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by Sharon Rondeau

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has a nightly television show entitled “Hardball with Chris Matthews” and has been a strong Obama supporter since 2007

(Oct. 6, 2012) — As The Post & Email reported on October 5, Atty. Orly Taitz has received responses from Attorneys General in New Hampshire and Georgia relating to her lawsuit naming them as defendants in Judd v. Obama.

Keith Judd ran in the Democrat primary in West Virginia, winning 41% of the vote.  Other plaintiffs include Thomas G. MacLeran, whose columns are featured at The Post & Email on a regular basis; presidential candidate Leah Lax, and three New Hampshire state representatives as well as Taitz.

Taitz has named Barack Obama; the secretaries of state of West Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia and California; Social Security Administration Commissioner Michael Astrue, and many others as defendants, including members of the media who Taitz claims have defamed her during their broadcasts.  Those include MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Clear Channel Communications, KFI AM 640, The John and Ken Show, and John Kobylt.

Clear Channel Communications is considered a mass media company and is based in San Antonio, TX.  Its parent company is CC Media Holdings, which considers itself “a global media and entertainment company specializing in providing mobile and on-demand entertainment and information services for local communities and premier opportunities for advertisers.”  Clear Channel Radio, which operates 850 radio stations as the largest radio broadcaster in the country, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications.  It broadcasts to 128 international radio stations in Australia and New Zealand through business partners located in those countries.

An attorney representing Clear Channel Communications and the other media defendants has contacted Taitz to arrange a meet and confer in response to the lawsuit.  “I stated that when I ran for Secretary of State and U.S. Senate, they defamed me and defrauded the public.  I told them that my main goal is not financial; it is a retraction, an apology, and actions by those media outlets in ending the fraud that they have been committing and providing information to the public about Obama’s use of forged IDs.  Ms. Alfer said that she will check with her clients; she is representing all of them,” Taitz told The Post & Email.

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  1. Go. Orly! These democrat liberal creeps will pay for what they are doing to orly and conservatives. The cowards can’t stop trying to destroy anything in their greedy way. Treason,perjury and election fraud are the charges. Too bad they don’t harness all that hatred to get dnc firm perkins coie to release obambie’s papers! Anything for another decoy!