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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Joseph Goebbels was Minister of Propaganda during Hitler’s reign

(Oct. 14, 2012) — In a “normal” political situation, anyone could reasonably expect more than half coming out of Washington is nothing more than hot air, meaningless drivel, and outright lies. Nowadays, that number has jumped from half to ALL.  In other words, there is no longer a Truth, but only the spin the White House contaminates every fact with, so all we’re left is just another everyday Washington Lie, day after day, subscribing to the Goebbels method of spreading a lie: tell it often enough and people will eventually accept the lie as the truth.

Take, for instance, the illegal immigrant, or, to be a little more accurate, the over 30 MILLION illegal immigrants, and let’s throw in somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 MILLION Muslims, what do you think would happen to our economy, starting with jobs? If we DEPORTED somewhere in the vicinity of 40+ MILLION ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and UNDESIRABLES, wouldn’t it stand to reason that our economy would improve, that more AMERICANS would be employed, and that more taxes would be paid?

In the building industry, if the current worth of a structure is $20 a square foot, it makes no difference what the labor costs are; it’ll still be worth $20/ft. If an airport hangar is built with union labor, the sale price will be exactly the same if it were built by trained monkeys that all you had to do was throw a few bananas to once in awhile.

This fantasy that “they do the jobs that we can’t do” is just another example of a lie told often enough becomes the truth. College students treat taking out a student loan as a given, as a “Rite of Passage” instead of working their way through or by going in the military for a few years and using the GI Bill.

There are jobs right here in America, enough jobs to keep us all employed, but if we give our jobs to UNDESIRABLES, people who shouldn’t be here in the first place (and the only reason why they’re here is because of the Muslim clown in the White House.  Doesn’t anybody remember 9-11 and who, and what, caused it?), and if we give jobs to ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS that, if the Department of Homeland Security WOULD DO THEIR JOBS, wouldn’t be in our country in the first place, draining our resources that were paid for by AMERICANS FOR AMERICANS, then we’d be in pretty darn good economic shape: foreclosures nil, earnings up, spending up, and the best, savings up.

The solution? Simple in concept and simple in execution: deport each and every Muslim and illegal immigrant.

In passing, I’d like to see a poll that would tell us how many Americans turned off their television sets halfway through the VP debate because of the childish antics that Biden displayed. When I watched it, I thought of Jack Nicholson playing the Joker in the Batman movie.



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  1. There needs to be a revised, complete definition and description for: “ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT/Alien” that the CABLAL in the “District of Criminals” can understand, Muslim is self-explanatory!