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by Todd Joseph Sweet, ©2012

(Oct. 14, 2012) — Editor’s Note:  The following letter was received on October 13, 2012 from Tennessee state inmate Todd Joseph Sweet.  The text reads as follows (typographical errors have been left intact):

To:  Sharon Rondeau

Re:  Upcoming article

Date:  October 05, 2012

CC:  File

Dear Sharon,

I have unfortunately been very sick with the flu.  I am much better now and on top of the article I promised.  It will be sent in a few days and be titled in parts.  The first being:


I believe the readers will enjoy the ride along in this corrupted post conviction process I am in.

The real investigation into the 10th judicial district at Madisonville is in my Post Conviction.  Pandora has stacked boxes in my closet for the purpose of opening them now.

It will prove to be like Christmas morning to the readers of the Post & Email.

The first article will be in your post box within a few days.

You’ll hear from me soon, and as always, God Bess.

In His Love and Service,

T. Joseph Sweet, #453762 – 1A/112
1499 R. W. Moore Memorial Hwy.
Only, TN. 37140

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  1. I wonder how many citizens in Monroe County could come forward with stories of the police shakedowns and terrorizing that has been going on there in the “good ole’ boy network” for so many years. This conduct has been going on in many counties around the U.S. for years. Corruption in government departments has been on forever. I have had many police officers that have told about corruption and many of them were dragged into it themselves by default. Being honest will get you into trouble just about anywhere you work today in the U.S. It has happened to me and others over the years I have known. One friend is a retired Federal Marshal who was at one time involved in investigating Slick Willie’s corruption when he ran roughshod over Arkansas. Most of the covered up stories about Willie are or were true. Today he still pretends to finish out his Presidency through Hillary in a marriage of convenience like so many in business and government today as Michele Malkin calls “The Culture Of Corruption”. To most citizens and workers in the government it is sickening, to the ones that aspire to be just like the corrupt, it is an education and inspiration to conive, loot, lie, obfuscate, escape responsibility or pass the buck to someone else while parasiting off the taxpayers, looting the coffers of Social Security, Government Contracts, Stimulous Programs, Pork Projects, etc. This administration is typical of a Democratic Roundtable that is a formulated plan and can always be expected of any Democratic Party theft ring. It is all a decoy to installing a faux POTUS while setting up theft teams like Solyndra, MF Global, Chevy Volt Battery Companies, etc., while BILLIONS have been set in secret accounts to be disbursed at a later time to the ones that worked so hard to steal it all in the first place. We might be stupid but we’re not dumb. What is stupid is that we don’t know if ANY of these criminal will EVER be prosecuted by a corrupted system that is breaking down faster each day. To think that a simple change in POTUS will fix all this IS stupidity because so many things have been ignored for so long, we have mountains of problems that no one wants to take responsibility for and the cost has been inconceivable to the people with real world experience. The people that have above average incomes don’t generally feel or see what has happened here. People that have been unemployed for years, lost their job skills, new students that have a degree and can’t get hired with high loan dept, families coming apart with no money or possibility to get hired, etc., it goes on and on. Creating jobs for 40 years of downsizing, cuts, outsourcing, robotizing and just greed will have a lasting effect. People are looking for ANY relief at this point, the DNC has had 77 wild hotel parties over 4 years and cost taxpayers $30 million in party fees with tax money. With a Democratic Pary living in total pretense and lies and a Republican very divided, it will be intersting to see how this voting term will pan out. In the meantime, I’m not seeing any articles on Obama’s secretary brokering that $35 million dollar mansion in Hawaii for his “retirement”. You can find it at http://www.wnd.com under the above. He wants to get that purchased real fast so that the taxpayers will have to pay for all those security cameras and other amenities before he gets out of the White House. I had a picture more like Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud for him, wife, Pelosi, Biden, Dodd, Reid, Hillary and all the others that falsified DNC papers to illegally vet a phony looter/Idi Amin/Black Power Muslim/Son Of Radical Malcolm X/Pimp/Bi-Sexual-AC/DC as in “Man’s Country Gay Men’s Club” Chicago Member with Ballet Rohm Emmanuel(still standing members), ex-CIA gunrunner/interpreter/loser/ user-theft of a deceased persons Social Security number/sabateur of our Military and economic security and hater of American Veterans. What is the punishment for Treason and all the above? Let me guess! A $35 million dollar retirement mansion in Hawaii! That’s even better than Publisher’s Clearing House Winners!