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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

How do Obama voters feel about him now?

(Oct. 11, 2012) — If you are a natural born citizen of these United States, I don’t care about you.  Now, just to set the record straight, I don’t even care about myself. But I DO care about our children, and grandchildren, and their offspring, as should you. Our day is passing, and if we’re ever going to shine, it had better be really soon, or else the shadow of real stupidity will take hold and never let go.

For the past few years we’ve all witnessed what a dose of madness will generate, an example being Obamacare:  taking the world’s best medicine and transforming it to a South-side Chicago back-alley, coat-hanger-wielding abortionist nightmare. Welcome to “The Play that Reason Passed By.”

Scene One: A crowd of people, mesmerized by the concept of the “First Black President,” weeping openly while cheering the concept of “transforming the greatest nation the world has ever produced.” Huh? Say what?

Scene Two: A roadside diner, breakfast crowd leaving. June, in her 30’s, asks Dawn how it went yesterday at the clinic. “Nothing. They ain’t going to even fix my ingrown toenail. Say I’m too old, and I’m only 57.”

Scene Three: At the cemetery, low rolling grey clouds, light drizzle, leaves blowing by the mourners, the breakfast crowd from the diner, shivering in front of the tombstone with the inscription “Here lies Dawn, who diligently paid her taxes, wife, mother of two, PTA member, 4-H, and the ASPCA.” Newly-widowed Harry addresses the gathering, “We met as I was coming home from the Army. She worked at the diner to help me get through college. and then she worked because she liked to interact with people.  I guess that’s why she made good tips.  She was proud to have voted for Obama, but I didn’t, and we’d laugh about that.

But she became a little bit uneasy about the Birth Certificate issue, especially since, after she lost her driver’s license, she had to produce a real, legal, valid Birth Certificate.  She used to joke that it was ironic that the president of the United States wouldn’t be able to drive her car if he lived in our State, but she could.

She further became disillusioned with Obama when he acted more like a Muslim than a Christian, that he didn’t lift a finger to help those Christians who were slaughtered in Egypt and in the other Muslim countries, including Pakistan.

But what put her over the edge, when she became totally against Obama, was when Seal Team 6 was wiped out. Even she knew it was a setup, and she didn’t need any input from this old Army Veteran. And then when our Ambassador was sacrificed in Benghazi, that REALLY put her over the edge. I thank all of you for showing up on such a miserable day; I’m sure she’d really appreciate it. There’s one more thing I’d like to add, and that’s to say that you folks treated her just like always, even those days four years ago when she would say how proud she was to have one of her kinfolk, the Black half, in the White House.”







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  1. NO “Rhetorical” comment, simply the statement of “The Truth will set you free!!”
    The TRUTH is that “WE the People” are beginning the journey down the Narrow Road to Socialism, Communism, Despair and Despotism that marks the beginnings of “‘DA United SOCIALIST STATES ov AmeriKa”, and there is NO SCAPEGOAT to Blame except the SILENCE and ACCEPTANCE of the situation by “WE the People”, “WE” have collectively DISMISSED and been REMISS to the CABAL of “The District of Criminals” that has successfully “TRANSFORMED The United States of America into a Third-Rate COMMUNIST GULAG, and 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives??”, the “Chain “O” Command” and the Judiciary have been able to complete their TREASONOUS Agenda while “WE the People” SNUGGLED in our Beds and Frequented “THE TROUGH of FREEBIES!!”
    TOO, BAD, SOOOooo SAD~”YOU have but to ask, and ‘YE Shall Receive!”