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by JB Williams, ©2012

Will military votes be counted in the 2012 election? Will those who believe in the Founders’ vision of America turn out to vote?

(Oct. 2, 2012) —  As the 2012 campaign moves toward the first Presidential debate between incumbent Obama and challenger Romney, there is no shortage of crystal ball activity with politicos from all corners trying to predict what the future will bring on November 6th. I might as well jump in here…

Some of the analysis and polling data is an honest best effort to predict the outcome and those efforts tell us that this race is a dead heat at approximately 47-47 with the advantage swinging one or two points in both directions, day to day.

Other analysts are working an angle, pushing an agenda, trying to promote a specific outcome and those efforts have very little if any bearing on the election really — Polls showing one or the other candidate up by large margins for the purpose of energizing their base and demoralize their opponent’s base. It’s modern electioneering 101, but it’s losing effectiveness.

With the future of freedom, liberty, national sovereignty and security hanging in the balance, it is vital to understand what it will take to remove Muslims and Marxists from Washington D.C. power and how it must get done.

What Do We Know?

We know that there is NO chance of turning America in a proper direction as long as Muslims and Marxists hold D.C. Power. We know that our economy will not improve because capitalist don’t invest in communism.

We know that although there will be numerous presidential candidates on the ballot in 2012, that there is only ONE who is in the position to remove Obama from office peacefully on November 6th, Romney. We know that it doesn’t matter whether or not Romney gives you a thrill up your leg. Who are we, Chris Mathews?

We know that leftist voter fraud and election tampering will be massive and that the only way we can defeat it is to simply overwhelm it with greater numbers. We know that Obama will have unlimited international money at his disposal and that many Americans are in poor financial condition to fund any real resistance.

We know that the Military always votes 80% Republican and that this is why the Obama DOD is trying to exclude the Military vote in 2012. We know that the DOD uses billions of tax dollars to help the Palestinians elect Hamas and the rest of the Middle East elect the Muslim Brotherhood. So, we know that the DOD can afford to help American soldiers elect Mitt Romney and they MUST.

We know that Romney will win more than 70% of the counties and most of the states. But we also know that it is the Electoral College who will decide the outcome of the election. So, here we go…

Six MUST-WIN States

All eyes are on the “swing states.” Six of them are absolute MUST WIN states or there is no way to remove Obama from office peacefully. When I say MUST-WIN, that’s exactly what I mean. Romney CANNOT WIN without winning Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin and Colorado.

Even though Romney will win more than 70% of the counties and most of the states, Obama has a clear advantage in the Electoral College due to the huge delegate counts in the states he will win. Romney will have to win these six swing states in order to overcome Obama’s EC advantage and stop Obama’s destruction of all things American.

Romney cannot win any other way.

The Military Vote

Not only should our soldiers votes be counted ahead of all other votes, as it is those soldiers who pay for our Right with their blood, they MUST be counted. It’s both right and necessary.

Because Democrats have been overtly anti-Military since the 1960s, decimating the military at every opportunity and shifting more and more funding away from National Security and into Social Engineering, soldiers have consistently voted 80% Republican for decades.

Democrats have attacked Tri-Care, Social Security, Medicare, Defense spending and Military Rules of Engagement, for years now, resulting in a HUGE increase in KIA and WIA among soldiers on the field of battle and struggling veterans at home.

This is why Obama and Panetta are working to disenfranchise the Military vote in 2012. With a full military vote, states will swing towards Romney. Without their votes, those same states will swing towards Obama. Right… guess which states have huge military voters?Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin.

Panetta is reporting that requests for military ballots are down 90%. Deployed military ballots are NOT requested. They are flown to deployment areas and flown back before the deadlines. Panetta is telling us that the DOD does not have the budget to make sure that every military vote is counted. But we had the budget to help the Palestinians elect Hamas… and numerous nations in the Middle East elect the Muslim Brotherhood. Oh, and how about over a billion per year for “free cell phones” for millions Obama supporters, many of them illegal aliens?

Can’t afford to count every Military vote?

For Romney to win these six swing states, he must have the Military vote! The people cannot allow Obama and Panetta to disenfranchise the Military…. PERIOD!

The Senior Vote

Also prominent in the six MUST WIN states are senior citizens, retirees and veteran populations.

Much to my surprise in 2008, senior citizens accounted for 40% of the Obama vote, compared to college students, who accounted for less than 20% of the Obama vote.

In both 2008 and 2012, senior citizens top the list of major Obama campaign donors, ahead of lawyers and lobbyists and then labor unions. Democrats have done a fantastic job of convincing seniors that Republicans want to kick granny down the stairwell in her wheelchair and cut off their Social Security and Medicare. AARP has been key in scaring the elderly into voting for Marxism.

But how “diverse” is the AARP membership? Retirees have thus far donated over $34.8 million to the re-elect Obama campaign, most likely based upon electioneering efforts from left-wing AARP. But a shift is happening in this group, showing $36.2 million donated to Romney so far in 2012.

In 2008, retirees gave a total of $42.8 million to Obama and only $32.8 million to McCain. Obama has dropped from 56.6% of retiree support in 2008 to 49% in 2012, indicating a significant shift away from Obama in to 2008 to Romney in 2012.

Once again, like the military vote, the senior voting group will have a huge impact in the six must win states. For Romney to win, he must win the senior vote, especially in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Colorado and Wisconsin. 

If the Military vote is counted and seniors continue their shift towards Romney, especially in the six key states, Romney and Ryan can win and remove the worst administration in U.S. history from office, peacefully.

Some Possible Surprises

An increasing number of votes from the black community in typically Democrat districts are shifting away from Obama too. Finally, many from the black community are realizing that it is the Democrat Party that has kept them “on the plantation” for decades. With increasing regularity, we see black Americans speaking out to their own community and setting the record straight.

We see black ministers standing up against Obama’s racism, homosexual tendencies, anti-American Marxism and pro-Muslim belief system. Americans from all walks are sick and tired of Obama’s divisive strategy to manipulate voting blocs on the basis of race alone.

The Latino vote could also shift away from Obama in 2012. Democrats are no more for Latinos than they are blacks. They are for illegal immigration, open borders and global Marxism. But legitimate Latino immigrants are just as opposed to unlawful entry and illegal migration as any other American.

Latinos are beginning to lash back against blatant racist comments from Democrat leaders like Harry Reid. In fact, most Cuban immigrants are very conservative, having left Marxism and Castro for the promise of freedom in America long ago. Good and decent Latino immigrants are insulted by the manner in which Democrats look down at them as ignorant, and tell them how to vote.

The simple truth is Republicans don’t care where ethnic groups came from — they care only about where they are going, just as they care about every other American. Republicans don’t care what color people are, so long as they are good Americans in pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness under their own steam.

It has always been Democrats who sought to cut ethnic groups from the herd, manipulating this group or that group into a bought and paid-for voting bloc able to easily predict for the Democrat party in every election. These people are waking up too, just like white America. They all want freedom and liberty…and it has nothing to do with race, creed or color.

My Crystal Ball

Based upon all of the research I have done for this column, I predict the following.

  • Obama will use every lie he can think of to win – Romney will try to win with the truth
  • Obama will try to divide voters down racial, ethnic and economic lines – Romney will try to bring all Americans together
  • Obama will run on an anti-American agenda – Romney, on the American Dream
  • There will be massive voter fraud – and Americans will outnumber the fraud to defeat Obama
  • Obama will try to block the Military vote – Citizens will not allow that to happen
  • Obama will try to scare retirees – Retirees will not fall for that trick again
  • The press will prop Obama up and tear Romney down – but it won’t matter this time
  • Obama will win most of the heavy unionized states – Romney will win most states
  • Florida, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Colorado will decide this election

Obama is not America’s first black president. Obama is America’s first and last Arab-Marxist White House resident. The people were asleep in 2008, but Obama has since awakened the nation.

If Romney wins soldiers and seniors, he will win the six must-win states. If he does that, he will remove the worst administration in U.S. history from power and then, the people will spend every day after pushing Romney and Ryan to return America to the people, as One Nation Under God, with Liberty and Justice for ALL.

When I look into my crystal ball, that’s what I see. Not because this is how Americans will wait for events to unfold, but because this is what Americans will make happen.

Like no other people on earth, Americans are not the type to sit and see what happens. We are a nation of people who get up, stand tall and make things happen.

Americans will take this country back on November 6th. And then they will begin the long process of returning America to the founding principles and values that made her the greatest nation ever known to mankind. Not because that’s how it is, but because that’s who we are!

We are NOT Global Marxists… We are Americans!


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  1. 2discern, There are many many more in addition to the Criminal In Chief who need to be brought to justice including Pelosi and co conspirators in Hawaii. Lets not forget the possibility of Chief Justice Roberts. Valerie Jarrett, Dorn & Ayers, Dunn, Holder, the list goes on and on.

  2. Yes, JB hits it again. However, much more is at stake than the election. It is paramount that barry soetero is duly charged with fraud, forgery, ID theft, and treason against the USA. It is UNACCEPTABLE to simply play dead even if the GOP wins the election.

    The liar-in-chief will NOT retire on our dime with our taxes paying Secret Service protection the rest of his miserable life. He signed laws illegally, military orders illegally, wasted billions in efforts to crash further the economy. Appointed liberal justices, deathcare by taxation called healthcare, and so many EO’s that defy Constitutional adherence. He has committed treason in broad daylight and continues to do so along with the treasonous CONgress and alphabet agencies of law enforcement that won’t even verify who he really is.
    Folks, this is way more than an election. Think of the accelerated damage he intends as a lame duck. With no accountability to anyone or any branch of supposed checks and balances in our democratic design as a Republic, things will get very, very dark.

    To date not one honest judge will stand. To date not one CONgress member will stand. To date one lone Sheriff stood with proof of fraud, forgery, and falsifying documents with nowhere to go with it. A handful (including P&E)of New Media cover the all time scam on America and it’s hijack by liberal press-titutes, an impostor as putative president, and confirmed communist links of staff and advisers raised and nurtured by Frank Marshall Davis card carrying Stalinist and FBI criminal watch list person of interest.