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by Doretta Wildes, ©2012, blogging at Doretta Wildes

(Oct. 13, 2012) — When the San Antonio, TX school district began using RFID-chipped name tags to track students, most of the students’ parents did nothing. Only one of them spoke out and assembled an orderly protest. His daughter refused to use the chip on religious grounds, calling it the advent of the “mark of the beast.” The school board could not be dissuaded from using the chips, turning a bored, just-pour-me-a-drink face to the camera.

Efforts to track people via the technology we are all now addicted to has been sneaking up. Your cell phone is an acknowledged tracking device. Your GPS, perhaps even your car, is wired to finger you. But so far, the radical chipping program–in which whole populations are forced into serfdom via subcutaneous chip implants–still seems like sci-fi.

If it’s going to happen, however, what better testing ground than a school? Convince parents that children are safer when their every movement is being tracked. Convince children that the technology is cool digital candy.

I don’t know. I just think, given what our government really is–a lackey for banksters–and what our institutions really are–playgrounds for pedophiles and control freaks–nothing good can ever come of this. It’s a sneak attack, and unless more of us refuse to go along with it, the beast is already under our skin.

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  1. Doretta,
    “Our Father . . .Amen”
    Today they found the body of little 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway in Colorado, and it’s a sad, sad day for America.
    I’m sorry, but child molesters and animal abusers are at the top of my list of people who need execution.
    “playgrounds for pedophiles” is accurate, not to mention that the students graduating today have learned less and therefore less able to compete in the labor force than even just twenty years ago is appalling, yet we continue to throw more money at our schools as if money is a substitute for reasoning.
    The government of today does not represent Americans, and I’m sick and tired of our children being abused and murdered while the judges fail to put pedophiles on the scaffold and hang them.