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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012

Is the big smile the look of a deceiver?

(Oct. 2, 2012) — It was a hot relationship with a new lover.  Obama was mysterious, handsome, black and would give us hope and change.  We were sick of Bush and talk of Iraq.  Here was John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King – a dazzling reformer.  We were boldly standing against the ravages of racism now and moving forward.

Barack, Hussein Obama boldly seduced over half our country, dripping with sound bite lies and deception. He made love to our country.  He had won and Bush had lost.  Obama’s plan for hope and change crushed our naive and distracted lives.  He would fix and change us from the Imperial and powerful monster he and his New World order–Islamic handlers believe us to be.

Obama would change the United States of America into a submissive, vapor of herself and force her to submit to Islam and Sharia Law.  He would come after our 1st amendment rights (He already has) the Internet (in the works) our 2nd amendment rights and guns (scheming through treaties and executive orders) control our banking records and even how long we may live (through Obamacare — its death panels, lines, controls, fines and tyranny).

Obama has given America an STD

S – ocialism

T – yranny

D – ictatorship

S- Socialism

Obama has studied, taught and worshiped progressivism and socialism.  He believes in total redistribution of wealth, and high taxation to make us pay for our achievement and exceptionalism.  He dreams of a socialist/Marxist America where he takes our earnings from the income cattle shuts and places it elsewhere…where it benefits him.  He dreams of making the blacks and other minorities more dependent on big Government so they are enslaved again and owned by the Democrat progressives.  Obama plans to move them like pawns on a political game board.

Obama has no message anything like Martin Luther King.  Togetherness, unity and forgiveness cannot happen.  He must have race wars, separations and violence.  Whites must become Darth Vader and the oppressors to all blacks.  With that level of passion and rage, Obama can be the evil puppet master of the minorities…so he thinks.


Look at Obama’s friends and bedfellows to see his style of leadership behind the deceptive sound bites.  He is proud friends with Dictator Hugo Chavez,  ran to the aid and support of tyrant and lawbreaker Manuel Zelaya of Honduras instead of the law and people.  He ignored the ‘Greens’ in Iran when they had found the courage to stand against their tyrant Ahmadinejad. Obama shamefully ignored their cry to America for help.  Ahmadinejad would have been thrown out of power by now and we could have assisted in a peaceful revolution from within if we would have had any leadership from Obama.  We have seen Obama lie to the world about America.  He said to Turkish parliament and the throughout the Middle East we were no longer a Christian nation and then adding insult to injury he said we were one of the largest Muslim nations in the world.  We can never forget his endless apology tours.

Obama fashions his leadership style around tyrants like Mussolini, Hitler and Stalin.  Remember, as his ‘change’ unfolds,  we now have drones flying over head in a growing fashion, soldiers doing mysterious exercises all around the country.  He has had Government departments from the post office to social security purchasing millions of hollow point bullets, which are simply ‘shoot to kill humans’ bullets.

He continues to fashion International and Muslim schemes to take control of our speech, guns, money and accounts.

D – ictatorship

Obama’s style is that of a tyrant, using the structure and organizational playbook of a dictatorship.  Why else has he bypassed congress over and over again with controlling Executive orders and placed over 40, anti American Czars who answer only to him and run chunks of America?  He now has the U.S. Military at his disposal to attack and arrest U.S. citizens through the treacherous NDAA Bill. This was shamefully passed with the support of Republicans and Democrats. We can now legally be arrested and whisked off to an unknown location without seeing our lawyer, being read our Miranda rights and with the complete violation of posse comitatus.  All this because of a contrived suspicion of ‘terrorism’ that Obama can define.

Remember, this is the President who has also granted himself assassination powers to murder anyone in the world at any time, just because he declares it.

The Health care bill is only starting to unfold but the IRS acting as Obama’s controlling Pit Bull,   will control who lives and dies due to the very real Government controlled ‘death panels.’  Obama and his thugs will also decide what is paid for based on age and severity of illness.  Seniors and the most needy will simply die or be lead to kill themselves for the sake of their family and society of course.

We will all be forced to have Obama’s Government approved health insurance or else big fines.  They can play whatever sound bite games they want to but it is a fine and they will track to our tax returns and accounts.  Can you imagine what will happen if you don’t keep current and pay your premium and it is discovered in a return by the IRS?  They will come in and control your accounts, fine you and start seizing assets.  They do not say that now but people,  THIS IS THE IRS AND OBAMA’S SS. WAKE UP.

STD with Islamic Caliphate

Obama continues to hide behind lying sound bites of ‘religious freedom’ while he supports Islam and Sharia in America and worldwide.  I just read and heard Obama’s latest speech of total lies and fabrication – his remarks at the Iftar Dinner at the White House.  He talked about all our treasured freedoms and above all, we value the right to worship as we choose as enriched in our First Amendment.

He also lied yet again about Thomas Jefferson who owned a Koran and that of course is a reminder of the generations of patriotic Muslims in America, that Islam is part of our national story.  That is essentially what Obama said.  The only problem is that is a total and complete lie.  Facts and real history show that Thomas Jefferson owned a Koran not because he was a fan of Islam but because they were the cause of murderous piracy and the enemy.  He wanted to understand the mindset of the enemy to attack and subdue them.  As Obama said, ‘Islam is part of our national history alright’ they attacked and murdered people and had to be subdued.

No one is saying, nor am I that all Islamics are murderers or bad people.  Those who live in America do have religious freedoms.  However, it is also dangerously and vividly true that Radical and violent Islam is peppered all through America and the world.  Lying to the infidel (people of difference) is taught in the Koran and chapter 9 gives us ‘infidels’ 3 options  1) Convert to Islam  2) Submit to their tax 3) Die.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  How about option 4) Kill my grits.

Freedom for all is great and very American but not freedom to move a tyrannical Islamic Caliphate into national Government leadership as Obama is doing by hiring so many who are members of the Muslim Brotherhood.  There is no freedom to slaughter our 1st amendment rights, control media and force-feed an Islamic and New world order empire.

Remember no matter your color, political persuasion or religion.  Obama is a Socialist – a Tyrant and a Dictator.  He is a progressive, secularist/Islamic and has nothing at all to do with Christ except to mock and shame Him.

We must heal quickly from our Obama STD and we have a chance to do that in November.  Vote wisely and don’t vote for the disease maker again.

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  1. Listening to him speak in front of Rev (God-Dxxm America) Wright with a fake, pandering accent reminds one of Madonna trying to speak like Posh Spice in Great Britain–fake, false and illustrative of an unintegrated personality disorder.

  2. I find it amazing that the blacks are so quick to play the RACISM card against whites. It was Obama’s ancestors that sold them into slavery, but they just love him because he is black.
    I went to school with the blacks back in the 50’s & 60’s so they had the same education as I did, they just chose not to use it. Shows you how ignorant they really are when they won’t use what has been given to them to improve themselves. I’ve had to stand in line behind them because of affirmative action.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: We don’t really know who Obama’s ancestors are.