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(Oct. 10, 2012) — In our last regular Sunday column we wrote this in “…. a message to our readers:”

“This column and our remaining columns, up to the Election Day in November, will be devoted to defining Obama as best we can, in the hopes that maybe a few minds will be changed.  Unfortunately, our messages are mostly falling on the choir and the beguiled, but changing those beguiled minds that are locked in party blindness, may be a futile effort.”

In keeping with our pledge to take our messages against Obama up to the election, we decided to go a step farther and make a video about Obama.  In the video we are suggesting that he take a hike on November 6th and we are strongly suggesting that smart voters make Clint Eastwood’s “empty chair” a permanent fixture, without Obama in it.  Our recording and video equipment doesn’t allow us to make a fully professional video, but we do get the message across nevertheless.

We aren’t asking the voter to send him packing because he is black, or that he wasn’t born in Hawaii, or that he is in love with Islam, but because in every policy, Obama is on the wrong side of it, that is, from the perspective of American freedom, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and sovereignty.  He’s on the wrong side of energy, the military, economics, environment, immigration, foreign affairs, entitlements, welfare and education and all those who believe as he does, are also on the wrong side, that is if you believe in American freedom, economic stability and sovereignty.  Here are a three major reasons why the American voter should retire Obama’s chair without him in it, on November 6th.

1.    Obama’s foreign policy is in a shambles and one of our diplomats and his protectors are dead due to the Obama Administration’s gross, if not criminal negligence.  We won’t even take into account that he and his minions lied about the whole event for five days when they knew different.  In short, Obama is not only a narcissist and dishonest, he is terribly inept and unfit for the job.

2.    Over $5.00 per gallon in California and climbing, not to mention the rest of the country.  Why?  No energy policy that favors America and an environmental lobby that gets everything they want from Democrat in Washington, DC and state legislatures.  Radical environmentalism, that Obama and the Democrats support, is crippling America’s production capability and its vitally needed energy supply and crushing property rights.

3.    $90,000,000,000 (that’s $90 billion) wasted on alternative energy.  Why?  Crony capitalism payoffs to Obama supporters, where Obama gets to pick the winners and losers with our tax money, except he has an uncanny knack of picking the losers.

But don’t take our word for it.  The national review on-line has 20 reasons why Obama shouldn’t be re-elected, plus 689 more reasons, reprinted on the Blaze.  Check out their comprehensive article at:

But even worse and as we say in the video, he is the most dangerous man to ever become president of the United States.  For that reason alone, he has to go!  Simply put, America cannot survive an Obama 2nd term.

Some housekeeping items:  Apparently, last Sunday’s column was a dud.  The comments were few.  Some took us to task for duping them with the story of Amil and Amil’s brother.  Two said they wanted to be removed from our list, because we “duped” them, forgetting that they are being duped every day by their government, academia and the news media, which was the point we were trying to make.  However, in contrast, one of our more avid readers emoted with: “Brilliant and Bravo to you.”   In reality, we hardly ever hear from any of the thousands of readers of our articles.

Even so, we are not disheartened by the overall response, or lack thereof.  In writing a weekly column, we attempt to come up with different issues and different ways to present those issues, in order to keep the reader’s attention and interest and just maybe get them to think a little more deeply about those issues.  Each week we add a graphic to our column to make it even more interesting.  Sometimes we are successful and other times we are not.  But let us put it to you more bluntly by repeating a response we shared with an angry reader who expressed his displeasure with one of our articles, in rather vitriolic terms:

The Parallax Prophecies” doesn’t pull any punches and never will.  We write what many others are afraid to write.  We say what others don’t have the courage to say, in a climate of fear that has made “politically correct” a retreat for cowards.  In the end, it is up to the reader to determine for him or herself whether we have the best interests of a free America and the individual rights of all Americans, at heart.  Each reader of what we write has the option to accept or reject our arguments, premises, or opinions.  It is their right to make that judgment but it is not up to us to care one way or another, which way they decide.  Because, in a free society, it is the fearless expression of ideas, whether benign or controversial, that stirs the pot of free thought and gives it life, as well as advancing the principles of liberty.  If the reader is offended by what we write, it is their issue to resolve, not ours.”

With that out of the way, we encourage you to view our new video entitled: “Obama, Take A Hike!” in the hope that you will pass it on to others who are just as angry as we are, over a man like Obama ever becoming president in the first place.  It is our fervent wish that the video goes viral, less than 4 weeks before Election Day.  Perhaps we just might change a mind or two.

“OBAMA, TAKE A HIKE” video link:

Here is the link to another video we created that is directly related to the 2012 Election and another reason to make sure Obama does not get re-elected.




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