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by Sharon Rondeau

How strong an influence does Islam have on crime in America? Is the U.S. Department of Justice prosecuting Islamic criminals as aggressively as other criminals?

(Oct. 16, 2012) — A now-infamous video which ridiculed the Islamic prophet Muhammed was reportedly made by an Islamic who served 21 months in prison for participating in a bank fraud scheme which also involved Social Security and identity fraud.

Immediately following the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, and Barack Hussein Obama identified the video as the source of “protests” which they claimed were spontaneous.  Within 24 hours, the claim was debunked by the intelligence community, although the Obama regime did not officially admit that a terrorist attack had occurred for a week or more.

The United States has given Libya $170,000,000 since the Arab Spring uprising which removed Muommar Gaddafi from power.

At the House Oversight Committee hearing last Wednesday on the security failures in Benghazi, State Department officials admitted that they knew Libya was generally unsafe and that additional security had been requested by regional director Eric Nordstrom, who also testified.  Clinton publicly assumed “responsibility” for the security breaches on the evening before the second presidential debate at which Obama is expected to appear more engaged than during the first debate on October 3.

During a campaign event on September 13, Obama used the words “act of terror” to describe the torching of the embassy and murders of four Americans, including Amb. Christopher Stevens, while Clinton and Rice continued to state publicly that the video was the catalyst for the “protests.”  Stevens was the first U.S. ambassador killed since the American embassy in Iran was overrun by extremists 1979.  The handling of the situation by then-President Jimmy Carter could have cost him the election in 1980, when he lost overwhelmingly to Ronald Reagan.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula reportedly worked for another Muslim named Eiad Salameh, who was reported to have evaded federal authorities for more than ten years.  In 2009, Nakoula decided to provide evidence to the government and received a lighter sentence for his cooperation.

Salameh’s “first cousin” gives an account of Nakoula having multiple identities and Salameh possessing the reputation of “the best schemer the Middle East has produced.”  “The Eiad-Nakoula connection was likely terror related,” said Walid Shoebat, a well-known former member of The Muslim Brotherhood who now exposes terrorist ties in the U.S.  Shoebat had formidable ties to terror organizations and had been imprisoned in Jerusalem for terrorist activity.  He is the author and co-author of several books on radical Islam and gives frequent lectures.

Shoebat claims that funding for the video “Innocence of Muslims” was allowed by “failures at the FBI.”  Shoebat reports that the FBI has known about Eiad Salameh’s activities dating back to 2000 and “did absolutely NOTHING to arrest him.”  Shoebat grew up in Bethlehem and now is a lecturer on radical Islam, having appeared on CNN and Fox News.  He stated that he has known Salameh since childhood.

Federal authorities announced on September 13 that Nakoula had written the script for the video while serving time in federal prison on the bank fraud conviction.  Nakoula’s assertion that Christian relatives in Egypt paid for the video is contradicted by Shoebat’s account of the relationship between Nakoula and Salameh.  ABC News reported that Nakoula had used a false identity on at least one occasion and had served time in prison prior to the fraud conviction for “intent to manufacture methamphetamine.”

Described by Shoebat as “a fraudster,” Nakoula reportedly “had multiple fraudulent identifications,” as did Salameh.  Shoebat contends that the name under which Nakoula was arrested may not be his and that he might not be from Egypt, as he claims.  “So far, no one has identified or located his family despite Egypt being the nation that sparked the whole domino effect of riots throughout 30 different countries,” wrote Shoebat.  “His specialty is identity theft.”

Shoebat questions the reasons given by the U.S. Department of Justice for leniency for Nakoula.  Shoebat has stated that he reported on the illegal activities of Salameh for years but that “no arrests” took place.  “After multiple contacts with the Los Angeles Police, they finally told me that the order was given by the FBI to keep hands off Eiad Salameh,” Shoebat wrote.

Barack Hussein Obama has been suspected of identity theft in regard to his Social Security number and birth certificate.  A private investigator and presidential candidate, Susan Daniels, recently filed a lawsuit against the Ohio Secretary of State for allowing Obama’s name on the ballot given her claim of Social Security fraud by Obama.  An Ohio prosecutor has refused to investigate Daniels’s claims on the grounds that Daniels did not prove to whom the number had belonged prior to Obama.

A law enforcement investigation revealed on March 1 and July 17, 2012 that the investigators are certain that the long-form birth certificate image presented to the public by the White House on April 27, 2011 is a forgery.  An Indiana judge has stated that an attorney raising the issues of identity and Social Security fraud in regard to Obama “has a strong case” and has scheduled a trial for October 22.

Shoebat claims that both Salameh and Nakoula have falsely claimed to be Jews and that the tie between them “was likely terror related.”  Shoebat believes that funding to produce the video was obtained from “scandalous operations” with terrorist connections.  He contends that rather than arresting Salameh when it had the chance, U.S. law enforcement instead allowed him to escape to “Palestine.”  Last year, Shoebat wrote that while the Los Angeles Police wanted Salameh apprehended after years of tracking his activities, the FBI had told them “to stand down” and allowed Salameh to leave Canada (page 7).

Eric Holder has been known to avoid prosecuting “his people.”  Obama has spoken of his “Muslim faith” but then claimed to be a Christian.  One researcher reports that Obama spent many more years in Indonesia than Obama has publicly stated.  New employees of the Department of Homeland Security under Obama are Muslims. During his testimony, Nordstrom declared that, “For me, the Taliban was inside the building.”  Obama has met with members of The Muslim Brotherhood following the election of Muhammed Morsi, the new president of Egypt, who was backed by The Brotherhood.  A U.S. attorney appointed by Obama gave the keynote address to celebrate the opening of a new Islamic center in Tennessee.

The Obama regime has supported the construction of a “Ground Zero Mosque” at the location where the World Trade Center was destroyed and nearly 3,000 lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Names associated with Obama are “Barack Hussein Obama Jr.,” “Barack Hussein Obama II,” “Soebarkah,” “Barry Soetoro,” and possibly “Bari Malik Shabazz.”  The name “Soebarkah” was released in purported passport applications filed by Stanley Ann Dunham by the U.S. State Department to two FOIA requesters after more than a year of stonewalling.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s website describes identity fraud as “a crime.”  The Post & Email has sent messages to the White House media contact on several occasions regarding the claims of Social Security fraud against Obama but never received a response.  We also asked for an interview in July with a member of the U.S. Justice Department’s Public Integrity Unit following the second press conference given by Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse.  We never received a communication from anyone at the Justice Department other than a statement saying that our email had been forwarded to another party.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack on Benghazi, what made Obama point to an obscure video which had been released several months before without notoriety as the cause?

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  1. I find It unbelievable that the majority of American voters would join the gimme idiots to elect this fraud to steal their lives. I’m just disgusted that they included my life in the idiotic choice. They better get this muslim terrorist out of the WH then get all of the muslims out of our military, federal jobs and out of the country.