Obama Needs to Pack his Bags?


by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Dorothea Lange’s depiction of a mother with seven children during the 1930s titled “Migrant Mother”

(Oct. 18, 2012) — Every debate so far, Heir Obama has thrown out numbers to give the impression to all that he has created millions of jobs and improved our economic situation.  It is all him and all good, though he needs more time to unfold his plan.  No doubt because he inherited such a nightmare from President Bush.

In truth, our housing market is as bad as the Great Depression, our economy has been mostly stuck in a recession the last four years under Obama’s out-of-control spending and regulation attacks on business and energy.  Recent headlines on Drudge remind us that for every $7 brought in, the Obama Government spends $11.  Welfare has soared 32% in the last four years and Obama is still babbling in the debates about the importance of wind power and alternative energy.  This is as he and his EPA close down dozens of coal plants, deny the Canadian oil pipeline and crush the oil and natural gas industry with draconian and expensive regulations designed to control and destroy, not enhance and grow, energy.

Under Obama,  jobs,  housing,  energy,  freedom, money and hope are disappearing.  What we really have with this de facto President is a legacy of ‘regulation,  destruction,  assault, lies,  propaganda and betrayals.  It appears many groups are starting to wake up, hopefully in time.  Obama is not the change they wanted or asked for and Obama has done nothing but broken endless promises to all.  Hispanics have confronted Obama on Univision and know they have been betrayed by him starting with Fast and Furious guns killing hundreds of Mexicans, let alone our Border Patrol agents.  Women are coming awake and shifting toward Romney while Independents and liberal Jews are also going in Romney’s direction.  When Obama decided to change his mind on marriage and backed gay marriage, he started to lose chunks of the black vote.  As of today, a Gallup poll says Romney 52% – Obama 45%.

When you lie as a daily staple eventually there will be too many lies to cover with sound byte theatre.  That is exactly what we are seeing with Obama: too many lies when there are still no real jobs and homes are still being foreclosed on. Gas is tipping over $4 a gallon.  Gas was $1.80-something when Obama took office and there is zero progress toward energy independence and assistance to the oil industry.  Instead,  Obama is stuck on continual Stupidville with speeches on wind power and alternative bio fuel.  Does he think people are going to go out with barely a job and buy a 30,000 hybrid or electric car?  Perhaps he thinks we will make are cars drive to work with ‘kite’ power pushing a breeze here and there.

I predict a new day is coming for America November 6th. Obama has awakened the sleeping giant and he will be escorted out by Romney.  Obama’s people are waiting for him in Kenya.

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  1. Chamberjac   Friday, October 19, 2012 at 12:44 PM

    We need to cause a disappointment to “His People In Kenya” by making sure that this fraud spends the rest of his life in prison right here in the USA. Probably won’t happen, but I can certainly hope.

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