by Don Fredrick, ©2012, blogging at The Obama Timeline

(Sep. 22, 2012) — There are two types of Obama voters: the die-hard, angry socialists and the gullible souls who fell for the “hope and change” baloney.

“The socialists”—aging hippies all—will never change. They have been salivating for revolution since the 1960s. They know that Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Obama was their last chance to see socialism implemented in the United States in their lifetimes. The socialists/communists/statists/collectivists/progressives (call them what you will) have now grown even angrier than is their usual state because they see a second Obama victory slipping away. They see the unicorns and rainbows of their imaginations fading fast. If BHOSO loses, they know they will be six feet under before another con man like him shows up on the scene to sell more snake oil. (Yes, people like Elizabeth Warren read from the same script but they will never perfect the con.)

”The gullibles” based their 2008 votes not on political ideology but on emotion. They were hoodwinked by the flim-flam man but, four years later, they remain reluctant to accept that they let feelings, rather than rational thought, guide them in the voting booth. To admit they were wrong is extraordinarily difficult for them. They are like the young woman who irrationally continues to love the cute but drunken boyfriend who abuses her. You can explain to her all the many reasons why she would be better off abandoning him, but she still wants to give him one more chance.

Saving the nation requires that we help those gullible voters see the light, deny the bum any more chances, and throw his clothes and CDs out on the street. Tell them he can sleep on Chris Matthews’ sofa.

Don’t waste your time on the socialist voters; they are lost causes. They want big government and cradle-to-grave security. They don’t mind limited liberties… as long as they get legalized marijuana, free abortions, subsidized electric cars, and food stamps. Again, don’t waste your time. They cannot be persuaded, and they will go to their graves angry and bitter—even if Obama wins.

We have six weeks to persuade as many gullibles as possible that it is time for them to change their locks. Make those six weeks count, or we will face four years of late night phone calls every time they are abused again.


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  1. I would say they weren’t to smart, they could have gone to the USSR or China if they wanted to be a communist. Bet that would have changed their minds real quick, if they could get back out. Do they realize their life just wouldn’t have been the same

  2. There are MANY life long Democrats who will not vote for Obama.

    They may NOT vote for Romney either, but they are NOT going to pull the lever for Usurpation this year.

    Go to any diner in America and listen to the conversations at the counter. The Truth comes out over coffee and donuts.

    There are so many good and God-fearing citizens who were duped the first time, but whose good sense and Love of Nation and Creator are fine tuned this year and will not let Obama pass the line at the

    new Lexington and Concord, that is, the VOTING BOOTH!