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by Alan Bates, MD, from Gulf1

Will Obama’s or Romney’s plan be better for current Medicare recipients? What will happen to those who have paid in to the system but have not yet reached the eligibility age?

(Sep. 30, 2012) — Before I get to my main topic today, let me call your attention to the pro-Obama, pro-Communist Party USA SEIU  (Service Employees International Union)  radio ads which are aired daily throughout Florida to scare seniors away from  Romney and Ryan.   This dishonest ad refers listeners to a bogus website which disgracefully misrepresents the Romney-Ryan plans for Medicare and Medicaid, stating that the GOP nominees would destroy both programs.  Nothing could be further from the truth as, unlike the fact Obamacare steals 716 BILLION dollars from Medicare over ten years, Romney and Ryan repeal Obamacare and preserve Medicare for those over age 50 and seek to gradually privatize senior healthcare for  future retirees younger than 50.  Under Obamacare,  seniors face reduced benefits and higher premiums under Medicare starting January 1st of next year (conveniently after the election!).  The SEIU website is just another ‘push Granny off the cliff’ attempt to demonize the rational approach by Romney and Ryan to address our overextended entitlement programs which are otherwise soon doomed to bankruptcy under Obama.  Please alert senior citizens about this dishonest ad by SEIU-COPE.

The main topic today is a review of  Barack Obama’s intentions with respect to our Second Amendment rights.   Our founders established the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights so that American citizens could  defend our sovereignty against  threats both ‘foreign and domestic’ (like Barack Obama and his Marxist minions).   Obama and his handlers ARE threats to our sovereignty and therefore are focused like lasers on the Second Amendment.  There can be no doubt what Barack Obama has planned should he be reelected for another term.  He will unleash numerous unconstitutional executive orders  to complete his transformation of a free America to a dictatorship run by wealthy socialist elites while relegating We the People to government submission with no means of defending ourselves.  We the People will be forced to place government over person and family.   Here are the facts about what Obama has done besides oversee the Fast and Furious scandal of running guns to Mexican cartels to make it appear that America’s Second Amendment right to own and bear arms is responsible for cartel violence:

•    Obama supported a ban on manufacture, sale and possession of all handguns in 1996.
•    Obama endorsed a ban on sale or transfer of semi-automatic firearms (handguns) in 1999.
•    Obama supported 500 percent increase in taxes on guns and ammunition in 1999.
•    Obama proposed banning gun stores within five miles of schools or parks in 1999.
•    Obama co-sponsored legislation limiting gun purchases to one per month in 1999.
•    Obama served on the radically anti-gun Joyce Foundation board of directors from 1994-2002.
•    Obama voted to ban many conventional rifles and shotguns in 2003.
•    Obama voted to prosecute victims who use guns for self-defense in their homes (2004).
•    Obama backed federal law to abolish Right-to-Carry nationwide in 2004.
•    Obama voted to ban rifle ammunition in 2005.
•    Obama voted to expose U.S. gun industry to bankrupting lawsuits in 2005.
•    Obama voted to reject pro-Second Amendment Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Samuel Alito.
•    Obama supported Washington, D.C.’s ban on guns in the home for self-defense in 2008.
•    Obama voted to jeopardize federal criminal investigations by opening up sensitive BATFE gun-trace data for manipulation by anti-gun politicians in 2008.

The above items occurred BEFORE Obama was elected in 2008.  As president,  Obama has suggested that a permanent ban on semi-automatic guns be implemented,  though he has not yet enough support by the Congress (will he issue yet another  unconstitutional executive order doing so if reelected?).   Many of those appointed to Obama’s cabinet are anti-gun and anti-hunting radicals.   His ‘regulatory Czar’ Cass Sunstein  is on record stating that sport hunting should be banned.   Fast and Furious however has proved to just what lengths the corrupt anti-American Obama Administration will go in order to deprive us of our gun rights.  Even after the actual intentions of Fast and Furious were discovered,  the Administration imposed orders for gun registration in four Southwestern border states—despite Congress finding DOIJ  AG Eric Holdout in contempt of Congress for withholding critical communications records which would most certainly blow wide open the Administration’s ulterior anti-constitutional criminal motives to the American public.

Even more concerning is that a second  Obama term would  see two or three more anti-Second Amendment justices appointed to the high Court which would permanently destroy our right to personal defense at home or business,  and just as importantly,  our Constitutionally-endowed right of We the People to remove a rogue dictator from power—-just what imposter Barack Obama and his handlers want!

Americans are now faced with one chance to save our Constitutional liberties—the November 6 election.   Urge your friends, neighbors and work associates to make themselves aware of what is at stake in this election and to vote accordingly, or watch our personal liberties including personal protection rights vaporize.  Keep in mind that it is the Second Amendment which protects the First Amendment.

Reference material:  America’s First Freedom magazine,  October 2012 edition,  the National Rifle Assn.


Editor’s Note:  The SEIU health care webpage can be found here.

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  1. Hey Ron,
    How right you are.
    And, just for laughs, mind you, there’s a 100% CONSTITUIONALLY QUALIFIED Presidential candidate out there who:
    1. Will require that ALL qualified adults, men AND women, to own guns.
    2. Upon graduation from high school, every girl who has taken the required gun safety and marksmanship courses will be presented, along with her diploma, a handgun that she can conceal carry in her purse.
    Of course that candidate is me, and I AM a Patriot.