this Nation’s Founding Documents, The Constitution, Declaration and Federalist’s Papers, et.al, they DO NOT UNDERSTAND that when “This Nation, Under GOD, with Liberty and Justice for ALL!” was created “WE” were “SOVEREIGN CITIZENS” with Rights and Privileges given by GOD!!
    The 41st. TRAITOR Congress that created “The United States Corporation of the District of Columbia”-(CRIMINALS)-that became the BANKSTER’S TRUST and stripped SOVEREIGN and created us all Corporate Strawmen was, indeed the beginning of the Downfall of America!
    There is not enough page-space here, and the continuing definitions would only prove to be boring~the “Long and the Short” therefore is simply this:
    “WE the People” through our Neglect and Disobedience of the Edicts, Warnings and Admonishments presented by the “Founders” have ALLOWED this DEBACLE that has come upon U.S., “As ‘YE Reap, so shall ‘YE Sow” applies here!
    “‘YE have only to Ask, and ‘YE Shall Receive!”
    “VELCOMEN, Comrade, to “‘DA United SOCIALIST STATES ov AmeriKa!”

  3. Commander;
    Yes, of course, and that’s because it worked, the Nazi Blueprint is a success story and the reason why it was so effective in Germany in the 1930’s, and why it’s working in the United States today, is that the overwhelming majority of people are not mentally capable to discern right over wrong, truth over lies, and good over evil.
    People take the easy way out, that’s it in a nutshell. Remember the election in Chicago where Alan Keyes offered training, jobs, paychecks and personal pride, whereas Obama offered welfare with no effort required, continue living on the plantation of government (taxpayer) handouts, let the suckers (taxpayers) do the work and give you their money while you just sit back and collect? And Obama won, and if that doesn’t say it all, then nothing will.
    In the 2008 election Obama (Soetoro) received 85% of the Jewish vote, and this time is expected to receive 65%, so go figure that one if you can.
    The “Democratic Party” had its name changed to the “Nazi Socialist Party” but our citizens missed that memo. Too bad for America.
    The problem is of education: America is overwhelmingly occupied by really stupid people, and that’s all she wrote.

      1. Hey Larry,
        That remains to be seen, but let’s go for what we do know. First. Obama never should had been allowed to even get on the ballot in the first place, and because he did is because a certain group of people wanted him there.
        Second, these people who had Obama ushered in are very powerful, but not all powerful because there’s still millions of Patriots who are armed, and some are armed even more than the local police and sheriff pens put together, and the reason I said what I said and the way that I said it is because the lowering of the standards for employment to be a law enforcement officer has plummeted ever since affirmative action told hold of our ignorant liberals, so today’s officers of the court are more likely to follow illegal orders, which finally explains the reasoning to keep such a wasteful system in place.
        Thirdly, most of our fellow citizens don’t read books, but rather have this infantile notion that they must be entertained at all costs, so movies took hold and we’re left with zombies who’ve lost the ability to reason, as in example “Hope” and “Change”, meaningless drivel suitable for the day-care crowd and not, one would have hoped, for the college student crowd.
        And, lastly, these criminals who took over our government, many haven’t a clue what Obama and his gang of thieves are all about, so it’s up to us, the well-informed and the well-armed to set the record straight, which, when called upon, we will do, we will answer The Call to Arms, just as it was done on April 19, 1776 at Lexington.
        Keep your powder dry, because when they come for you they’re not bringing you back.