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from The United States Patriots Union

The United States Patriots Union was founded in 2010 by Sgt. Timothy Joseph Harrington and writer JB Williams

(Oct. 22, 2012) — On October 19, we released a column laying out the facts regarding disastrous Obama foreign policy, in particular, related to the ongoing Obama cover up of administration failings that led to the deadly attacks on our Benghazi embassy.

On the 20th in response to that report, a government document dump landed on our door step, which confirmed what we had just reported and much worse. But it turned out that we were not the only people to receive those documents. The story is everywhere this morning!

We spent the weekend vetting more than 120 pages of damning “unclassified” cables between Benghazi, Tripoli and the Obama Administration spanning twelve months leading up to the attack in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of Chris Stevens and three other U.S. citizens.

In short, nothing that Obama officials had been saying about those events was true. Nothing…

The official cables are some of the most damning information we have even seen, involving numerous Obama agencies. The Obama Administration should face charges.

Based on these officials cables

We delivered that package to the Romney Campaign over the weekend, ahead of tonight’s debate on Foreign Policy.

We then posted them online so that our members can see them in advance of the debate and other reports.

The actions of the Obama Administration are unconscionable and unforgivable. In the coming days, our organizations will issue a call for immediate charges against Obama Administration officials. More coming….

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  1. I am tired of the ineligible Obama-Soetoro saying he got Osama. Next time he says that I hope someone asks him how the doctor that gave us the intellengence is doing.

  2. I do believe that according to our forfathers we the people have power even over the President of the USA to summon our military. I beleve that the time is NOW. This fraus must be removed from our house and charged with treason, fraud murder.

  3. Everything about barry shabazz and anything this looting team has done has been a coverup from the beginning. They murdered the embassy personell and are still in sync to create more lies and denials. We still have to ask when will bari’s papers show up to show the real person?

  4. The last remarks by barry soetero in the last debate which closed the time out should be the start of the debate tonight.

    Mitt: The statements of your being offended at the suggestion of coverup regarding Benghazi is no longer alleged, it is now confirmed evidence your administration has covered up the ordeal without success. This debate should not even take place right now. You need to be under arrest for criminal acts against the USA. And while we are disclosing the truth when will you Mr. Soetero come forth with documents verifying your past?

  5. I’ve just spent an inordinate amount of time to say the following in such a way as to be as totally innocuous as humanly possible, so that’s my disclaimer and I’m sticking with it. You may, if so inclined, draw your own conclusions as to the validity and to the possible originating source, that’s up to you, the reader, and I shall render no assistance now, or to a possible Senate Select Committee in the future that would attempt to determine the source of the following statement:
    Communications from Benghazi on that fateful night were recorded, as are all communications from all our embassies. Whether these recordings from Benghazi have been transcribed, or still exists, this I cannot say, nor can I say that Stevens was told “Help is on the way”, since I haven’t seen, nor heard, from the original source, although I have drawn my own conclusions, and, as I stated, you are free to do the same.
    But this I WILL share with you: I believe Stevens was treated as an expendable pay-off, that it was a deliberated set-up, and at the 11th hour Stevens figured it out, but too late. His death was nothing less than premeditated murder, and even though Al Qaeda did the actual killing, it was people in our government who gave Stevens to them, on a platter.