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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was a product of The Enlightenment in North America and Great Britain. It promoted liberty, religious tolerance and reason to achieve society’s goals

(Oct. 17, 2012) — We’ve reached an epic point in human history where the scales of individual rights are on balance with government censorship of speech, assembly, owning weapons, and equal education for all, with free access to all the information in all of the libraries in the world. It is no wonder that the rest of mankind is watching the United States closely, because what’s a stake is no less than reason vs. a brand of insanity that is characterized by people parroting government propaganda.  An example is “the economy is improving” when it’s just the opposite; “We’ve succeeded in Afghanistan” when there’s no way possible for democracy to coexist with Islam, and the respect of women’s rights will not only be maintained but improved.  The truth is in the beatings, disfigurements and “honor killings” which are a coward’s excuse for premeditated murder that’s spreading as Muslims permeate all the human settlements in the world like an invading army.  That’s the truth of the situation we find ourselves in today.

There can be no greater difference than what Obama stands for and our Founding Fathers’ vision of a future America.  The founding document that set our nation apart from all others is, literally, on the chopping block, and our Constitution that guaranteed the rights of the citizens from excessive intrusions from the government is to be shortly subjected to its greatest threat that our country has ever faced.

The enemy of Freedom is ignorance, the refuge of the gullible and the lazy, the affirmative action advocates who substitute hard work for an easy way out.  Such individuals constantly manufacture excuses so they come to believe the lies that they tell themselves.  They eventually end up so confused that they wouldn’t recognize the Truth if it came up to them and hit them on the head. Obama is LESS Civil Rights, LESS freedom for all, men AND women, which means the end of an epoch in human history that will be erased from the history books. Words such as “honor” and “integrity” will be forever lost, as will be “Patriot” and “Oath Taker.”

The Bible will be confiscated, Christians hunted and killed just as we see happening in “Arab Spring” countries in Africa and within ALL Muslim countries worldwide. It’s what Muslims do and have always done, until there is only one Muslim left because they worship blood, of their own kind as well as of the Infidel. Mayhem follows Muslim settlements because that’s their way, the way of the Quran where there are no fewer than 196 references to the torture and murdering of the “unbeliever,” us Infidels.

Obama is a Muslim. The goal is to render the United States a Muslim country governed by Sharia Law, where women have absolutely no rights and the word “Freedom” DOES NOT EXIST.

We are on the verge of possibly saving mankind from the new Dark Ages by leaving the next generation a legacy of Honor and Integrity, of Patriots who stood tall and honored their Oath to the Constitution.

Either or.



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  1. ” …. Consider for a moment the enthralling interest presented by the variety of human individuality and destiny. By a law of our nature, we do not find the same pleasure in the rigid proportions of symmetry as we do in a rapid or even leisurely movement of development. The static aspects of the Universe do not satisfy us as do the dynamic. The pleasures of still life soon pall, but the perpetual dramatic interest of experience, with its endless shocks and surprises, is inexhaustible. Genius and mediocrity, virtue and vice, wealth and poverty, good and ill-fortune, success and failure, the ideal and the actual……..it is the contemplation of these ‘variables’ with all the gradations that lie between, which fire the imagination, inspires art, and makes life a changeful vista full of engrossing fascination to the student of the soul. If this element of contrast suddenly gave place to a monotonous equality of character and lot, life would instantly lose its salt and savor to beings such as we are.

    There is no pictures of human life so wearisome and insipid as the Utopias of poets and reformers.

    We sincerely try to admire them; but in the end we secretly turn away from them and say;

    ‘Give us the world as it is, with all its topsy-turvydoms and inequalities, its squalor and its splendor, its low attainments and steep ideals, its ecstasies and its agonies, as a place to live in.’

    Nature does not send all of her children into the world equally endowed for the battle of life; she does not place them in equally advantageous conditions; she does not seem to care for the interests of the less fortunate as she does for those of the fortunate. Accordingly, the race is to the swift and the battle to the strong; and though by degrees the ascending scale of life is climbed and the world is filled with finer and happier creatures, yet every step of that stairway is slippery with the blood of those which have perished on the way up. The final result is glorious, but the method by which it has been attained seems, at least at first sight, strangely ruthless and coldly cruel.

    This is no accident, no chance happening; it is one of Nature’s ineradicable, ubiquitous laws.

    Those who dream of an ideal social condition in which manifold differences that distinguish men as regards their endowments, their outward lot and fortune, their ultimate destiny in life, are to be finally and forever leveled, and in which all are to have an equal share in the good of existence, may be filled with a most worthy and laudable ambition; but it is certain that they are flying in the face of the constitution of the Universe.

    Men are not born equal, nor do they fare equally, nor can any artificially arranged equality amongst them be long maintained. You may minimize the evils of inequality, and readjust your estimates of men in view of their wide differences of gift and opportunity, but the fact you will never remove.

    Not with all your inward heats and outward revolts will you reverse this law; you must reconstruct the Universe ere you will annul its operation or undo its consequences. In dealing with a fact like this, it is better therefore, frankly to face it, than fruitlessly to gird against it. … ”

    E. Griffith-Jones

    The point is, the Constitution was written with the REALITIES of life in mind in the INTENT of respecting the maximum degree of individual liberties with the acknowledgement that like minded peoples will band together in associations to further eachs best interest and security.

    The 14th Amendment has greatly diminished the original intent, not in the regard to racial concerns, but the rights of States to self-determination in the Jeffersonian understanding of a social democracy under a Federal compact.