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by OPOVV, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

(Sep. 25, 2012) — For convenience purposes, we group people, such as the “out-to-lunch” or “don’t-get-it” crowd, maybe “mislead” will do; what about the “terribly-out-of (permanent)-touch”? Then you have your “givers and takers,” your “Patriots and Traitors,” “contributors and stealers,” but of all the tagged people, none is more (in my opinion) frightening, destructive, and the “harbingers of chaos” as the dreaded “do-gooder”: you know the kind, those who leave a wake of destruction behind them wherever they go.

I’m convinced my wife is a “do-gooder,” because ambulances and fire trucks follow her as she drives. I don’t mean you can readily tell she’s being tailed by emergency vehicles; I mean, you can’t see them in the rearview mirror, but if you could pull off to the side at a high spot and had a pair of binoculars, you’d see columns of smoke, and if you carried a parabolic antennae, you’d pick up the wailing of sirens and people, and why don’t we throw in a couple of dogs howling to complete the picture.

All the great philosophers had something to say about “do-gooders,” and none are flattering, of this I assure you. Thoreau would run when he saw one coming, as we all should. And why, pray tell, do you think that is?

Glad you asked. You see, the mind of a “do-gooder” is a very dangerous mind in that it’s impossible to change his opinion about anything. Here’s a for-instance: holocaust deniers. I mean, what gives? Who do they think they’re fooling, except themselves? I have a theory about that. I think they deny the holocaust because, after you get by the 6,000,000 Jews, you have to face the fact that the first group that was rounded up by the Gestapo were union members. Ugh! Isn’t the truth revolting? How inconvenient, wouldn’t you say, since Obama has been using the Nazi takeover blueprint, step by step.

Somehow the Democratic party has been infested with “do-gooders.” These people live under a number of mistaken impressions, the first being that Democrats contribute more to charity than other political parties, which is false, and has been. Bestowing accolades upon oneself does not mean that they’re true.

But what are you going to do? You can’t change their mind: they don’t listen to reason. You see, they have this sense of helping people, when the results of their meddling is just the opposite. They, the “do-gooder” group, are destructive, and if you don’t believe me, just look at who’s occupying the White House, and then take a look at the administration.

All I have to say is, do not, under any circumstances, give a helping hand to a “do-gooder,” because if you do, surely you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Let them be. You’re not going to change anything, so why waste your time? And if, by chance, you’re a “do-gooder” or think you are, pass this editorial along; forward it to another of your group.  Maybe if enough of you read this, you’ll stop messing everything up, just as you’ve messed up my country. At voting time, please stay home, for you’re not to be trusted with the ability to reason, not, obviously, if you voted for Obama, or want to now. For once in your “do-gooder” life, try and do the good thing, okay?




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