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by Alan Bates, MD, ©2012, blogging at Gulf1

(Sep. 26, 2012) — Obama wants four more years to complete his radical transformation of the greatest freedom-loving nation on Earth in which government serves the People  INTO a massive bureaucracy which rules the People by confiscating their freedom of religion, speech, assembly, habeas corpus (NDAA), right to self-defense, and ultimately the wealth of producers, with an empty promise to redistribute what they have earned to those whose votes are bought in return for government dependency.  This ideology is not how America became great and its people free. Rather Obama’s ideology represents the antithesis of America.

The prime ethical responsibility of good journalism is unbiased honest reporting of facts. Bias is normally reserved for editorialists.  The  liberal (secular ‘progressive’)  major media networks including many newspapers in  towns near you have  sunk to new lows  to accomplish one goal—-to reelect the radical Left which has hijacked the Democrat Party and our nation.   The coming election is a stark choice by voters between the American Dream for their children and grandchildren or the Welfare State—that simple!  Get it now or wither on the vine if BO gets relected!   The liberal media obsessively distort or hide facts regarding the Obama Administration’s ultimate intentions and his clearly defined anti-American socialist (or worse) agenda, which is sugarcoated for easy digestion by ignorant and undecided voters.  They simultaneously  ignore  Romney’s  attributes  and purposely ridicule him to achieve their  perverse objective—typical tactics of Liberal Mental Disorder!

The press  SHOULD BE concentrating on the factual accounts presented  in the blockbuster movie ‘2016’,  produced by Dinesh D’Souza, which should be required viewing by all Democrat and Independent voters.   The movie is about 90 minutes long  and covers Barack Obama’s chaotic upbringing  by two different fathers of opposite political inclinations,  maternal grandparents who aligned themselves with Red Chinese communist teachings,  and his mother who  was an ardent anti-capitalist.   Obama’s  ideology was built upon his  unrelenting  admiration for his absent Kenyan father’s anti-colonialism philosophy,  his  exposure at a young age to a Communist mentor (Frank Marshall Davis in Hawaii),  and eventually the radical revolutionaries of the sixties  who were responsible for bombing the Capitol,  the Pentagon and the NYC Police HQ.   For twenty years Obama was mentored to by Jeremiah Wright,  the controversial  anti-capitalist black liberation theologist who famously stated “God Damn America!”  He then tried to buy Wright’s  silence during his presidential  campaign.  The clueless American voters who voted for Obama’s  ‘Hope and Change’ (which we now fully understand  from his past associations and current actions of national destruction) made a tragic mistake because they not only had no understanding of Obama’s  past or his  ideology,  but instead were  enamoured  with the thought that he would be the first black president,  the highest office in the Land and one of the most powerful men on the world stage.  So they elected an unqualified man to destroy the fabric of our nation both fiscally and morally.   The leftwing  media are so hung up on his skin color and his (failed)  ‘hope and change’ which they say just needs four more years to succeed,  that they once again refuse to vet his anti-American ideology and properly admonish his massive domestic and foreign policy failures which now have our nation and the future of our children in mortal danger.   The evidence is everywhere for all to see!

From 2006 to present,  the Democrat  party under Pelosi and Reid allowed itself to be hijacked by wealthy power-obsessed elites such as George Soros whose objective is to turn our nation upside down with Fedzilla  dominating  We the People.  They  fund leftwing  organizations such as  MoveOn.org and Project Vote in order to misrepresent their opponents on the one hand and to defraud our most precious right—that of fair and honest elections—on the other.  Congress and the states long ago enacted laws to protect our precious right to vote.  The Obama/Holder DOIJ  actively  subverts those laws so as to protect voter fraud by suing  those states which require photo ID  (which is required to cash checks, board airplanes, see a doctor or even to attend Holder’s speeches!)  and others which legally attempt to purge voter rolls of the dead, felons and illegals.   The  Left claims such legitimate actions by the states are intended to ‘intimidate’ citizens and’ suppress’ the vote.   Hogwash!!

A litany of other crimes committed by the Obama Administration  have  gone unchecked.  Two of the most significant are  (a) Obama running cover for Eric Holder and his gunrunning  scheme which was designed to target our Second Amendment rights,  but which instead backfired on the Administration when American and Mexican lives were lost in the process,   and  (b) Obama  through unconstitutional executive orders effectively rendering  the Congress irrelevant while condemning the currently ideologically balanced Supreme Court,  which he will change drastically if reelected so as to reinterpret the Constitution to suit his transformation of America to a dictatorship.

This is the most important election in my lifetime and the choice is crystal clear: a majority of voters (probably including many dead and illegals) will choose the American Dream for their children and grandchildren OR they will choose government dependency which enslaves all of us.   This choice will either allow restoration of  our free nation, or  further destroy what remains.   The national media have a sacred responsibility  to truthfully vet Obama and his handlers and to stop trying to crush patriotic candidates who are our nation’s remaining hope.  Those who cast their vote for Mr. Obama and his minions must ultimately explain their choice to their  children when our nation disintegrates into a third-world dictatorship.  We are already halfway there!

Next week: a commentary on the Obama Administration’s unconstitutional plans to take away our Second Amendment rights during a second term, fully supported by his past statements, actions and his votes as an Illinois state Senator.

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