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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Madonna’s “Drowned World Tour” took place in 2001 and was deemed a great success

(Sep. 26, 2012) — As if we needed yet more proof that the State of Michigan produces the dumbest graduates in America, along comes Madonna rewriting history to an audience as dumb as she is.  Her statements are so far wrong as to enter the realm of “total disconnect” from the real world. What we are seeing is mob insanity trying to pass as enlightenment, the kind which people have used to delude themselves to the point of “We’re really on the way to take a shower,” all the while smelling the stench of the product from the gas chambers.

Abe Lincoln: fighting for “freedom.” Gee, I guess I missed it, and here I thought the Civil War was about the Constitution. And she mentions all of our war dead, dying so we can have a Black (half black + half white = half black + half white, isn’t that correct?) Muslim president. No, Miss Michigan Education, our war dead fought for the Constitution, by guys like me, who took the Oath to defend the Constitution from enemies, foreign AND domestic, of which Obama is one (domestic enemy), along with all the members of his administration, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Congress, and the Judiciary.  Let’s not forget the Federal Reserve, or maybe someone hasn’t been paying attention.

It’s all about the Constitution, and Obama doesn’t qualify, not with a father who was a British subject, not with fake Birth Certificates (that’s right: two Birth Certificates were put forward, only to be proved fakes by my neighbor’s seven-year-old computer whiz daughter, among others), a felon for using a Social Security number not issued to him (aka “identity theft”), and so on.

Once again, Howard Stern takes his microphone into the heart of Obama Country, where we are made abundantly aware of the difference between those who know vs. those who have absolutely no comprehension of what’s going on around them, forcing us to reevaluate the old maxim “Knowledge is Power” to “ The less knowledge the voter has, to more power the crooks have.”

One of the reasons why a good education is important, and arguably the most important, is that a knowledgeable/educated/enlightened voter is more likely to oversee his employees, that is to say, each person who gets a piece of his taxes (ALL government employees). Well, we taxpayers have sure dropped the ball, haven’t we? Hillary is totally incompetent, as are the other members of the Obama cabinet. Obama, however, is doing the job which he was hired to do: dismantle the Constitution. Of course you and I know this, but the Obots, the Madonnas of this world, are still standing in the line, with no idea what’s in store for them at the end of their road: gays hung from lampposts and cranes, women murdered for some sort of warped family “honor.” Give me a break here: try and gloss over murder to your Obot friends; leave me alone, take your lies, your “misunderstood” Islam back to the Dark Ages.  I don’t want it nor need it. Don’t push it.

And what about Romney? Better than Obama, okay, I’ll give you that, but Obama’s work is done: he has achieved his goals. He has rendered the UCMJ worthless (reference LTC Terry Lakin), as he has the Constitution, and imported millions of Muslims, and Romney is so out to lunch as to keep the IRS, DHS, and the Federal Reserve Bank intact. Poor Romney, and poor us.



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  1. Madonna is one of the most clueless Hollywood types adept at positing themselves as “erudite,” making fools of themselves, yet showing no capacity to understand how shallow their analyses are.

  2. Have you heard the Glen Miller song from WWII, “I got a Gal in Kalamazoo?” well I live in Kalamazoo, MI., and I am extremely happy that this “NUT-JOB” Madonna is from some place else in MI.!!
    The true definition for “She ‘Ain’t ‘Nutt’in, Honey!!

    1. Hey Larry and all you other citizens of MI,
      Apology rendered to all Michigan graduates who survived their public education intact. Actually, my very obscure (non, sorry, my mistake) reference was the affirmative action program at the law school at the University of Michigan, but that somehow got lost in the translation. Call it literary license, if you will.
      I’ve been to Michigan and enjoyed every minute of it. My fondest memory is that they had the most delicious well water I’ve ever drank.
      My wife said I should’ve titled the piece “Madonna from Michighansitan”, for all the Muslims around Detroit.