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by Sharon Rondeau

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III is the son of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, Jr., a World War II hero who served in “Operation Torch” in November 1943 in North Africa

(Sep. 22, 2012) — On April 18, 2012, The Post & Email sent the following letter to Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert in regard to the 1991 court-martial of Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III with several enclosures:

 April 18, 2012

Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert
Chief of Naval Operations
Office of the Chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC  20318-9999

 Dear Admiral Greenert:


I own and operate an electronic newspaper, The Post & Email, which reports aggressively on government corruption at all levels.

For the past two years, I have become acquainted with LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III (Ret.), who has sent me a large amount of documentation regarding his court-martial of 1991.  Fitzpatrick maintains that he was innocent of the charges levied against him and that a document bearing a forgery of his signature was placed in his file allegedly acknowledging the reprimand he received.

I have also spoken with Adm. John Bitoff, whom Fitzpatrick has accused of allowing the court-martial to not only proceed but to have decided the outcome before the actual trial was held, and Kevin Anderson, who was Fitzpatrick’s defense attorney.  Neither was willing to go on the record.

 I think you will agree that there is a difference between the signature on the enclosed “Response to Letter of Reprimand” and a letter from Lt. Timothy Zeller to Adm. Bitoff stamped “Received” and signed by Fitzpatrick ten years after the court-martial sent to me directly from Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick vehemently states that he never viewed nor signed the reprimand letter at any time and has identified the person he is convinced signed his name to it.

I have also enclosed a report obtained from Fitzpatrick from a handwriting analyst who contends that Fitzpatrick did not sign the “Response to Letter of Reprimand” document.

Is this why, in the partly-typed, partly-handwritten memo from Ernie Simon to “27HOST_DOM…” it is stated, “…if you can prove the forgery, it totally supports his 10 years worth of contentions and makes the NAV look really bad”?  Is it why Fitzpatrick was “fended off” when he attempted to speak with someone about it?

You will also note that the closing paragraph of the memo from Zeller to Bitoff reads:

Since I don’t believe in keeping a file to cover this office when decisions are later questioned, there is no copy of this letter in my files or on my computer.

Why would a prosecutor make such a statement to the admiral in charge of a court-martial proceeding?

I would appreciate a response from your office at your earliest convenience.

Very truly yours,

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT  06076

We never received a response from Greenert or anyone in his office.  Over the last few days, Fitzpatrick discovered that Greenert was a classmate of his at the U.S. Naval Academy, graduating with Fitzpatrick’s class of 1975.

Fitzpatrick has stated repeatedly that the court-martial was held behind closed doors to frame him and push him out of the Navy.  Despite the court-martial, Fitzpatrick received an honorable discharge and multiple commendations and meritorious service letters.

The Post & Email has contacted three of the officers named by Fitzpatrick as colluding to find him guilty and issuing a forgery of his signature to a confession letter.  Two spoke to us but refused to go on the record.  The third, Timothy Zeller, returned a phone message we had left but then promptly hung up before we could take the call, and when we called right back, told us that we had the wrong number, which had been checked through directory assistance several days before.

Following the letter to Admiral Greenert, The Post & Email contacted the Navy on two successive occasions via email to the Public Affairs Office of the NCIS and received no response either time.

Fitzpatrick cannot sue the U.S. military because of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Feres v. United States, but there is no statute of limitations on filing criminal charges against those whom he stated conspired against him and produced a forgery of his signature.

Several complaints of treason have been filed by Fitzpatrick against Barack Hussein Obama, and Fitzpatrick is disappointed that none of his former Navy colleagues have exposed Obama.  “They’re in the tank for this guy,” Fitzpatrick said.  “You have the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, talking to the SEALS and everybody, saying, ‘Shut up about Obama.’  Another guy is Bob Willard, whose last job was Commander, Pacific, and he retired in April or May.  Willard was class of 1973 and would have been one of the guys who would have been able to stand up and say, Excuse me, Mr. Obama, Mr. Resident, you’re not legit; you’ve committed an act of treason.  I’m here to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and Adios!  Willard was a football player and top-notch fighter pilot, and he was actually in the movie “Top Gun.”  There’s a scene in the movie where you have one plane flying on top of the other one, and the upside-down pilot is Bob Willard.”

He continued:

John Bitoff had Kevin Anderson and Tim Zeller craft the confession, and then Bitoff ordered Anderson to sign it.  And at the same time, you have the criminal conduct, which is still actionable today, whereby Bitoff threatened a civilian with a court-martial.  Then you have Zeller quoting a witness who never appeared in a courtroom.

All of these people who are condemning me about my court-martial say that I “went anti-government,” but this is when I took a turn and went “anti-government-corruption.”  This is when I was first betrayed by those people who were closest to me in uniform:  John Bitoff.  And now I see the betrayal being visited upon me by these fellow officers who I went to school with who lack the courage and intestinal fortitude to come forward and honor their oath and say, “Excuse me, but Obama, you’re a fraud!”

So when you take a look at the court-martial of Walt Fitzpatrick and what it represents and how massive this is and that it’s being covered up by one of my classmates, it’s an ultimate betrayal.

The Tennessee and federal governments have used the court-martial against Fitzpatrick in a disinformation campaign which has labeled him a “Sovereign Citizen” but failed to say that Fitzpatrick has always contended that the signature on the letter was not his and that he received an honorable discharge. For the last three years, Fitzpatrick has been exposing institutionalized corruption in Tennessee’s judicial system which has affected thousands of people over many decades.

Judge Walter C. Kurtz, who is presiding over Fitzpatrick’s case of “tampering with government records” and is himself an Army veteran, stated in court that the awarding of an honorable discharge “never happens” after a court-martial.  “I got an honorable discharge, and the reason was that my service, in all aspects, and everywhere that it was looked at, was honorable,” said Fitzpatrick.  “The court-martial is still being used against me today in a defamatory way.  The Navy is still accountable for that defamation, and they haven’t come forward and said, ‘We better talk about this court-martial because CDR Fitzpatrick has come up with some information about…the forgery of his name!‘ and the fact that John Bitoff threatened a civilian with a court-martial and they relied on testimony of a witness who never walked into the courtroom!  And then you have these memos being circulated behind closed doors…it really hurts them badly, and I can’t think of a better time to hurt them badly when one of my former classmates is in a very high position.  There is only one job that he could take that would be higher in position, which is what Mike Mullen did.  Mike Mullen was a four-star admiral, Chief of Naval Operations, and he was moved into the Chairmanship of the Joint Chiefs.”

Fitzpatrick added:

Who is the person who is honoring his oath to the Constitution for the freedoms of this country?  Is it Admiral Greenert or other military members out there who are doing what that guy should be doing?  If you want to have a juxtaposition between two people from the same Naval Academy class… Greenert is a political appointee.  He is there because he supports Obama.  On the other side of the coin, you have another guy from the same Annapolis class who has described Mr. Obama in the commission of treason, and look at the dichotomy…You play along and you promote right on to the top.  You’re not going to attack a system where you have prevailed and survived and been highly-placed.  You’re not going to attack that system.  Avarice of rank:  as long as you promote up, who gives a rip about the United States Constitution?

Take a look at all of the attacks that we find on our Constitution.  Where do we find one senior military command or officer in a non-command position standing up and saying, “Mr. Obama, you’re not my president; you’re a fraud?”  Paul Vallely is one, and Gen. McInerney is another, but they’re far and few between.  Greenert got promoted into that position by Obama.  One of the guys who spoke at the Democrat National Convention is John Nathman.  I know him; he’s a retired Navy admiral who was speaking with all these ships behind him, and the photos that were depicted on the large screen behind him were ships of the Soviet Navy.  He was a carrier commander back in the day. He’s representing himself as a Democrat, and I have every reason to believe that Greenert is a Democrat.  I have said that there are people in the senior ranks of the military who are no more obedient to the Constitution than is Mr. Obama.  Greenert is now one of those people.

Look at what happens to people who defend the Constitution…it just tears me up.  But it happened when it happened.  I’m thankful today. I don’t know how I’d be able to live with myself if I were still in the military.

The Post & Email plans on submitting an outline for a book about the court-martial of CDR Fitzpatrick to several publishers in the near future.  Unlike the instance of “Mark Owen,” the former Navy SEAL who authored a book about the capture of Osama bin Laden for which the Pentagon has threatened a lawsuit, the U.S. Navy showed no interest in our plans by its lack of response.

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  1. Stand by, condition ZULU! Calling all hands! Attention on deck! Calling all good Navy men to stand for Officer Fitzpatrick and his fight to stand for the Constitution. Be it known, the men and Officers that have violated their sworn oath and that have taken Command Authority outside Naval Regulations WILL be held accountable for their misdeeds and for bringing disgrace and disrespect on Naval Tradition and Command influence. We know their names and call them to Courts Martial to stand for what they have allowed under their watch. These men are cursed administrators of Naval Tradition and sabotage the efforts of all her men. We will pray that justice and dereliction of duty and abuse of authority will be seen and dealt with smartly! What happened to Naval Academy Tradition and Respect? Say what! It looks like SEALS will have to take over Command since they seem like the only ones left that are fit and have Command integrity! Personally, I think the Navy should take over DC until they can find qualifieds to take over the jobs of the morons that are attempting to refilm “Home Alone” with Obama as featured genius in the film. Both parties have failed miserably and caused America to follow right behind. The lights are on but no one’s home. HOOYA!

    1. AGREED!! At this point Farragut’s “DAMN the TORPEDOES, FULL Speed Ahead!! Should be the “Order of the Day!”
      My comment was the only way I could conjure up to gain the attention of “ALL Able Bodied Seamen”-(and even those that NO longer are)-to take “The ONE Step Forward” and stand ready to “DEFEND the Constitution AND a Shipmate in the Tradition of the Navy!
      There is one Hell of a Squall on the Horizon~”Stand-By for Heavy-Rolls, Batten-Down All Hatches and Rig the Ship for Heavy Seas!!”

  2. meyerim, well said! After some time in the Navy, I realized there was one thing wrong in the environment. Politics! I couldn’t quite put my finger on it then but I was aware of a direct divide. At most times dealing with people and under orders there was a divide. That “divide” was the politics of Republicans and the Liberal Democrats. Hidden behind every command was an undercurrent of politics that was NOT the Navy. It was an evil force that was always trying to divide doing your job, whether Officer or Enlisted. “Entitlement” mentality exists not only in civilian jobs but also in military jobs in all branches. There was always an “unfairness” that came NOT from the Navy but from the people that always disagreed with everything whether jobs, orders, just being there and it was never “good enough” for them. Obviously, the men described here that were against Walt sensed that he was “not like them” and moved forward to do damage. By drawing together whether in civilian or military they have realized that they can cause damage to any “cause” that is not for or about them. I saw it happen on active duty many times. You don’t always know directly at the time but you know there is something wrong. These members of the military should be kicked out but unfortunately as in civilian life, you see people every day that were the “least likely” to succeed and that no one liked, then later the good people are out of the way and suddenly the “least likely” is now in management or ready to be installed by others that play the game of the “power teams” that are holding positions or setting people up for same. It is sad to see the quality of internal leadership being sold out to these types and low standard people that will do anything to “get to a higher position at all costs”. Mullen sold out the Navy with “don’t ask-don’t tell” and in the history and development of Navy tradition there are reasons that things were established to protect the health, welfare and respect of the men that serve. There are reasons that females were not allowed to serve in combat billets, not because they couldn’t do the job but for other reasons of mental stability when men see women injured in combat. We have put enough strain and handicap on our active duty personnel and adding more rules and forced change on them is out of the question.

  3. “GENERAL QUARTERS, Man ALL Battle-Stations, RIGHT Full Rudder, All Ahead, Flank!!”
    Those of us that shoulder the weight of our “Constitutional Oath” as a True reminder of “Duty, Honor, Country!” are “Close Aboard” and will continue to Support your efforts against this Tyranny and In-Justice that is now your experience!
    E’ Pluribis UNUM!!
    Larry M. Meyer
    USN Sn#~535-03-66